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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Dancing Shadows in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Dancing Shadows

The Rise of the Greatest Assassin That Ever Lived

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Dancing Shadows is, as the title states, a chronicle of The Rise of the Greatest Assassin that Ever Lived, created and written by BlueDagger.

It is planned to chronicle a young assassin, Feng, and his partner and friend, Wei's, journey as they rise from little-known assassins-for-hire to becoming the greatest assassins in the world. Dancing Shadows takes place from 2 years before the end of the Great War to near the very end. In that time Feng and Wei will rise to fame as great assassins. The Great War has been happening for over 90 years by the start of Dancing Shadows, and the Earth Kingdom is in great danger. However, in Feng's career, the next Avatar will rise to power, and the War's tide will begin to turn in the Earth Kingdom's favor. Feng himself will, eventually, become a factor in the War.


Be warned, Dancing Shadows contains swearing in most chapters. It also features death as a central theme, as Dancing Shadows does revolve around a group of assassins. It is rated PG-13.

Dancing Shadows Updates

General Updates

The finale is done, which means so is Part 1! Part 2 will pick up about a week after the finale, and center on Feng and his friends as they wander throughout the Earth Kingdom.

Guess what? Dancing Shadows has won the fanonbending badge! Thank you to everyone who voted, and thank you especially to BlackMonkey, for being a huge support to this fanon.

More great news! Dancing Shadows got a score of 9.2/10 on BlackMonkey's review.

Upcoming Chapters

Morning Never Comes: Feng, Wei and Nekku find themselves again hunted by Rayu, but this time they have nowhere to run.

A New Contract: Wei and Nekku take on a new assassination contract in order to get supplies.

Upcoming Characters
Ruian, Tyrus, and Jiro, the three heads of the Fire Nation forces in the Hu Xin Provinces, will be shown and elaborated on. In addition, many more Shroud members will be shown and elaborated upon, starting with a Shroud Elite: Vizeera.


A list of all characters, major and minor, may be found here.

Feng - The main character of Dancing Shadows, a young thief-turned-assassin living in Ba Sing Se with his friends. 15 years old, currently. 5' 8'' with long brown hair that he keeps swept to the right side. He fights with Earthbending, his sword, and occasionally with a bow and arrow.

Wei - Feng's friend and partner. She's been Feng's best friend since he was six. 14 years old, currently. 5' 6'' with long red hair, which she wears down to her shoulders. She fights mainly with small daggers and throwing knives, and is skilled with martial arts, as well.

Nekku - A young caravaneer who comes from the Northern Water Tribe, who met and joined up with Feng and Wei. 13 years old, currently. 5' 7'' with long, blonde hair, which he wears down to his neck. He fights with Waterbending and his bow and arrows.


"'Tis really good."
Natsu11 on Chapter 2.

Dancing Shadows has not gathered very much attention, as of now. However, what attention it has gathered has been completely positive, with several users commenting on the quality of the fanon.

It won a Fanonbending badge.

It received a score of 9.2 on BlackMonkey's review.


Dancing Shadows was first conceived in March 2011. I was, in the beginning, planning to do a normal Book 4 Air kind of thing, but, I realized that that had been done time and time again. I didn't want to repeat what others had done. I wanted to create my own story, my own characters. And so, the idea for Dancing Shadows was born. It was, at first, supposed to be just an assassin, who worked for the Earth King during the time of Avatar Kyoshi. The story itself underwent a good many changes, until I turned it into what it is today: I changed the time from hundreds of years before the War to at the very end of the War. I decided to make Feng eventually fight in the War, alongside his friends. I added characters, and my own organizations. It was eventually released, with two chapters (A simple background chapter and the first chapter) on June 21, 2011. I realized that I truly loved writing it, and am still working on it today. Currently, there have been 11 chapters released, including the background chapter. For a list of all planned chapters, see here. On this page, you can also see the list of planned chapters for two upcoming projects of mine.


So far, 11 chapters of Dancing Shadows have been written and released. For a list of chapters, see this page, and for a list of the names of all planned chapters, see here. Note that all chapter names are subject to change at any time. "Interlude" chapters are simply chapters that focus mainly on one specific character, that I will fit into the story at a later date. On this page, you can also see all the planned chapter names for my two upcoming projects. yes I know I plan ahead too much

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