Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Crossfire in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The only ones safe from me are the ones already dead.
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Crossfire is a fanon conceived and written by Omashu Rocks, the author of Avatar Brek and Political Animals. It has also been nominated to receive a Double-Fanonbending status.


My name is Nalia, and I'm both my government's deadliest weapon and an enemy of the state. My entire life I was trained by my father, a once renowned and feared Fire Nation general, to kill any enemy without breaking a sweat, but those days are behind me. One year ago, the Fire Nation military, under the orders of our pathetically imbecilic Fire Lord Sozin, disrupted my life and destroyed everything I loved. My father was murdered point blank by the same men who captured me and my sister. I was given an option: I could either have had both of us executed along with our dad, or I could have joined the Fire Nation's most elite warriors, lethal assassins meant to terminate any member of the government or military who showed signs of opposition to The War. I chose the latter, and ever since I've been Sozin's personal attack dog, silently taking out anyone he felt posed a threat to his ambitions, enemies both foreign and domestic. While I was running around the world shedding blood and taking lives, my sister remained imprisoned to remind me what I would lose if I were to disobey. If I ever wanted to see freedom again, I had to earn it one body at a time. My ultimate goal: to make Sozin regret the day he made me an orphan. It's simple. He shaped my life, so I'll end his.

Do not judge me for what I have done. If you wouldn't do the same things to protect your sister and avenge your father, then you owe them an apology.

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Crossfire is January's Featured Fanon Series! Thanks to AvatarRokusGhost for the nomination!


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Prologue - The Wolves and the Shepherds - Commissioning - The Chase and the Letter - A Feast for Wolves - The Social Experiment - Change of Plans - Harboring, Part 1 - Harboring, Part 2 - On the Road Again - The Factory, Part 1 - The Factory, Part 2 - The Confrontation - Childhood Lessons - Fire Lilies - Endure - The Stowaway - The Survivor - The Reassignment - The Lion - The Governess, Part 1: Uma - The Governess, Part 2: The Song - The Governess, Part 3: The Rat

Theme Song

What's this? A theme song for a fanon? That's right! I selected "Tornado" by Little Big Town to be Crossfire's theme song because it perfectly summarizes Nalia's attitude towards those who get in between her and her freedom.

Little Big Town-Tornado Lyrics

Little Big Town-Tornado Lyrics



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I am very grateful for AvatarRokusGhost for nominating Crossfire to receive Fanonbending status.

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Fanon Award for Best Main Character (Female)

WinnersNominee List
Lian (2009) - Lian and Mina (2010) (tie) - Seraphine (2011) - Rokan (2012) - Nalia (2013) - Ratana (2015)
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Fanon Award for Best Animal Character

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Nightmare (2015)
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Fanon Award for Outstanding Writing in a Fanon Series

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Henhouse (2009) - Dragon of The West - (2010) - Millennia2 (2011) - MibuWolf (2012) - Minnichi (2013) - Omashu Rocks (2015)


A Special Thanks

I'd just like to express my gratitude to Minnichi, a good friend and a fantastic illustrator. She went through the trouble of drawing that amazing picture you see at the top, and she deserves to be commended for her work.

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