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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Chronicles of The Red Lotus: Zaheer
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The Legend of Korra


Chronicles of the Red Lotus: Ghazan

The Chronicles of the Red Lotus: Zaheer is a series of books focusing on the main four Red Lotus agents, Zaheer, Ghazan, Ming-Hua, and P'Li, and their lives before the Red Lotus. The storyline will go in the order in which Zaheer broke them out of prison in Season 3 in The Legend of Korra. Still, this fanon will focus solely on Zaheer.

Plot Overview

Book 1: The Finding

It's 148 AG, 23 years before the events of Season 3 of Legend of Korra, and 13 years before his incarceration, 26 year old Zaheer lives in a monarchy ruled by the young Earth Queen, Hou-Ting. On the outskirts of the Earth Kingdom lies poverty and great destitution, all the follies of the Earth Queen, who has oppressed her people and taken their freedom. Now, Zaheer, who has been on a quest to gain freedom, understands he must grow as a spiritual person and create a foundation for himself if he is to free himself and those who he has grown close to from the tyranny of the Earth Queen. And although he is a nonbender, he refuses to underestimate himself.

During her rule, the Earth Queen has ended the banishment of the Dai Li, who act as enforcers of the rules will not allow people to step out of line, and their overwhelming numbers make them a threat to all benders and nonbenders. Zaheer will be taken on a journey of discovery, which will mean in time, leaving the Earth Kingdom to help himself. He will be accompanied by both man and spirit on his journey to free the world.


Main Characters

  • Zaheer is a nonbender, born to a poor family South of the Earth Kingdom. He is inquisitive, intellectual, and eager to learn. He has an insatiable hunger to grow spiritually, always wanting to be free of where he was in life. He has grown to love the animal spirits which he discovers in the Spirit World.
  • Anu is a weak earthbender growing up in the Lower Ring along with Zaheer. He, like Zaheer, believed in what Zaheer did, and although his earthbending could use some work, he is a prodigious martial artist, capable of taking out multiple opponents at once. He was also Zaheer's trainer of martial arts.
  • K'rin is a renegade chi blocker who left Kyoshi Island to help those in the Lower Ring who can't help themselves, however, she and Zaheer don't exactly start off on the best of terms. Although she is objective, her weakness is she is too naïve. She is a bit of a people person.
  • Kane is a spirit companion of Zaheer's whose existence is a secret to most everyone except Zaheer. It is a guide to him on his spiritual quest to be free. A bit secretive and impatient, he longs for a friend.

Book One Characters

  • Agent Izu, the Innkeeper is the main antagonist of Book 1. He is very clandestine and he lets his intentions remain a mystery to those who work for him. He was originally a sandbender from the Si Wong Desert but left supposedly, "in pursuit of a more firm understanding of earthbending." While this fifty-year-old man looks as though he wouldn't hurt a fly, there's more to him than meets the eye.
  • The Dai Li are an elite police force tasked with preserving the cultures of Ba Sing Se, but they quickly flooded of corruption and work for the Earth Queen. These prodigious fighters hold the task of finding Zaheer and Anu, who the Earth Queen wishes to desperately meet before incarcerating them for treason. For their actions may constitute an act of war within the walls of the Earth Kingdom.


This is my first fanon, and I only wrote this because I wish the creators of LoK had given backstories to the main antagonists of Book 3: Change. So I took it upon myself to write it myself. I aim for there to be 12 to 14 chapters in each book, and I'm going back when I'm done to check over grammar, especially since I suck with being grammatically correct. I try to have a chapter in a week since they're short and there's no reason in general to take so long. I am a very impatient person, and I did this to fill the time space in my life since I literally don't do anything when I get home, besides homework, eating, and sleeping.


Book 1: The Finding

With the Dai Li hunting them, Zaheer and Anu must make camp at the abandoned village of Boru.

Zaheer and Anu are on their way to the mysterious Chin Village, where they hope to find temporary refuge, only they may find that this mysterious village has a surprise for them.

Anu and Zaheer are determined not to be deterred from their quest but it may mean putting faith in a mysterious ally?

Even after traveling for days with K'rin, her origins still remain a mystery to them. Meanwhile, Zaheer is endeavoring to understand more about the spirit he encountered several days ago. Anu though has come in contact with an unlikely companion who may be the key to the block on his earthbending.


  • This series is planned to have three books.
  • This series all takes place before Zaheer obtains airbending.
  • The conflict of the story is mostly nonphysical, but there will be physical conflicts.
  • This series will answer question from Book Three of Legend of Korra.
  • The second series revolves around Ghazan.

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