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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Lion turtle forest
Child of the War
Once a child of the woods, now a child of the war.
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Book Four: Disaster (discontinued)

Child of the War is a Fanon created and written by Annawantimes.


The series describes the life of a boy named Jenju who's life has been severely uprooted by the war of Avatar Aang's epoch. One day, his entire life is burned to the ground. He is unsure whether or not his parents survived the attacked, and he must go after the group of enemies. What dangers will he face along the way, and will devastation await him when he catches them?


  • Jenju - The main character of the series. He is a 15 year old boy who lives in the thick forests of the northwestern Earth Kingdom.
  • Kin - Jenju's mother.
  • Jenju's father - Jenju's father, he is very hard worker and he does not like the forest.
  • Ying - Jenju's father's old friend. He was killed along with Kin in the Fire Nation attack.
  • Shopkeeper - The shopkeeper who attacked Jenju.
  • Liam - The shopkeeper's assistant. He is an Earthbender.
  • Sha Lu - The man that helped Jenju escape from the shopkeeper and Liam. He was later found to be a Fire Nation spy.
  • Colonel Mongke - The Fire Nation leader of the Rough Rhinos. He employs Sha Lu.
  • Aunt Wu - A fortuneteller who aided in Jenju's search for Sha Lu.
  • Shen - A messenger for the Earth Kingdom who delivered news to Jenju.

More characters will be released as the series progresses.


Thus far, Child of the War has received mostly positive feedback from its relatively small reader-base. Comments praising the fanon as "awesome" include Acer Indonesia calling Child of the War, "Such an awesome fanon". Other positive comments include ones describing the story as, "pretty cool" or "pretty good".

Lion turtle forest

Chapter 1 was known for sparking reader's interest in the story.

The first chapter received many comments, some involving questions, and others saying it was a "good start" or a, "really good start". The Ultimate Waterbender enjoyed the fact that the chapter introduced suspense early on. Initially, the first chapter sparked the interest of some readers making them intend to read more as the story progressed.

Chapter 2 was an emotional chapter for the main character, Jenju. Its main reception included comments describing it as, "pretty sad", or "shocking".

The third chapter did not receive much in the way of comments describing how readers felt about, it mainly aroused the curiosity of a few readers to ask the author questions about what may happen next.

The fourth chapter, which involved the revelation of Sha Lu's past, received minimal feedback, which was Prillin101 describing the chapter simply as, "Awesome".

Chapter 5 left readers with a chapter of some action. It gained positive feedback saying it was, "sweet", or as Mageddon725 said, "Sha Lu... a man of mystery". In general, chapter five was well accepted, with mildly positive reception.

Aunt Wu reads the clouds

Chapter 6 was based on an A:TLA episode.

Chapter 6 was popular, with several users praising it as really good. The chapter referenced several moments in A:TLA, and the name was identical to that of one A:TLA episode. The reference was noticed by PreservationsWings.

Chapter 7, Intelligence, received some good comments, and even more questions to match that. Some comments included, "Cool!" or "Nice". It persuaded readers to ask questions about the future of the story.




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