Chapter XVIII: A New Friend
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Ember Island beach

Ka-Boom and Hammer walked along the shore of Ember Island. Ka-Boom grunted in anger, complaining about the fact that he and Hammer had not been allowed to plan the distribution of troops, while their friends had. "Why is it we can't help plan how troops are used?" Ka-Boom asked. "We're just as smart as Blade or Quiver when it comes to that, and I can't even believe that they picked Grain over us. Grain, as in Mr. paranoia and pessimism."

Hammer tried to come up with a reason for why they had not been allowed to participate in forming the plans, but he could not. "Maybe they just think we arn't qualified to make decisions like that. If we don't do anything like that time at the Oasis, they'll let us help out the next time."

"I told you I was sorry. I thought the wall could take some explosives", Ka-Boom responded. The two continued to walk along the beach, when they saw a creature. It had eight octopus-like tentacles, yet the body of a parrot.

"What is that?" Hammer said as he looked at the creature.

"I think it's an octoparrot", Ka-Boom answered.

"Do you think it's friendly, I think it's friendly", Hammer said, as he began to run up to the octoparrot. The octoparrot began to fly off, an Hammer ran after it.

"Hammer, wait", Ka-Boom said. "Uggh", he said, as he began to run after his friend. The octoparrot flew into the forest of Ember Island. Hammer pushed a branch to his side to clear himself a path. As Ka-Boom ran after hammer, he ran directly behind him, and when the branch Hammer had pushed aside went back into its original position, it struck him in the chest, knocking him over. Ka-Boom made one last attempt to see where his friend was headed, raising his head as he lay on his back, before giving up to rest for a while.


The octoparrot flew out of the forest to a rock that jutted into the ocean, where its nest was built. He landed into his nest on the edge of the rock, and was beginning to settle down, when Hammer came running up. The animal began to get ready to fly off, when Hammer spoke. "It's okay, don't run, or fly, I won't hurt you." As soon as the avian heard this, he stopped preparing to take off. He allowed Hammer to get closer, until he was close enough to touch him. The octoparrot then began to fly up to Hammers shoulder, and then landed on it. Hammer then began to walk back towards the forest, when Ka-Boom. "Hey Ka-Boom", Hammer said casually.

"Hey Hammer", Ka-Boom responded, clearly annoyed at the fact that he had been knocked over by Hammer, indirectly. At this point, the octoparrot began to fly away.

"Hey, wait", Hammer called, as he began to run after the animal again.

"Hammer, why are you obsessing so much over a bird?", Ka-Boom asked as he ran after Hammer. The octoparrot flew over some lose rocks. Hammer ran quickly, stepping on the rocks for just a second each. However, this caused them to begin falling, and when they did, Ka-Boom realized he was jumping into nothing. "Ahh!", He yelled, as he began to fall onto the shore. He fell on his side, and as he began to support himself on his elbow, some sand pushed him face down into the sand. Ka-Boom began to get up, and looked to see what had caused the sand to knock him over. Much to his surprise, it had been a falling rock that had landed about a foot away from his head. Ka-Boom then began to slowly walk towards where he desperatly hoped Hammer was.

Hammer ran up to where he had last seen the octoparrot. He looked around to see where the octoparrot could be, but saw nothing. Suddenly, the octoparrot flew down, carrying an orange in its tentacles. He offered it to Hammer. "Hey, thanks", Hammer said, as he took the fruit.

Ka-Boom came running up. "Hammer!" he yelled. At this moment the octoparrot flew back up into the trees.

"Ka-Boom, look what you did," Hammer said.

"I don't care," Ka-Boom said. "Ever since you found that thing, I've had nothing but pain, so stop obsessing over that animal."

The octoparrot then flew back down to the pair, with another orange in its tentacles. "Raak, food for Ka-Boom, Raak." The octoparrot gave Ka-Boom the orange. Ka-Boom just shrugged his shoulders and began to eat it.

"Hey, you want some of our food?", Hammer asked.

"Raak, your food, raak", the octoparrot responded. The two then began to walk back towards the town, followed by their new friend. Once there, the two began to eat a lunch of fruits and nuts together. The octoparrot happily ate along with the two fighters.

"What's that?" a voice asked as they ate. Hammer and Ka-Boom turned to see it was Blade. He, Quiver and Grain had returned from the meeting.

"It's our friend, I named it Polly," Ka-Boom said.

"Polly, that's a nice name," Hammer responded.

"Okay if you want to have him, bu don't let him get in the way of your training for the war," Blade said.

"So, uh, how did your meeting go?" Ka-Boom asked.

"Not well", Quiver responded. "We couldn't finish deciding what to do with the troops, so we need to go back tomorrow."

"I think one of the people in the war room is a member of the Phoenix Estates, preventing us from reaching a solution to this problem," Grain said.

"Um, okay. Anyway, tomorrow, we go back and hopefully then, get an answer to the 'what will we do with the troops' question" Blade said.


  • The Octoparrot is also what is shown on the authors comment picture.

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