A First Bend for a First Friend
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April 20, 2012

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~Chapter One: A First Bend for a First Friend~

"Watch out!" A young girl shouted as she accidentally hurled a mini-tornado in Yangchen's direction. Yangchen was small at the ripe age of five. She had no idea how to deflect this air current. It was bigger than she was at what seemed like a whooping six feet tall and she wasn't quick enough to dodge it either. Her only choice was to try airbending. Yangchen hadn't airbended before, not intentionally at least. She was a slower learner than the rest. The girls her age had already mastered gliding and she had yet to create a simple wind pattern. Now was the moment to try it. What choice did she have?

Yangchen abruptly lifted her arms and circled them around her torso and head creating an air shield. The tornado parted into halves and vanished. Yangchen had done it. Yangchen had bended air.

"Woah!" The girl exclaimed, dropping her glider and running over to Yangchen. "That was totally wicked! How old are you?" she inquired.

"I'm this many," Yangchen nervously held up five dainty fingers.

"Nice! I'm eight and I learned that move about a year ago. It didn't come as naturally as I'd have hoped. I'm better with the attacking skills. Kind of rare for an airbender, I know," the girl said with her hands together behind her back. "I'm Lamir. What's your name?"

"Yangchen." The young airbender replied solemnly.

"Well, Yangchen, I have a sleeping ring-tailed winged lemur over there and I think it's time to end its nap!" Lamir winked. The adventurous girl began skipping over to the lemur and switched to a much exaggerated, tip-toe walk. She then crouched down and onto her knees and beckoned Yangchen over with a smile.

Mimicking the girl's walk, Yangchen made her way to the lemur. "On three," Lamir held up three fingers of her left hand. "One," she said as she dropped her ring finger. "Two," then the next finger dropped. "Three!" Lamir squealed as she began tickling the lemur quite viciously. Yangchen, now understanding this game, seized this opportunity and copied Lamir.

From an overhead balcony, the Council of Elders observed Yangchen pungently. "It still does not make sense. The more and more time that goes by... It doesn't fit! It's not her!" Sister Rafa protested.

"Calm now, Rafa. You just saw her airbend, did you not? Besides, she took the test and the test never fails. She chose the correct toys and –" One sister argued.

"The test failed this time! She has shown zero potential, zero concentration, and zero skill. She cannot be the Avatar!" Another sister interjected.

Then Head Council Bira coughed in a way that suggested she was the only one allowed to speak. "Yangchen is the Avatar. Just give her time, she will come around. She has shown a lack of concentration because she is so all-around in each of the four elements. She will be great and I have faith that she will become the best Avatar ever." Sister Bira resolutely declared.

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