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A Night to Remember
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North Pole Rumbles

The Second chapter of : The Legend of Korra: The Prodigy.

Opening Scene

Water, Air, Fire, Earth

When I was young, I was thought that the Avatar was the connection between our world and the Spirit World. He was supposed to be a bridge between all four nations, which were ruled by each nations most powerful bender. But Avatar Aang disappeared and the Air Nomads went extinct. The Prodigy's were forced to conceal their destiny.

Avatar Aang tried to find and reunite the Prodigy's once again, but he was unable to find them.

But I believe that the Prodigy's will return when their time comes.

Chapter 2: A Night to Remember

Korra came down the stairs and saw that Ono, Tenzin and The Water Tribe Chief were sitting at the table in the living room.

"Korra, we have to talk to you about yesterday," Ono explained.

"Yes, Korra, about these so called Equalists that would have attacked you," the Chief added.

"What do you mean with 'so called Equalists'?" Korra replied.

"Well, the Northern Water Tribe has always been a safe haven for all citizens of the world, benders and non benders. We have never had problems with these Equalists and I therefor believe that they weren't the Equalists that you had encountered at Republic City," the Chief firmly implied.

"No, Chief, you are wrong. These Equalists are dangerous and will do anything to achieve more power, they even have the electric device's that the Equalists used in Republic City," Korra said.

"Young Lady, you might be the Avatar, but I am still the Chief of this proud nation. So I tend to be treated with respect. Besides, we haven't found any electric device's at the crime scene," he replied.

"Well, your Nephew Mito saved me. Hasn't he said anything about the attack?" Korra suggested.

It went quiet for a few seconds; Korra realised that she had struck a sensitive topic. The Chief stood up with an annoyed expression on his face and walked a few steps towards the door. He turned around before leaving and said:

"Mito might be my nephew, but you will never ever trust him," the Chief implied.

The Chief turned around again and left the house. Ono looked at Korra, he and Tenzin were about to give Korra a speech about her behavior.

""Korra, you are here to make allies. Fighting the Chief won't make things any easier," Ono made clear.

"Ono, you are right. But we have bigger problems to discuss than my behavior, how are we going to convince the Chief that the Equalists are actually here?" Korra said.

"Well, you and Ono actually had a little talk with him and we are afraid that it would be very hard to convince him. He is actually throwing a party tonight in your honor, Mito will be there as well as the local "Anti Bender" leader, Bolgar," Tenzin said.

"And Mito will be here within a few minutes, he wanted to talk with you about yesterday and the problems within his family," he added.

"He might help me with finding proof that the Equalists are here and they have armed themselves," Korra replied.

"Alright, you and Mito should hang around town then. Please Korra, come see me at Dusk at the Embassy's. It is next to the royal palace," Ono said.

There was a knock on the door, Korra went to the door to open it for Mito. It was the first time that she was able to get a good look at him since she wasn't injured and tired. Korra opened the door and saw a young man with short black hair and rather unusual clothes for a member of the Water Tribe, because he was actually wearing a shirt that they would only wear at the Earth Kingdom. It was blue though.

"Hi, Korra, it is me, Mito. Remember?" he said.

"Yea, I remember, thanks again for saving me," Korra said silently.

"It is okay, I thought that you would like to help me with finding some clues about the Equalists we encountered yesterday," Mito said.

Korra nodded, putted her coat on and went outside. She walked next to Mito, who would lead her to the square were she was attacked yesterday.

"So, Mito, why don't you tell something about yourself?" she said.

"What is there to tell? I am a waterbender that is also the nephew of the chief," he mumbled

Mito was a silent type but this was different, Korra knew that there was more than he was telling her.

"Why do you and the chief have such a bad relationship?" she asked Mito.

"My Father is the brother of the Chief and therefor somebody who has a right to be the new chief when the actual chief has become to old, but the Chief doesn't want my father to have so much power. He isn't a bender himself and therefor favors someone who isn't a bender. He is afraid that my father would abuse his power because of his natural skills that comes with a bender. He therefor tries to arrange that high ranking advisors would get the power if he passed away," he said.

"And he actually hates me because I might be the most skilled bender of my people, I actually learned it from the best," he added.

"It must be really hard to have such problems with your own family. But hey, I am here for you if you want to talk," Korra assured.

Mito smiled, they arrived at the square just a few minutes after their talk.

The square was deserted, what was strange at this time of the day. The marks that Korra made with her firebending were still noticeable. Milo walked over to them and looked around it for any clues. He kneeled down and after a few minutes stood up again.

"I don't understand, there must be something left," Milo said.

"I know, but they had plenty of time to clean up their mess because we had been away for several hours," Korra said.

Korra looked around and hoped that she would find anything that may be of use to them. They searched the square for a few hours, but the only thing they found was a piece of the electric gloves. It was a good find, but not enough to convince the chief of the violent nature of the Equalists.

Korra and Milo gave up and decided to meet Tenzin and Ono at the embassy, they walked a few hundred meters until they heard a sound in the distance.

"Hey! Hey, wait up!"

It was getting closer and closer, Korra and Milo turned around and noticed a young woman in a green outfit. Which meant that she was an Earth Kingdom citizen, which was a strange thing to see at the North Pole at first.

"OW, that is right......" Mito mumbled.

"What do you mean with 'that's right'?" Korra asked.

"Well you are about to find out," he said and eventually smiled.

"Hey, Mito, I was looking for you!" the woman said.

She stood still and smiled when she had a clear view of Mito, she then turned her head to Korra and said in an arrogant way.

"And who is this? Not your girlfriend, I hope?" she said.

"Nope, Ishi, you know that I only like you. This is the Avatar, Korra," Milo explained.

"Korra. This is Ishi, we are sort of lovers," he said smiling.

"Ow, Korra, I have heard so much of you. You are lucky to be accompanied by such an amazing waterbender," Ishi said.

"Yea, he is kinda awesome," Korra said silently.

"Are you also attending at the chiefs party?" Ishi asked.

"Yea, I am. It was kind of given in my honour," she replied

"Alright. Well, I am taking Mito away from you for a second. We will meet you again at the party" Ishi said.

Ishi and Mito walked away together and Korra walked slowly towards the embassy. She was actually surprised that somebody that is so full of life like Ishi would love someone like Mito, she was happy for them nevertheless. Korra arrived at the embassy after a few minutes, it was already dusk.

"Korra, please come inside," a member of the airbender embassy said.

Korra entered the embassy and met with Tenzin again, who was already dressed up for the party.

"Well, Korra, you are about to be thrilled!" he said with a smile on his face.

He stepped into a room and came back within a minute with a blue dress.

"Ow, Tenzin, it is beautiful," Korra said while looking at the dress from multiple positions.

"Korra, we have to hurry to get to the party in time," Korra assured.

Northern Water Tribe houses

The Embassy's

Korra, Tenzin and Ono were standing before some sort of stairs, which lead directly to the entrance of the royal palace. They were wearing their finest dresses and robes, because this was actually a very important night. Not only because they would be meeting the important members of the local nation but also because they would face the leader of the local Equalists who might be more of a threat than they originally thought.

Korra and her company walked up the stairs and entered the Royal Palace, it was enormous. Mito told her that the Royal Palace wasn't only the oldest building of the Northern Water Tribe, it was also an international symbol of peace and prosperity. Many important peace treaties were signed here over the decades. Korra met with Mito and Ishi in the main hall of the palace, they had a little talk and eventually moved towards the ballroom. Where she would finally meet Bolgar.

It is a Water Tribe tradition to announce a guest separately by nation, full name and profession;

"Avatar Korra and her company has arrived!" a spokesperson of the royal family announced.

Korra and her friends entered the Room separately, Korra went last because she was actually the most important person to attending the party.

"Ishi Bumari, Earth Kingdom Embassy."

"Ono Hasu, Neutral, Grand Lotus"

"Tenzin, Air Nomads, Elder."

"Mito Mizu, Water Tribe, Member of the Royal Family."

Korra's friends already entered the room, it seemed that the ballroom was absolutely quiet before and after the announcement that Avatar Korra had arrived.

"Avatar Korra."

It remained silent. Korra understood that the Equalists were at large on the North Pole, but she thought that there would be at least some Avatar sympathizers.

There was a man in a long robe who walked over to her with a little smile on his face. He stood just a couple of meters away from Korra and started clapping, very slow, and after a few second he was accompanied by the whole ballroom, silence turned into cheering.

"Avatar Korra, I am Mirlo Mizu. Father of Mito Mizu and the rightful heir of the Water Tribe," he said.

He didn't really looked like a chief, because the tribal chiefs usually wore furry robes and pelts. He looked more like Mito, he also had black hair and the same unusual outfit for a Water Tribe member. Which might mean that he has travelled the world in order to master his bending.

"I am so happy to meet you, not only because it is a honour to meet you. But also.." he stopped for a second and then took a few steps toward Korra.

"Because the peace and prosperity of my nation is in great danger. Meet me in my room at midnight, you can ask my servant's for directions," he added silently.

He turned around and started talking to some other people. Tenzin and Korra agreed that they should part their ways during the dance, because they had their own things to do. Tenzin and Ono were talking to some important councilors about the threads of the Equalists, while Mito and Ishi were talking with some of their friends who worked at the embassies. Korra was trying to figure out who she would speak first; the First Councilor, some embassy members or some normal people that were attending the party because they were invited or because they were probably wealthy. She just walked around and said hello to a couple of people, until she saw a bearded man that was strangely looking a bit familiar. She made swift eye contact which the bearded man noticed. He walked over to her, and she realised that she was about to meet someone who she actually wouldn't want to meet.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Avatar Korra. The Savior of Republic City, I am Bolgar. You might have already heard of me as a brutal savage, but I am actually someone who prefer peace and prosperity for my beloved nation," he said.

Korra started to become a bit nervous.

"I am happy that you aren't like Amon," she said to Bolgar.

"O, you must be wrong! I actually am an admirer of Amon, just not of his ways, but always found his ways of manipulating a nation quite.......inspiring. You don't have to fear me Avatar, I want to take control, but not with that much violence," he replied.

He turned around and disappeared, merged in the mass.

"So you already met Bolgar huh? He is quite the scary type" Ishi said while walking towards her.

"Yea, I guess he is quite a weirdo," she replied.

"I actually came to see you because I lost Mito, do you know where he is?" she asked.

"No I don't. But I think that he would already have left the party, as his family has quite a few issues. Besides, he isn't really a party guy," Korra said and then smiled a bit.

"Alright Korra, I am also leaving then. I'll see you around," she said.

Ishi left the party and crowd was already getting smaller and smaller as it was already midnight. Korra decided to ask about Mirlo's room. She decided to ask a servant for directions

"Hi, can you tell me where Mirlo Mizu's office is?" she asked.

"Yes, it is up the stairs and down the hall. Last door on the left."

Korra followed her directions and entered the room after a brief walk. The room wasn't that big. It had a large window with a desk before it, and the walls were covered with large bookcases with multiple books and scrolls.

"Mirlo, are you here? Mirlo?"

Korra stepped towards the desk and examined it. It seems that there was a book on the table, she opened it and started to read it.

"Dear Diary, I think I have found proof of a political conspiracy regarding Bolgar and my brother, which is meant to make it impossible for my son, the Prodigy and rightful leader of the Water Tribe to be the new chief."

Korra was really confused.

"Prodigy? What does this mean? Why would they want to give the Equalists all the power?" she asked herself.

The door closed behind her and she heard footsteps walking into her direction.

"Mirlo, you have to tell me everything!" she said.

"Avatar Korra, it seems that you already know more than you should," a strange voice said.

She recognised the voice, but it wasn't Mirlo's voice.

She felt a swift sting which paralysed her body, like chi blockers do when they attack. She fell to the ground and passed out.

Korra meditating imprisoned

Korra imprisoned.

Korra woke up in a room with an other person, but she couldn't yet recognise his face.

"Well, Korra, it seems that Bolgar and the Chief are about to downsize my chances of being the new Chief to 0%."

She recognised the voice after a few seconds, it was Mito.

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