Chained Forever?
Is hope still here?
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"Isn't it nice to be homeless? No rules, free life, and nothing to share! I have no regrets to being an orphan!"

So says Ali. So says 'The Earth-bending Bandit'.

Ba Sing Se in the future was a paradise, but in between the gains, it was a dystopia. The Last King had died 150 years ago. So who was the ruler? 'The All Seeing One' was his name. He could not be approached or be apprehended; the king was too important for that. T.A.S.O was seen as a god to the Earth Kingdom, as he was said to live forever! But he controlled nothing.

The Underground wouldn't allow it. They were the ones that truly managed law and order, that truly managed and reigned over Ba Sing Se, the ones that truly made it go form paradise to dystopia. It all started with the building of the various Districts.

Districts are parts of Ba Sing Se separated by massive walls. While this seems similar to the original Ba Sing Se (seen in Avatar: The Last Airbender), there were 8 Districts now, and to say all the living conditions for the districts were good couldn't have been a bigger lie.

In reality, all but District 1 and 2 were having very respectable living conditions-and even under that privilege, they were still very well monitored, every action being scheduled, every walk being timed. The other districts ranged from rich enough to very poor, and these districts made livings by serving 1 and 2. Part of the schedule.

Of course, Ba Sing Se citizens were good people, so The Underground did not inform them of this slavery. Part of the schedule. SO, while Districts lived in poverty, The Underground kept everything perfect. District 1 and 2 lived happily and nothing ever went wrong...that was a large lie.

Some people are lawbreakers. That is true. But when they are so many laws, rules will be broken. Punishments ranged from written apologies to labor to jail. But, if you've committed a very serious crime, many non-serious crimes, or offended a high-ranking The Underground member, you would get sent to the vault.

The Vault began with you being emotionally broken, then physically broken. Then you would be lead down the infinite labyrinth until you reached your 'cell'-a small area where your arms were chained, 3 meters off the ground, while you were beaten, fed, and bathed on those chains, only relieved when you were pulling the chains to power the poorer Districts-which was still being chained, just exercising.

The Vault was a way to take care of the large mass of prisoners while slightly benefitting other Districts-a win-win, in their view. But this had sentenced Razor to a horrible life. To a life without his wife, his kids, sentenced to eternity in The Vault.

He was sentenced to The Vault not for a crime-which means the public was unaware (they were also unaware of The Vault's existence) of the punishment-for trying to spread the word about who T.A.S.O really is. The public know what they need to know, by The Underground. After hypnotizing him into believing what they wanted, he was then shown pictures of his dead wife, his mutilated kids, and his destroyed house into he lost all hope. Razor was then subject to regular Vault entries.

Ali, on the other hand, had just simply lost her parents because they were burned down by an angry mob-her parents were the richest in District 6, and they were greedy. Ali was placed into the local orphanage under the name 'Lisa' but then when she grew up, Ali became troublesome.

She developed a habit of lying, a habit of thievery, and a passion for earth-bending. At first, since child crimes were very rarely serious, it was just a nuisance, but then Ali began to start stealing food on a normal basis and deceiving people as well. She became known as 'The Earth-bending Bandit'.


  • Ali – Ali is the story's main character here, and was also an orphan due to her parents greediness. Despite that, she does not refrain from stealing and earth-bending to achieve her goals. She calls herself 'A professional thief', but she's known as 'The Earth-Bending Bandit'.
  • Razor – Razor is The Vault's newest member, and a sad one at that. Due to his 'meddling' in trying to learn and spread the truth about T.A.S.O., their 'king' for 150 years, but The Underground did not like his efforts and so, after wiping away all traces of him, sentenced him to The Vault, where his goal was wiped from his memory. He is recorded to be an Earth-bender, but it is really known.


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