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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Chain Lightning
Power comes in many forms
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Action/Adventure, Romance




12 (released) 18 (planned)



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November 10th, 2015 - present



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Chain Lightning is an Avatar fanon written by Jacob13Kyle. It tells the story of Alex Chambers, a teenager from our world who struggles to adjust to his new life in Republic City as he develops strange and new abilities.


Alex Chambers once looked forward to life after high school, eager to forge his own path in the world. But all of that changed on his senior trip to a local research laboratory. Now, finding himself in a strange new world and developing new abilities, Alex's future is uncertain. Even worse is the growing threat of the Anti-Bender Revolution.

Alongside friends new and old, Alex begins a quest not only to stop the Revolution, but to better understand himself and his new powers. What he finds may not only change his life, but the entire world as well.


Alex Chambers: The eighteen-year-old main character, Alex is a smart mouthed young man who finds himself trapped in Republic City after an experiment gone wrong. He develops electrical based abilities.

Kelly Masters: Alex's oldest friend, Kelly is a glasses and beanie wearing troublemaker, who finds herself transported to the Avatar World after an experiment gone wrong. She develops magnetic based abilities.

Doctor Tannan: The Doctor whose experiment is responsible for the trio's transportation to the Avatar World, Tannan is a lanky man who desires power and recognition. He develops chi draining abilities.

Avatar Korra: The hotheaded current incarnation of the Avatar, Korra is a seventeen-year-old young woman from the Southern Water Tribe who meets Kelly and travels to Republic City with her.

Asami Sato: The heiress to Future Industries as well as the Sato fortune, Asami is the first person Alex meets after arriving in the Avatar World. She agrees to help adjust to his new life in more ways than one.


Notes and Trivia

  • Chain Lightning was inspired by the video game series inFamous. Despite the similarities, the story is not a crossover between the two.
  • Chain Lightning shares its name with a .38 Special song of the same name, which is also featured in the story.


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