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December 23, 2013

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Smile Dog and Ghost, the dynamic duo of the SCP Foundation, walked nervously to another, much larger containment cell. They both are rather worried about doing this, none of the others do. Today it was their turn to feed SCP-682. They really don't want to but its pointless to argue.

"Come on Smile Dog, do we have to?" Ghost asked.

"Ghost you know we don't have much choice," Smile Dog groaned. He too didn't want to do this but any order given they have to do... even if that means risking their neck. Smile Dog stopped at the door leading to the cell. Again, he's not so sure about this but now he found himself opening the door. The chamber was very large and dark. Smile Dog and Ghost walked out to the balcony. the duo looked to a corner and there he is...

The duo can see a large, reptile like creature. Its mane shaggy as it was sitting away from them both.

"Uh... excuse me?" Ghost asked.

"WHAT?" 682 asked, his voice more of a growl. It spooked Ghost into hiding behind Smile Dog.

"*Gulp* You hungry 682? Feeding time," Smile Dog said.

"Is it now?... so soon? It's only been a week when I usually get a month," 682 simply chuckled.

"Yeah yeah, I'll get the cow for you in a second-"

"Not this time." Smile Dog and Ghost were afraid of this.

"Uh... okay?"

"I've heard that some new humans had arrived... bring me one with lot of meat."

"What? But they just arrived! We can't just bring them to youuu-(682 growls at his face) without your opinion, of course. Which one?"

"Hm... any plump ones?" 682 asked.

"Yeah we do. His name is Pipsqueak, has a lot of meat for you," Ghost said. 682, as feared by the duo, didn't feel like it.

"Nah... I did manage to see a young girl that will satisfy. The green girl?" Ghost and Smile Dog weren't sure at first when he said green girl, but after some thinking a bit, they manage to get it... and were completely stumped.

"Toph?" Smile Dog asked. 682 nodded yes.

"You must mean someone else, she's a thin 17 year old twig, no way we can give her to you!" That seemed to anger 682, as he glared at them both.

"You're the workers of the worlds biggest testing facility... FIGURE IT OUT!" 682 bellowed. Smile Dog and Ghost were frozen in fear.

"Okay, okay, we'll do it, just gives us some time, we can make Toph a stuffed turkey that fast," Smile Dog pleaded. 682 just snorted.

"Have you brainless workers considered testing a force-feeder?" 682 groaned. They honestly didn't, thinking they don't need one, but if it meant to satisfy 682 then they have to.

"Thank you for that idea, come on Ghost," Smile Dog said, turning to leave. Ghost quickly followed suit, leaving 682 alone again. He simply sighed and went back to his corner.

"... one of these days..."

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