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Cabbage Merchant's Cabbages
The adventures of the cabbage merchant.
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This is a fanon created by Prillin101. It is about the life of the Cabbage Merchant during the war. The story starts...

Omashu and the Avatar

The Cabbage Merchant walked to the gate to go into Omashu with his cabbage cart, but was stopped by a group of Earth Kingdom guards.

The guards demanded, "Halt! You cannot take that cart into the city. We will have to take it and destroy it."

The Merchant replied," Why are you taking my cabbages, I just entered the cabbage biz! NOOOOO!"

One of the men said," Sorry sir but we have to." The man stomped his foot and a big pillar shot from under the cart which flew into the canyon and crashed. The soldier said," You can go into Omashu now." The Merchant walked petrified into Omashu.

Once he entered Omashu, he was surprised by the beauty of it. He decided to get a few things from the market. He had a limited amount of money so he got 4 things. He first got a cart for his cabbages, then he bought 2 sacks of cabbages. He also decided to buy an Earth Kingdom bag, (the one Sokka had) So he put the cabbages into the cart and started to sell. He found a very rich general and asked if he wanted cabbages.

The general said, "Actually I would like some cabbages, I'll buy 10 of them for 2 gold coins and a bronze coin." The Merchant got excited and sold him the cabbages.

He was about to sell some more cabbages when Aang, Katara, and Sokka destroyed the cart in a mail cart and the Merchant screamed," My cabbages!!!"

After the rogue Team Avatar was caught the Merchant went to King Bumi demanding that they cut off their heads, one for each cabbage in front of Team Avatar. King Bumi instead made a feast for the renegade nomads. In outrage the Merchant burst out of the palace and went to sit in the road. After about an hour he asked Bumi for new cabbages and a cart to replace his old one. Bumi agreed and gave him his stuff, shortly before the Cabbage Merchant left to a small harbor where Team Avatar met him unintentionally and destroyed his cabbage cart while being chased by pirates. The Merchant yelled, "This is worse than Omashu!"

Ba Sing Se and the Watermelon Merchant

He finally decided to go to Omashu after he bought a new cart and cabbages. He left to Ba Sing Se using the ferry. Once he entered the loading place of the ferry he showed the ticket lady his ticket.

She said, "We don't allow cabbages, we could have a CABBAGE SLUG invasion!" She quickly summoned a bear to destroy the cart and sent him to the ferry with no cabbage or cart. But it was all worth it when he got to Ba Sing Se.

Once in Ba Sing Se he went through his routine of buying a new cart and new cabbages. He went and sold 75 cabbages in total for 12 Gold Coins, 17 Silver Coins, and 20 Bronze Coins. But things soon got more serious when he met the Watermelon Merchant.

The Cabbage Merchant said, "You sell Watermelons? Hmmm... Cabbages have a better market."

The Watermelon Merchant replied, "Watermelons are much better than those stupid Cabbage Slug infested cabbages." The Cabbage Merchant frowned, he took 2 Watermelons and bashed them, then quickly ran away to make some sales. It was war now according to the Watermelon Merchant.

The Watermelon Merchant went straight to the market and found a man who was examining a watermelon. He told the man," I'll give you 3 watermelons for the price of that watermelon so you can save more money." The man bought the watermelons and walked away to get some apples. Meanwhile the Cabbage Merchant sold a sack full of cabbages to a pirate for 15 Gold Coins. The Watermelon saw this and threw a watermelon at the other Merchants head. The Cabbage Merchant was outraged and threw three cabbages at the Watermelon Merchant's cart destroying it. When the Watermelon Merchant was about to tackle the Cabbage Merchant when Team Avatar accidentally landed Appa on the Watermelon Merchant. Team Avatar quickly noticed this and flew to another location.

The Watermelon Merchant said dazed," Maybe I should sell my watermelons in Omashu or somewhere else." The Cabbage Merchant yelled, "Uha Uha, this is my city, don't forget it!"

10 Years Later

After 10 years in Ba Sing Se when the world was freed from the Fire Nation the merchant found a nice rich lady and they married. They had two children, one was named Gyatso under the request of Aang, and the other one was named Bumi after King Bumi. They turned out to be Earth Benders and they later became rich generals in the Earth Kingdoms army. When the Cabbage Merchant died he was given a ceremonial burial and they carved a cabbage destroying a watermelon on his gravestone.

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