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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Book Five: Growth
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Book Four: Balance


Two years after the events of Book Four, Team Avatar (Korra) has been residing in the Earth Kingdom, which has reverted from an Empire to the United Earth Nation, and they have been helping stabilize the government shift, along with President Wu. Meanwhile, Varrick Industries International which has been trusted with the expansion of Republic City, has also been renovating the downtown area. However, the world has changed since the new portal has opened, and it has tripled the spiritual energy of the physical world. It has given birth to a new age of benders and non-benders, and now Korra must face the dangers of an evolved group of anarchists. Though the Red Lotus was defeated five years prior, Xai Bau's heir is ready to see his new agents out into the world so they can bring it down themselves, and the heir has his own plans for Avatar Korra that may mean the end of balance as the world knows it. Will Korra be able to handle it?


  • Xin Bau- is the true heir of Xai Bau, being that he's his son. He is the main antagonist of Book Five, and though he is a non-benders, he has spiritual abilities that he's been perfecting since the portal made from Kuvira's spirit energy cannon opened. He is also the new leader of the Red Lotus since Xai Bau's death.
  • Yosuke- is an airbender who received air bending after Harmonic Convergence. However, he turned to the Red Lotus to master his abilities, and after the new portal opened his abilities expanded. The Red Lotus taught him how to harness the sound waves traveling through the air and diffuse them, creating soundbending, which has a massive effect on bending. He is a very reserved person, but holds a lot of emotions in battle. He carries his own crafted staff but wears a black wingsuit. He is a secondary antagonist of Book Five.
  • Kala- is a waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe but was kidnapped by unknown raiders and placed in the Si Wong Desert where she would have dropped dead. However, she discovered the vapor in the air, and created a large sum of it to drink while getting out of the desert, where the Red Lotus found her. She then learned to create brief moments and even created a sub-skill of waterbending. She has a cold mind and a hardened heart. She is hateful, stubborn, and unyielding.
  • Jiro- is an earthbender born and raised in the Si Wong Desert by the Hami Tribe. When he became a teenager, he was deemed one of the vilest sandbenders of his time and was banished. He left to study earthbending, and as he continued to master it, he felt more empowered. He returned to the Si Wong Desert where he discovered he could heat the sand and phase shift it into glass, creating glassbending. With earthbending moves, he could maintain safe control over the glass. He is a danger to the people around him and to himself.
  • Azu- is a firebender who can produce blue flames, generate, and redirect lightning, but not only can she generate the lightning, but she can bend it. Born with fire and air heritage, Azu can make constructs from the lightning by producing a form of plasma and letting the lightning follow it, creating a more powerful charge of lightning. The destructive plasma like lightning and tear mountains and shake the earth. Not only that, but being struck with it and now being able to redirect the majority of it is deadly. Azu enjoys getting to know her opponent and underestimates them, but when it's time to get serious, she does what needs to be done.


  • Chapter One: Dawning of a New Kingdom – President Wu officially declares the Earth Kingdom the United Earth Nation, holding a ceremony for Team Avatar. Meanwhile, problems are brewing in Republic City, and an unknown threat has their own plans for President Raiko.
  • Chapter Two: Attack on Republic City - Four incredibly powerful benders attack Republic City, endeavoring to find the President and Tenzin himself.
  • Chapter Three: The Escape - Team Avatar makes their way to Republic City.
  • Chapter Four: The Bridge - Yosuke and Azu head to the Fire Nation. Meanwhile, Team Avatar must keep the port bridge from collapsing.
  • Chapter Five: Race to Zaofu - Team Avatar makes their way to Zaofu, but they may be too late. Kala and Jiro have plans to tear the city apart.


  • This fanon will feature the Fire Nation.
  • Team Avatar will be traveling different locations all over the world.
  • This fanon takes place two years after Book Four.
  • The Red Lotus will play a major role.
  • This fanon will reveal what happened to Kuvira and the army.

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