Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Book Five: Beginnings in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Book Five: Beginnings
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The Legend of Korra

Book Five: Beginnings is the fan-made fifth season of the The Legend of Korra. This story takes place just after Korra and Asami's return from their romantic vacation to the Spirit World. When they arrive back at Air Temple Island again after their 4 weeks of being away, Korra and Asami discover all is not well...

Chapter One: Foundations

Korra and Asami have spent four weeks in the Spirit World, and have only just come back from their vacation. They are greeted warmly by Tenzin and the airbenders and catch up over dinner. Mako was appointed to assistant Chief of Police by Lin Beifong, and Bolin was starring in a new mover directed by both Varrick and Zhu Li. But after dinner Tenzin pulls them aside and tells them about recent events. Zuko died in his sleep a week after they left, but there was evidence to suggest it was poison from an Earth Kingdom member, specifically a high-ranking official from the evidence. Outraged, Zuko's daughter and Fire Lord, Izumi, threatened war on the Earth Kingdom, who were retaliating with some peace from its leaders, but violence from its denizens. Korra is very troubled by this news but Tenzin interrupts her thoughts with more news. The next night, he, President Raiko, and Lin Beifong were heading to the Fire Nation Capital to discuss the threats with Izumi. Tenzin says since she is the Avatar, it would be good if she were there. Korra protests, saying she should be going to the states of the Earth Kingdom to see who could have done it. Tenzin tells her not to because it would be seen as taking Izumi's side, so she begrudgingly agrees to go with them. The next morning, they board a ship to the capital.

Back in Republic City, Mako, who is acting Chief of Police while Beifong is away, receives a report that an Earth Kingdom ship was brought down by a Fire Nation ship. As he reads the report, he gets another one about a Fire Nation ship being hit by an Earth Kingdom one, all attacks in the same area, Ozai's Expanse, which is coincidentally the same area Korra and Tenzin would be passing through. Mako thinks there might be a silent war happening there, so he immediately calls Korra to warn them of the danger, but he can't get through to her.

On the ship, the crew sees a Fire Nation ship. They attempt to bypass it normally, but it turns and fires.

Chapter Two: Hidden Agendas

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