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Book 2 - Siege is the second book in the fanon series Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes, by AvatarRokusGhost. It is largely centered around the famous six hundred-day Siege of Ba Sing Se, with General Iroh leading the forces of the Fire Nation in a drawn-out struggle for the capital of the Earth Kingdom. This book will contain a lot more interaction between Ratana and Lu Ten in the midst of other plots and conflicts that surround the scene across the battlefield.


"DSV is back! Bloody hell dammit, that is SPLENDID! Quite splendidly awesome, I must say, indeed...with the battle begun at last, and another unanswered question asked, I must say I am eager for questions, and thus for the next chapter! Keep 'em coming!"
- Sep0815

"I really liked the way you've introduced book 2."
- Mageddon725

"What's unique about [the first] chapter is it's the most masterful blend of a narrative, a recap of the state of the plot from the previous book, new material, and character development I have ever read. The majority of the chapter is the narrator explaining the current situation with the 100 year war as both a history lesson and also something he makes incredibly personal by tying each of his characters into it in a flawless way. To add icing to the cake, there's some great humor and a chilling cliffhanger."
- Omashu Rocks

"I love that you've begun the second book like this!"
- Bomochu


Note: All future chapter titles and numbers are subject to change

Chapter Chapter Title Summary
Chapter 1 Darkest Hour With the Siege of Ba Sing Se finally underway, Iroh and Lu Ten find themselves adjusting to what looks like a long, drawn-out battle, as do Ratana and Tooru. Also, June finds some unfinished business sneaking back up on her.
Chapter 2 Sieges Bring Changes Bad news arrives for those on the Earth Kingdom side. As for the Fire Nation side, Jaya and Han Shui both have more on their mind than they let be known.
Chapter 3 Off to Battle The Terra Team does not have much time to adapt to the new changes that have come up for them.
Chapter 4 Songs of the Past A little memory-jogging induced by Iroh causes Lu Ten to reminisce about a simpler time in his life, and the special one that he shared that with.
Chapter 5 Sidetracked Not every conflict that arises during the Siege of Ba Sing Se is on the battlefield. Both the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation alike experience complications at the hand of internal discord.
Chapter 6 Agni Kai in the Village Heidze finds new ways to run into trouble wherever they go. Meanwhile, the Dragon of the West and the Dragon of Water both have difficulty putting old business behind them.
Chapter 7 Crater of Death With old business settled, the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom are fighting with full force once more, and other forces are on course for an inevitable collision, which has been a long time in the making.
Chapter 8 Return to the Outer Wall In the unusual situation of being off on their own, Ratana and her Terra Team rival Taigang must come to terms with their personal thoughts versus their duties if they are to survive together.
Chapter 9 Tough Reunions TBA
Chapter 10 New Leadership TBA
Chapter 11 From Outside the Outer Wall TBA
Chapter 12 To Inside the Inner Wall TBA
Chapter 13 Fresh Foes TBA
Chapter 14 Lucky TBA
Chapter 15 In Foreign Lands TBA
Chapter 16 Prelude TBA
Chapter 17 Charge TBA
Chapter 18 The Tale of Oma and Shu TBA
Chapter 19 Present TBA
Chapter 20 New Duties TBA
Chapter 21 Daydreams TBA
Chapter 22 Nightmares TBA
Chapter 23 Seeds of Rebellion TBA
Chapter 24 Challenge of the Body TBA
Chapter 25 In Other Parts of the World TBA
Chapter 26 Twilight TBA
Chapter 27 Challenge of the Spirit TBA
Chapter 28 Lingering TBA
Chapter 29 Breaking Point TBA
Chapter 30 Terra Team Party TBA
Chapter 31 Broken Ties TBA
Chapter 32 Solo Mission TBA
Chapter 33 Showdown TBA
Chapter 34 The Bloody Line of Lizen: Part 1 TBA
Chapter 35 The Bloody Line of Lizen: Part 2 TBA
Chapter 36 Unusual Bonds: Part 1 TBA
Chapter 37 Unusual Bonds: Part 2 TBA
Chapter 38 Unusual Bonds: Part 3 TBA
Chapter 39 Unusual Bonds: Part 4 TBA
Chapter 40 Unusual Bonds: Part 5 TBA
Chapter 41 No Turning Back TBA
Chapter 42 The Princess of Munn TBA
Chapter 43 TBA TBA
Chapter 44 TBA TBA
Chapter 45 TBA TBA
Chapter 46 TBA TBA
Chapter 47 TBA TBA
Chapter 48 TBA TBA
Chapter 49 TBA TBA
Chapter 50 TBA TBA

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