Beyond the Veil
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Beyond the Veil is a story that asks one question.

"What Happens after you die in the Air Nomad Genocide?"

The question of death is a question that has haunted humanity. But, today, we have an answer to one of the many who were killed.

Iroh has demonstrated that those with a strong enough spiritual connection would go to the Spirit World. This story involves one of them.

Yesche, a monk in training, believes the world is set in fate; what can happen to you is decided before you are even born. There is no changing of your destiny, it's more of what is your destiny. 

When the Northern Air Temple is attacked by the Fire Nation, Yesche is killed fighting for his freedom. Then, he wakes up in the Spirit World, rewarded and being taught a lesson. Deciding that his fate is to wake up the Avatar from his spiritual slumber, Yesche begins his journey across the Spirit World, while meeting several characters, some of whom are Koh the Face Stealer and more importantly, Aang's Fire Nation friend, Kuzon, who will act as the villain.


Yesche – Yesche is a twelve-year-old monk apprentice, who believes your fate it set. When he dies in the Air Nomad Genocide, he decides to trek across the Spirit World in order to wake Avatar Aang, frozen in the ice. He looks like Aang in the beginning of Season Three. His choice of weapon is basic spiritbending and a katana.

Kuzon – Kuzon is a fourteen-year-old Fire Nation idealist, who believes in the Fire Nation mission for supremacy. Dying hours before Yesche, he is taught the art of spiritbending, which is a form of energybending that only spirits can do. He does everything in his power to stop Yesche from reaching Aang.

Nini – Nini is a Waterbender who died of hypothermia during the Night of Snow, a harsh winter storm described in "The Puppetmaster". She decided to follow Yesche across the Spirit World to finally see her family again, who also died in the storm. Her choice of weapon is (nagging and) spiritbending. She looks like Ummi, Avatar Kuruk's fiancée, who had a child before her face was stolen. She is the great granddaughter of her.

Gavin – Gavin is an Earthbender, who died in a building collapse in Ba Sing Se. Believing that there is no good left in humanity, he joins Kuzon in a journey to destroy Yesche and Nini. He looks like a younger Bumi. His weapon of choice is a spiritbending sword.


The main setting is the Spirit World, as Yesche and Nini journey across it to awaken Aang. They will see many locations, including the Northern Spirit Oasis, Koh's Home, Great Forests, the Lion Turtle, and several new locations never seen before, including a Spirit World rendition of a Fire Nation Palace. One of the Final Locations will be the Tree of Time.

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