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Korrasami Week 2016



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September 4th, 2016

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Suddenly felt like writing some fluffy Korrasami, so I wrote this in one go. Brace yourself for some smexy but non-smutty fluff.

Asami was tired and through with it. A long workday had just been put behind her, lots of people who wanted lots of boring things from her, and then she had to race all the way across the city to fix the line of Satomobiles herself. Not like the cars themselves, the actual production line.

Someone had been scamming off the top of her maintenance budget, filling his own pockets, and now it had all horribly jammed up. She literally had to go elbow-deep into the greasy machinery to fix it.

It wasn't the grease that bothered Asami, heck, that was the part she kind of enjoyed. It was that she had a company to run and now someone had forced her to waste time by fixing his mistakes.

Of course, the rearview mirror of her car already betrayed that she had streaks of grease on her face, and that her only real option was to go home to wash them off, even though there was still work left to be done. This would take time, and even worse, Korra wasn't there.

The Northern Water Tribe was having some trouble around the Spirit Portal that required the Avatar's intervention, so that's where she had been for the past few days. Busy with all kinds of spiritual matters that were as far beyond Asami as mechanical engineering was to Korra.

And yet... Somehow, they made it work. Asami couldn't wait to see her girlfriend again, even though it had only been three days. Their trip into the Spirit World had made them official, and telling everyone the exact dynamics was complicated (they couldn't talk the sense into Ikki that two women couldn't have children in the traditional way), most people had been more or less okay with it if they hadn't already figured it out like Pema, Senna, and Beifong.

Poor Mako though, he hadn't figured it out by himself and was in for the shock of his life when he found out that his two ex-girlfriends were now dating each other. That had probably been very bad for his self-esteem, even though when he had to accompany Wu to the Fire Nation, rumor had it that he became very friendly with Izumi's youngest daughter.

But all of that was in the past, and right now, Asami had to focus on the present, and item one on her to do-list was to make herself presentable again. She turned into the driveway of the Sato Estate again, leaving her car right in front of the door. She'd probably be heading out again anyway, trying to distract himself from how empty the enormous house seemed without Korra there.

What was strange was the whistling that came from the bathroom. Someone was in her house!

Knowing it was never far away, Asami quickly ducked into her bedroom and slipped on her improved Equalist glove. Even though the Equalists had been abolished, it was selling like hot buns for non-bending police forces across the world. It was also still Asami's weapon of choice, being stylish, effective, but not entirely deadly.

She quickly pushed the door of the bathroom open, only to be surprised. "Korra?!"

Korra was there, filling up the bathtub. "Hey, babe! What's with the glove?"

Asami quickly shook it off. "Well, I... I kind of thought you were a burglar or something."

"Right, and then I'd go for the bathroom to steal things." She chuckled. "You worry too much. Your secretary called me, she said you were on your way back home to get cleaned up, so I decided to do this for you."

Asami was still having some trouble processing that her girlfriend had flown halfway across the world to prepare her a bath. "I thought you weren't coming back for another couple of days?"

Korra shrugged. "Meh, Eska and Desna wanted me gone, said that once I'd calmed down the worst of the ruckus, their own spiritual advisors could handle it, whatever that means. It does mean that I have a few days off though, and I can spend them with you," she said, moving in closer and trying to kiss her.

"Korra, don't, I'm all greasy," Asami said, which was true.

At this, Korra chuckled. "I know." She pressed their foreheads together and pulled her girlfriend in for a long and tender kiss. "Looks like I'll just have to join you."

This made Asami gulp. While they had moved slightly beyond kissing, that would be a new level. She hadn't seen Korra naked yet, or vice versa. "Are you... sure?"

"Only if you want me to."

Asami took a deep breath. "Alright."

Korra smiled. "Great. You get in, I just have to go get a towel. Back in a sec!" She pressed a quick kiss on Asami's lips and was out the door again.

To say that Asami was a little bit nervous was an understatement. It was for the best that Korra had made the bath with generous helpings of suds and that the bubbles were nearly pouring over the edge, so there would be at least a little bit of privacy, but that wouldn't be true for Korra. And... well, they'd be in bath together. The last time Asami had shared a bath with anyone was when she was a toddler and her mother had to bathe her.

That all being said, there was some merit to the idea. They had both been apprehensive about moving their relationship to the next level, and this seemed like a good intermediate. Intimate without being sexual.

Asami decided to go for it. She quickly dumped her dirty clothes in a laundry basket and slipped into the bath.

Truth be told, Korra had done an all-around fantastic job preparing this bath. The temperature was perfect, the scented oils were delicious, and the salts worked wonders on her skin. When she was just in and comfortable, a knock came from the door. "Asami? Are you in the bath?" came Korra's voice from the other side.

"Yes, you can come in!"

Korra did. She had a towel over her arm, which she quickly placed on the counter. Other than that, she was down to a simple dark blue robe. "Are you sure about this?" she asked, a sincere concern in her voice.

"Korra, I want to be with you, and that includes bath time," Asami smiled.

She smiled back and promptly undid her robe. Even though Asami knew that Korra was in excellent shape, she did have trouble not to blatantly stare at just how good her girlfriend looked in the nude. Everything, ranging from her abs, to her full breasts, to her defined legs, it all just blended together in a perfect mix of athleticism and femininity.

It took Korra making a sarcastic remark to snap her out of it. "Are you just going to stare all day or are you going to scoot over and make room for me?"

Asami shook herself out of the daze that was her girlfriend's looks. "Sure. Where do you want to be?"

"Right behind you," Korra smirked.

Asami scooted forward a little bit, and just as quickly, Korra slid on behind her, wrapped her arms around Asami's midsection, and pulled her into her own body. They relaxed for a bit, before Asami decided to lean back, giving Korra a very awkward kiss because of the angle. Not that either of them cared though. "This is nice," she said. It was true. Taking a bath was not something Asami was ever opposed to, but taking one wrapped securely in the strong arms of her girlfriend made everything many, many times better.

"Hmm, it sure is..." Korra softly moaned back after they broke apart again. "I wouldn't mind taking baths like this more often."

Spent about an hour writing this because I suddenly felt like it. Blame me for fluffyness.

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