Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Vanir in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar Vanir
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The Legend of Korra


This is the story of Berg, the next Avatar post Korra. The story will be told in chapters, but the chapters will be divided into parts, each part from the perspective of different character. Most will be from the main characters in Team Avatar, but there will also be parts from the antagonists and minor secondary characters. Enjoy.


While Korra was able to overcome the poison and defeat Zaheer, the poison still did damage to her which in turned significantly shortened her life, and she has passed at the young age of 62. So the Avatar Cycle continues and the spirit of Raava is reborn to a young merchant couple in the Si Wong Desert, they name their son Berg. After a great tragedy of loosing both his parents at a fairly young age and his sudden realization of his identity as the next Avatar, Berg's world is turned around and his true training begins. Berg is taken in by a White Lotus Master Sahana, who starts his earthbending and spiritual training.

The world has changed very much since the defeat of Kuvira at Republic City, many of the regions around the world took the United Republic's example of rebuilding, to create busy metropolis of their own like Tu Zin in the southeast and Sol City in the west where the Sun warriors have been reformed and modernized.


Main Characters

  • Berg – 16 year-old Avatar who has always had a deep spiritual connection and extremely talented at his natural bending art but struggles at times with the rest. Berg must overcome the many tragedies in his life to become a truly realized Avatar.
  • Urzo – a former member and shaman of the Bhanti Tribes of the Fire Nation. His life changed when he was granted firebending and now has a cult following who support him as their Lord.
  • Sahana- A Grand Lotus of the Order of the White Lotus and master Earth bender. Took in Berg to care for and train him after his parents death. She is very loving towards Vanir and she is closer to him then ever.
  • Kimiko- 16 year old Prodigy fire bender and daughter of Enzo. She has been forced to dedicate her entire life to education and mastery of fire bending. Meeting and befriending the Avatar has been the most exciting thing to happen on her entire life.
  • Kaito Onot- 17-year-old rookie racer in the grand prix and quite the smooth talker. He has a slight crush on Kimiko.

Secondary Characters

  • Enzo- Member of the reformed Sun Warriors and lifelong friend of Sahana. He was chosen to train the Avatar in fire bending but is a very strict and serious teacher.
  • Rohan- Son of Tenzin and master airbender. Also head monk of the Southern Air Monastery. Rohan embraces the peaceful ways of the old Air Nomads more than any other modern airbender.
  • Norbu- Youngest son of Ikki and great grandson of Avatar Aang. Very talented airbender as are most with his bloodline.
  • Jade - Metalbending traveling messenger/courier. Encounters Berg at various points throughout the story.
  • Yeo-An air bender seen spying on Berg multiple times throughout the first few chapters. Yeo wields a pair of ancient katanas and is very proficient in there use.

Books and chapters

Book 1

  1. Legacy
  2. Visions
  3. The Ritual
  4. The Rundown


-The Avatar has multiple names in my outline, as I couldn't decide which T liked best. So if the names Kunar, Vanir, Bomar, Juizu, or Kyon ever appear in the story it is a mistake, but should be considered the Avatar whose final name came to be Berg. feel free to comment on which name you think is best of the listed above.

Writer's Notes

Hello All, this is my very first fanon, and I am very excited to begin. I have been a fan of the show since it very first aired back in the day. I have a few stories I have started this one being the furthest along as I am halfway through Book 2. The remaining two are about a young Bumi when he first joins the United Forces and is almost through the first book and the other is about the second Avatar and is very bare bones thus far. I want to incorporate the Legend of Korra characters which is why I decided to have Korra die young. I welcome all input and ideas positive or negative and also would love if someone could sketch up some character concepts and settings for me to better help readers visualize the story and I have zero artistic ability thank you.

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