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Avatar Brek
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It's been sixteen years since Avatar Korra of the Water Tribe has died. On the same day she passed, Brek was born in the Earth Kingdom city of Kekuatan. Now 16 years old, Brek is about to discover that he is the Avatar, the chosen one who can bend all four elements and is responsible for keeping balance in the world. Unfortunately, Brek is about to inherit a world of problems. His predecessor, Korra, successfully ceased anti-bender revolts, but now a group of bender supremacists, called the Isha, plan to destroy all non-benders leaving only the "genetically superior" to remain. Brek travels to Ba Sing Se to finish learning Earthbending, passing through many towns and villages on the way. He and his friends then travel to the Fire Nation to learn Firebending. Brek must find an Airbending teacher and then finally master Waterbending. Meanwhile, the Earth Kingdom is split in two: those who want democracy and those who want to keep the monarchy in tact. Avatar Brek must also deal with a coup in the Fire Nation and face chaotic behavior in the Water Tribes. In order to protect the world from certain destruction, Brek must learn and master all four elements. He travels to Ba Sing Se, Omashu, the Northern Water Tribe, the Southern one, Gaoling, Lalu, and many other places across the world. Read as the story of Brek unfolds!


Team Avatar

  • Avatar Brek The destined savior of the world
  • Kaeta-Brek's best friend, originally from the Southern Water Tribe
  • Berani -Brek's love interest from their hometown of Kekuatan
  • Zola-Mischievous princess of the Fire Nation
  • Tao-Non-Bending Citizen of Republic City

Major Allies

  • Batu-Brek's brother
  • Kupo-Brek's father
  • Fong Lee-Berani's father
  • Kroopook-Kaeta's uncle
  • Kani-Kaeta's aunt
  • Leia-Leader of Isha Resistance
  • Brone-Earthbending Master
  • Huang-Firebending Master
  • Ayala-Airbending Master
  • Keric-Waterbending Master
  • Avatar Korra-Brek's predecessor as Avatar


  • Onjing-Mastermind Airbending Leader of the Isha
  • Zhouray-Volatile Lighteningbending Leader of Isha Firebenders
  • Kimma-Deranged Bloodbending Leader of the Isha Waterbenders
  • Phronk-Blunt Metalbending Leader of the Isha Earthbenders
  • Sangti-Sneaky Sandbending Member of the Isha
  • Earth King Flek-Oppressing ruler of the Earth Kingdom


  • Pumi-large armadillo lion and Brek's animal guide




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Avatar State Brek Raava

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Throughout the story are references to the languages, cultures, and people of the real modern world.

  • Three Revolutionist leaders seen in Reunion are based on three Republican candidates for the Presidency of the United States of America.
  • The ransacking of non-benders in Condemned To Death is my Avatar interpretation of Kristallnacht.
  • Team Avatar was originally planned to obtain a pet cat-owl, but the idea was scratched.


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