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Avatar: Wanted
Assassins are a curious breed
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


Avatar: Wanted is a story that takes place three years after Avatar Aang defeated Phoenix King Ozai.


Three years have passed since the Hundred Year War with the Fire Nation ended. Aang has used energybending on the people at the Northern Air Temple to turn them into airbenders restarting the Air Nomads, and has also married Katara. Sokka married Suki, and became the chief of the Southern Water Tribe when Hakoda retired. Zuko has settled down with Mai and led the Fire Nation into an age of peace. Toph is enjoying life as the most powerful earthbender on the planet. Everyone is happy... well maybe not everyone. One of the Fire Nation generals during the war doesn't like the way things have turned out. So he decides to get rid of the people who heavily influenced the war, through assassins.

Book 1: Black Fire

This book introduces the first assassin sent after Team Avatar, Nero. The team is separated at first, making it easy for Nero to attack his first targets. While Nero may be alone in his mission against arguably the most powerful benders in the world, he has mastered a type of Firebending that has never even been thought possible. Will this unique technique allow him to fulfill his dark mission or will Team Avatar triumph once more?

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Book 2: Red Water

Red Water picks up where Black Fire left off. Nero has fallen, and the second assassin, Lian, has been given his mission to kill Team Avatar. Will she be able to complete Nero's mission or will she also fail?

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Book 3: White Earth

10 years after the War of the Lotuses began and the fighting is still going strong. The Black Lotus has begun to use Hit and Run tactics to compensate for their lack of numbers. Yet despite their new focus they know they are fighting a losing war, they need an edge. Des believes he may have found one, but with Ursa, or Lady Sa acting as a double agent, will Des be able to retrieve it? Meanwhile, Team Avatar and the United Armies, have a nasty surprise in store for the Black Lotus, the last of a near extinct species that is returning to the forefront.

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Book 4: Heavy Air

The Black Lotus have caught a lucky break. Toph has been kidnapped, the mysterious stone Ursa had given to the Masked Ones has been reclaimed by Des, and Nero's daughter Nikki has been recruited. Conversely their main contact, General Gin, has been killed, they learn that one of their leaders has been a traitor since the beginning, and Lu Ming must stare down an enemy who has remained undefeated since his first battle, Time.

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  • Each of the titles of the four books has been a reference to the bending style of its main assassin.
  • Although this series shares a similar name (and theme) with the movie Wanted, this was not intentional.

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