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Avatar: The War of the Worlds
It's the Avatar's duty to bring balance back to the world, even if she has to do it on another one.
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9th January to 23rd December 2013






The Legend of Korra (slightly different storyline after Book I)


A Tale of Rebels

Avatar: The War of the Worlds is Sep0815's first fanon story, revolving around, as the name says, a War of the Worlds the World of Avatar gets involved in.


It's the year 2163 AD. Humanity has taken control over a fourth of the galaxy and won every of the wars against the three Elder Hyperspace Civilizations, the insectoid C'án Thur, the aquatic Córstán and the humanoid Fyell' Shan, and colonized most of the habitable planets, such as Kepler 22b and Gliese 581d. Grand Admiral Michael Přemysl, 24 years old and already a war hero and the Grand Admiral of Europe, commander of the European Space Fleet, discovers a till then unknown planet, naming it "Avatara".

It's the year 324 AG. Avatar Korra has passed after a long life of 112 years. The Avatar was reborn into Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who did not take being the Avatar seriously and was killed after only 18 years of life. Following the circle of air, water, earth and fire, the Avatar reincarnates into Asura of the Fire Nation, who has mastered all the elements within 8 years. But Asura is confronted with a completely new problem in this very 24th year of her life: humans from "another earth" discover her planet, led by a Grand Admiral named Michael Přemysl.

After a second civil war, a general named Lloyd Frederick Johnston rises to power in the USA and slowly turns it form a haven for freedom-seeking people into a hell for those. As the European Grand Admiral discovers a new world, he wants to wage war against it - under the symbol of the swastika. This, however, is something the leaders of Eurasia will not let go unpunished. The War of the Worlds begins.



  • Grand Admiral Michael Přemysl: The 24 years-old Grand Admiral of Europe, the last one of the once royal house of Přemysl that has been hiding for more than 800 years, is more than just any officer. He is a tactical genius, and has doctor title in astrophysics. Even if he often appears hard like steel and cold as ice, he has an emotional side too which he doesn't show often. He always wears the uniform of a British Second World War paratrooper, also using such weapons. As the Grand Admiral of Europe, his flagship is the honoured battleship HMS Nemesis.
  • Avatar Asura: The 24 years-old successor of Sari, who was the successor of Korra. She had completely mastered air, water and earth within eight years. Unlike previous Avatars, she takes being the Avatar more than just serious. She normally is a humorous person, but - if necessary - can also be a threatening one. She has a vast knowledge of tactics basing on the four bending styles.
  • Captain Zolu: The 26 years-old bendingless brother of Asura, captain of the Nemesis, a battleship of the United Forces' Navy. Being a soldier, he is a rather serious person, but also having his own style of humor. As a compensation to his lack of bending, he is one of the best sword fighters in history, also being the owner of one of the best swords in history: Sokka's "Space Sword".
  • Malu: The 23 years-old airbending master, being the youngest female one of all time, having mastered it at the age of 13. She was the "co-teacher" of Asura in that area and is one of her closest friends. Normally, she is a funny and kind person, but when in battle, she is - despite being an Air Nomad - deadly.
  • Captain Luo Beifong: The 27 years-old captain of the Metalbending Police Force, a late descendant of Toph Beifong and an earthbender as great as she was. He was chosen to be the final teacher of Asura, teaching her the original earthbending. He is a very skilled fighter, a good tactician and on the best way to be the Police Chief. He is - unlike his famous ancestress - not of the humorous kind and - like his ancestress - very stubborn.
  • Kiruya: The 24 years-old late descendant of Katara, a great healer, working in the Republic City Hospital. As her far relative and friend Malu, she was one of Asura's teachers and stayed a close friend after it. She is a caring, kind person and one of the greatest waterbenders in history and - even if, like Katara, not proud of it - a bloodbender.
Admirals Anna Visconti & Olaf Janssen

Admirals Anna Visconti and Olaf Janssen

  • Admiral Olaf Janssen: The 25 years-old commander of the Northern Division of the European Space Fleet, hailing from the country of Sweden. He is a close friend to Michael Přemysl and - in battle - a serious, calculating person, while the most of the other time, he is a rather non-caring, humorous person.
  • Admiral Anna Visconti: The 24 years-old commander of the Southern Division of the European Space Fleet, hailing from Southern Tyrol. She was Michael Přemysl's (first) girlfriend and still is a close friend to him. Having lost her father - Grand Admiral Niccolo Visconti - in battle, she is a very serious person, but also sometimes "accidentally" humorous.
Crown Princesses Arzowa & Shen-Lin

Crown Princesses Arzowa and Shen-Lin

  • Crown Princess Arzowa: The 22 years-old heir to Fire Nation throne, niece to Fire Lord Olizon and like him a firebending prodigy. She is the spitting image of her ancestress Azula, but unlike her, she steps in for the weak in the moment of need. She is a great leader, in war as in peace, being able to convince huge masses of people. She follows her own goals to the end and lets nothing or no one disrupt it. According to minister Zhang Asano she is "almost unstoppable".
  • Princess Shen-Lin: 22 years of age and trained by Kyoshi Warriors, the younger of the two children of Earth King Ruyi is, although a nonbender, a worthy opponent. She is a master in the art of stealth and of the way of the sword, and also often gets involved in her brother's business. As childhood friend of Arzowa, she picked up several of the firebender's ways.


Führer Lloyd F. Johnston & Propaganda Minister Leonard T. Stuart

President/Führer Lloyd F. Johnston and his second-in-command, Propaganda-minister Leonard T. Stuart

  • President Lloyd F. Johnston: The 50 years-old President of the USA, a former General who couped himself into power in the Second US Civil War and from its end on slowly turned the USA into a national-socialist dictatorship, re-founding the SS and the Gestapo to serve him. He is an interventionist, ruthless and power-hungry ruler who does his job by using fear on his enemy, willingly to kill millions in order of getting to his goal: ruling a Galaxy, free of "non-Aryans".
  • Propaganda-minister Leonard T. Stuart: The 48 years-old Propaganda-minister of the State that once was the USA. He and Johnston hold most of the power in the Aryan League. He himself is the responsible for the (re)establishment of the national-socialist party in the USA and the (mass)execution of "inferior races", such as Jews, Roma and Sinti, people of Slavonic origin etc. During the early stage of the War of the Worlds, he becomes the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, mainly dealing with the Admirals Anna Visconti and Olaf Janssen in the Kepler 22 colonial sector, while leaving the other theatres to Marshals.
  • Fire Lord Olizon: The 39 years-old Fire Lord, descending of the ruthless Fire Nation Princess Azula and the notorious crime lord of Republic City, Yakone. He is as ruthless as both and accepts nothing less than total victory. He is one of the three greatest firebenders of his time, the others being his niece Arzowa and the Avatar, Asura. He seeks to rule an "Avatara" inhabited by Fire Nation people loyal to him only. He does not know such things as humour and joy, only cruelty and pain.
  • Minister of State-security Zhang Asano: The 42 years-old Minister of State-security of the Fire Nation, coldblooded and ruthless. He is the second of the most powerful men on Avatara. He is relatively independent from the Fire Lord, even if he is a nonbender. After military victories, he leads the destruction of several "non-Aryan" buildings and cities all over Avatara, such as Air Temple Island and the establishment of concentration camps in the URN and the Earth Kingdom.
  • Crown Prince Rong: With the age of 30 the elder of the two children of Earth King Ruyi, he is, as his father, a master earth- and metalbender and, secretly, leader of the Dai Li. He collaborates with Fire Lord Olizon and is the de facto ruler of the impenetrable city. Being trained by fellow agents, he is cold, sadistic and knows no mercy.


The Confederation of Human Planets

The so-called CHP was the successor of the United Nations, formed to unite mankind, even after its first colonies in the vast Galaxy were founded. Its military was the so-called Space Navy, which was separated into Fleets, for example the European Space Fleet, which are led by Grand Admirals, who held the majority of the CHP's military power.
During the War of the Worlds, the CHP broke apart into two fractions:

The Allies

One of the two conflict participants of the War of the Worlds, which consisted of Eurasia, the Kepler 22, Gliese 370 and Gliese 581 colonies and the Four Nations, except the Fire Nation. Their goal was to keep the Aryan League at bay, to prevent the Aryan League's almost Galaxy-wide genocide of, for example, Jews and air-, water- and earthbenders.

The Aryan League

One of the two conflict participants, that consisted of America (North and South), Africa, Oceania, the Solar, 55 Cancri and CoRoT-7 colonial sectors and of the Fire Nation. Their goal was to cleanse the Galaxy of any unworthy life, such as Jews, communists and air-, water- and earthbenders.
The Fourth Reich (Johnston's USA) had two special services:

  • The New SS: Despite their name (Schutzstaffel, which means as much as protection unit), they are, like their over 200 years old predecessors, a killing instrument of a totalitarian dictatorship, arresting or executing thousands of innocents because of their ethnicity or religion. They are loyal to President Johnston and his Propaganda-minister, Leonard T. Stuart, only.
  • The New Gestapo: After being re-founded by Johnston, they terrorised the country that once was the USA, spying on the population to eliminate possible resistance early on, as well as they are de facto in charge of the genocide, the second Holocaust, by localising any Red Indian, Chinese, Hispanic, Jew, communist, Roma and Sinti, as well as people of Slavic origin.


The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds is the war which was ignited by the so-called Washington War Room Incident, in which the military leaders of Eurasia, the Gliese 370 and 581 and Kepler 22 sectors to step in for the planet of Avatara, which led to the military occupation of Eurasia and the Gliese 370 and 581 sectors, which kept millions of the Fourth Reich's soldiers out of the main theatre on Avatara, where the forces of the Earth Kingdom, the Water Tribes and the URN, as well as the Air Nomads in the Southern Air Temple, fought a desperate fight against the Fire Nation and the Fourth Reich, often urging their forces to act as guerrilla units.
Its main theatres of war were:

  • The Avataran Theatre
  • The Hyperspace (Kepler 22, Gliese 370 and 581 colonial sector's) Theatre
  • The Old World (Afro-Eurasian) Theatre
  • The American Theatre

The Second US Civil War

The Second US Civil War was ignited by an economical crisis, in which the inflation became unbearable for any single citizen. Armed groups ("rebels") formed that all had their own goals. After two years, warlords raised to power in different areas, Johnston being one of them. After three more years and a failed European intervention, Johnston reunified the USA and became elected President, who now began to reforge the USA into a dictatorship.

The C'án Thur, Córstán and Fyell' Shan wars

These were three large-scale hyperspace wars, fought between the CHP and the C'án Thur, Córstán and Fyell' Shan Empires, which are the Three Elder Hyperspace Civilizations, whose history in the vast Galaxy dates back up to 1000 years. These wars were nearly lost for the CHP, but in the last moment a Space Fleet of the Earth stood in to hold their obsolete Space Navies up. The C'án Thur War was determined by the Space Fleet of Eastern Asia, the Córstán War was determined by the Western Asian Space Fleet and the Fyell' Shan War was determined by the European Space Fleet, initially led by Niccolo Visconti, who was killed in action, and eventually led by Michael Přemysl, who officially became Grand Admiral afterwards.


Prologue: Beginnings

Book I: Collision

Chapter 1: From the New World

Chapter 2: The War begins

Chapter 3: Das Vierte Reich

Chapter 4: A Rain of Bombs

Chapter 5: A second Stalingrad

Chapter 6: The Encirclement

Chapter 7: It's a Long Way...

Chapter 8: A Fellowship of Six

Chapter 9: The Siege of Kepler 22b

Chapter 10: Rebellion

Chapter 11: Behind the Walls

Chapter 12: An Ambush

Chapter 13: The Four Nations' Legion

Chapter 14: New Year's Battle, Part One: To the Tunes of The Blue Danube

Chapter 15: New Year's Battle, Part Two: Not one single Step backwards?

Book II: Escalation

Chapter 1: Beneath the Surface

Chapter 2: The Arrival

Chapter 3: An Ancient Enemy

Chapter 4: Conquering from Within

Chapter 5: The Mutiny

Chapter 6: The Fools' Hope

Chapter 7: The Art of Stealth

Chapter 8: The Hunt

Chapter 9: The Race to Ba Sing Se

Chapter 10: About Spirituality...

Chapter 11: The Downfall

Chapter 12: Torn Apart

Chapter 13: Goodbyes, Part One

Chapter 14: Goodbyes, Part Two

Chapter 15: Blockaderunners

Chapter 16: Past's Shadows

Book III: Turned Tides

Chapter 1: Liberation, Part One

Chapter 2: Liberation, Part Two

Chapter 3: Invasion Plans

Chapter 4: The Ruins of Republic City

Chapter 5: Through the Earth Kingdom again

Chapter 6: Beyond the Walls of Ba Sing Se

Chapter 7: Operation Phoenix, Pt. 1: The Landing

Chapter 8: Operation Phoenix, Pt. 2: The Revelation

Chapter 9: A Race to Earth, Pt. 1

Chapter 10: A Race to Earth, Pt. 2

Chapter 11: In the Beast's Lair

Chapter 12: The Last Man standing

Chapter 13: Fools

Chapter 14: Divided Again

Chapter 15: Choices

Chapter 16: The Ride of the Valkyrie

Epilogue: Times of Peace


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Author's Notes and Trivia

  • Each chapter will have a section like this.
  • Most of the names have a real meaning or are (ancient) geographical names, sometimes modified, as Arzowa, which was taken from Arzawa, the Hittite name for a part of western Turkey.
  • Some of the characters will partially be a reference to personalities of history, such as to Winston Churchill.
  • The name of this story is a reference to H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, even though it isn't a crossover.
  • There are a few things necessary to form a dictatorship that (sometimes) appear in civil war: 1. Uneducated people: there can't be such a system if there are "thinkers" 2. Economical problems: Would have Hitler or Mussolini risen that high without an economical crisis? 3. A hated (ethnical/religious) group of people: "Needed" for an enemy (of the system, "race"). 4. Fear: If people don't have fears, would they blame an "enemy"? (I meant no offense in turning the USA into dictatorship in this story, but in a civil war like the one here all the requirements written above are given.)
  • In reality, the Přemyslid's main bloodline ended with Wenceslaus/Václav III. in 1306, when he was murdered in Olomouc, Moravia, nowadays Czech Republic. Here, the dynasty managed to survive in darkness for centuries until they popped up again out of nowhere.

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