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The story takes place 140 years after the fanon Avatar: The Adventure of Thoyrn. It is 16 years after the death of Avatar Thoyrn and it has been 3 years since the new Avatar has been discovered: a sixteen-year-old girl named Miki. The story is set to be in the 22nd century, meaning many technological advances such as flying Satomobiles or teleportation devices and holographic computers and entertainment and even robots.


Team Avatar

Avatar Miki: is the current Avatar, a sixteen-year-old girl living in the capital city of the Fire Nation where she has lived in peace all her life, until she made an unfortunate discovery that she is the Avatar when she falls into the lake in front of her house and is sent into the Avatar State to protect her from drowning after her birthday party. Miki is a calm but rebellious teenage girl who only wants to be normal and fit in. She has tried all she could, but she cannot escape her identity and duty to the world.

Rilou: is a rebellious earthbender and pro-bending star who meets Miki when she is forcibly relocated to Republic City to master airbending on Air Temple Island and meets her on her first day at her new school in spirit realm City where Rilou sees Miki fall down a staircase and helps her up and decides to tour her around the school and shows her the Pro-bending Arena and shows her some moves and tries to teach her some moves. It takes Riolu a while to help Miki get it but feels it is completely worth it. Rilou is impulsive and quick thinking and tries to help anybody who needs it. He is a skilled earthbender and later joins Team Avatar.

Kalla: is a hot headed waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. She was expelled from her last school after flooding it with a whirlpool directed at her combat teacher. Kalla has a major temper problem which is the reason her family has to move so much. When she joins Team Avatar, Miki tells her that when she is out of control and is hurting everybody in her path. Other than her anger being her major personality, Kalla is a skilled waterbender and a former member of an elite group of waterbenders who were trained to exterminate the quadruple threat triad in order to protect the people but later was removed from the group for being too violent and angry. Kalla wants to teach Miki advanced combat.

Haku: an airbender and descendant of Avatar Aang. Haku is an airbending prodigy and very conceited. Haku is different from many airbenders and is the only one who does not shave his head or wear the traditional tattoos. Rather than sporting arrows on his forehead and limbs he has the airbending symbol on his chest and arrows on his arms that do not descend to his hands but are rather noticeable from his other tattoos and body art. Haku is very self-absorbed and brash but still does whatever he believes is right and willing to help others for his own benefit. He being an airbending prodigy is responsible for Miki's airbending training. He later joins Team Avatar. He wishes to be a part of the modern culture instead of the traditional culture.

Kyoko: is a non-bender from Republic City. She may not possess bending abilities but is an amazing fighter and the greatest sword fighter in the world also gifted with escapade abilities as a reward from Grand Escapade Nimolu (over all ruler of Escapade Central State) for rescuing the lower rulers form states Upper Flame, Lower River, Western Boulder and Eastern Glacier from human bombs and had apparently saved political stability. Kyoko is attentive and kind and always what she thinks is right making a great addition to Team Avatar

Shin: is a crossbreed and plantbender from spirit realm city. Shin is usually able to hide the fact that he is a crossbreed from the oppressors due to the fact that only four body parts can reveal he is a crossbreed: his hair color which is a midnight blue and his eye color a bright red, he also has wings and pointed ears. He is very skilled in his crossbreed powers as well as plantbending but only uses his crossbreed powers when necessary to escape oppressors who see crossbreeds as monsters who need to go down. Shin is strong and a good friend who is willing to another friend in need whenever necessary.

Nimu: is Avatar Miki's spirit animal. A jungle fire-panther, he is loyal and strong and always does what he can to help his owner.

Unci: is Shin's pet. An antelope-squirrel, she is very fun and hyperactive and really curious and is a great help for her owner.


The Ty Lee Warriors: are a special branch of the Kyoshi Warriors named after Ty Lee. They are agile and strong and accept both benders and non-benders unlike the traditional Kyoshi Warriors. They are loyal and brave and want to protect Avatar Miki as to persuade her to joining the team. They are also the only branch of the Kyoshi Warriors that accepts men and women.

Ming Lee: A descendant of Ty Lee herself, she is the leader of the Ty Lee Warriors; she is also a powerful earthbender and a skilled archer and sword fighter. Ming Lee is loyal and brave but kind and caring; she is loyal to all of the branches of the Kyoshi Warriors and does her part to keep the world safe.

Fire Lord Ty Shun: is the current Fire Lord and a dear friend of Miki's father. He gives Miki and Team Avatar a full army to help the situation in Book Three: Conflict. He is a good leader and his people are willing to follow him.

Princess Layla: is princess of the Fire Nation and one of Miki's best childhood friends. They had also been playmates as babies. Layla was also the first person to witness Miki go into the Avatar State.


Xiao Ren: is the main antagonist of Book One: Lessons. Xiao Ren means villain in traditional Chinese because that is what he is. Xiao never believed that humans and spirits were meant to live together. He is a supremacy believer who thinks that waterbenders are the superior race and has a plan called the Purification Plan, in which he rids the world of crossbreeds, spirits, non-benders, firebenders, airbenders and earthbenders. Akuyaku is a complete nationalist who thinks he is the most superior being. He has the rare ability to bloodbend.

Jizen Kagaku-sha: is the primary antagonist of Book Five: Capture. Jizen Kagaku-sha means "benevolent scientist" in Japanese because that is what everybody thinks she is.


Book One: Lessons

Book One: Lessons is the first book of The Story of Miki it deals with a group of people called the "purified" who want to rid the world of crossbreeds permanently and will stop at nothing to destroy them and are vicious and cruel and are all possibly just deranged maniacs who believe they are superior beings and they are all gifted benders after they rid the world of crossbreeds they plan to do the same with non-benders. They do all they can to accomplish this from attacking innocent civilians to destroying entire neighborhoods and Miki learns lessons she will never forget.

Book Two: Planets

Book Two: Planets deals with the United Republic deciding to set up colonies on other planets after nearly 200 years since the first astronauts landed on the moon. Miki of course wants to explore the space colonies and is merely discouraged from just the thought. The Order of the White Lotus had told Miki that her duty was to Earth not other planets. But Miki of course goes anyway and finds a major problem another race of beings with abilities just as powerful as any bending master if not greater inhabit this world and are angry with the "earth scum" for landing their "filthy obsolete earth craft" in their home world and are ready to wage war and only the Avatar can stop both the humans and escapades (the name of the inhabitants of planet escapade) from annihilating each other.

Book Three: Conflict

Book Three: Conflict deals with the civilian uprisings in the sand lands. The people of the sand lands are fed up with the so-called prime minister who is a true dictator to the people who are tired of being scared and want to strike back. But those who are pampered by the government are ready to fight the rebels and get even larger rewards.

Book Four: Travel

Book Four: Travel deals with Miki finally being a fully realized Avatar (well, almost a fully realized Avatar as she has yet to master the Avatar State) and begins to travel the worlds (the material world and the Spirit World). Miki has to deal with an all new threat, the criminal force known as the Quadruple Threat Triad, which has now spread all over the United Republic and all over the world, and their leader, Republic City's esteemed Chief of Police, Chong Agdang, whose motives are unknown aside from the terror he is creating.

Book Five: Capture

Book Five: Capture is just when Miki thinks balance is now restored to the world but she is completely mistaken as people with extremely rare and obscure bending abilities have been disappearing all over the world. At first Miki thinks they may have just went to the Spirit World until people in Spirit Realm City have begun to disappear. Miki soon learns that a scientist and her assistants from the Metal Clan have been capturing them to experiment upon. Avatar Miki has to confront their leader in order to set them free but soon finds herself among those the scientists have captured.

Book Six: Honor

Book Six: Honor is the final book of the story of Miki taking place four years after the events of Book Five. Miki has spent four years on a journey of self-discovery to recovery from the trauma and fear that still haunts her. Believing she is unworthy of being the Avatar she assumes a new identity and a new life traveling all over the world. After losing all of her money and ending up broke on the streets Miki is hired by a woman who employs her as a bodyguard (and a woman of pleasure) for her establishment which is actually an underground drug empire. After serving there for months Miki has become this woman's assassin but has finally had enough and has decided that she is going to leave and go back to her home and her friends and saves one of the prostitutes to embark on a journey to Miki's home. Miki's former boss isn't just going to let her best assassin leave so easily she will build up her forces and hunt her down stopping at nothing to get her prize killer back.

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