Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Sole Woodbender in the last hundred years.

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"The Story of Love, Drama,
and Realizing Oneself"

A lost element, a new nation, an extended cycle

Avatar: The Sole Woodbender
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Prologue:Birth of a Woodbender

Opening Sequence

Voice of Akhang

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

The monks would tell me how since the time of the first Avatar, there have been four bending elements, and a nation to go along with each one; The Fire Nation, the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Air Nomads.

But everything changed fifteen years ago, when the Earth Kingdom split and a new element rose. On that fateful night, the sky lit up a great, white color, the color of my eyes at my most powerful. Nobody knew what it was.

I do. I know. A fifth element has come into this world, granted by the spirits. The element's entry has defied the Avatar sequence. Defied the world. But the new element is our only hope, our only way to survive. We must protect him, we must.

I believe Mozukai can save the world.

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.



Earth Kingdom emblem In the Earth Kingdom. . . Earth Kingdom emblem

Taking place in an unknown time period in the BSC age, it follows the story of a fifteen year old boy, Mozukai. Mozukai was an orphan since a baby, and he has no idea of his family history. When he was just a newborn, a man found him in a tree in the middle of a forest. How he got there was unknown. But the man took him back to his village, a town built in the trees. For his whole life he has lived there.

But something keeps him apart from the others. He bears a symbol, a red symbol on his forehead the resembles a trident that reminds him of his strangeness. Not only that, but Mozukai keeps a secret from most of his village. Mouzkai is special. Mozukai is a woodbender.

And then the day comes in which his village is attacked by bandits looking for him, looking for him to kill. But he fights back, revealing his power, and escapes with his life. As he flees, he meets a group of four people; an airbending boy, a earthbending boy, an Earth Kingdom girl, and a waterbending girl.It is the Avatar and his companions. Mozukai joins them as they travel throughout the world, looking for people to train the Avatar in the different elements.

The leader of Tae Ming, a large Earth Kingdom city, however, is planning a war against the Earth King. Chao Dao wants the kingdom for himself, and is slowly taking it town by town, piece by piece.

If Team Avatar and Mozukai don't stop Chao Dao, the world will be thrown out of balance. They must help Ba Sing Se and defeat Chao Dao before something devastating happens.

And as their journey goes on, secrets about each member is unfolded, and something that will change the world and the cycle of the Avatar as it is known. Mozukai and his friends will go through great changes that will either help them, or cause them to fail in their quest.

Fire Nation emblem In the Fire Nation. . . Fire Nation emblem

Condemned to a life of royalty, Sozai wants to be free, he wants to travel the world. But being the son of the Fire Lord's sister, there is no chance of that. For the nineteen years of his life, all he has done is sit in the Royal Caldera City and in his palace, bored of the sameness.

And then his chance arises. A huge fleet of Earth Kingdom pirates attacks the Capital City, wreaking havoc. In the confusion, Sozai finds his chance to escape, along with his best friend, Mozu, and poor daughter of a pauper, Kibozhi. They do and sneak aboard one of the smaller ships, stealing it and sailing away. Finally, Sozai is free. Well, not as free as he thinks.

The trio is captured by slavers and sold into the city of Shinu, an occupied city in the Earth Kingdom. They learn about the war going on and are drawn into a rebellion against Tae Ming and Chao Dao. Sozai and his friends are seen as a hope for the people of Shinu and they realize they must help, or else Shinu will crumble.

Their lives entertwine. They share a secret. Neither are who they seem. Only one person knows the truth. Paths will cross, destinies will collide.

Mozukai and Sozai.


  • Kimanchi (Key MAHN she) - a town built in the trees of a forest in the Earth Kingdom, the home of Mozukai
  • Fire Nation Capital - the home of Sozai, Mozu, and Kibozhi



Earth Kingdom

  • Mozukai (MOE zoo Kye) - the main character, a woodbender
  • Akhang (AH Kahng) - the Avatar from the Northern Air Temple
  • Kori (Hah RAI) - the waterbending girl from the Northern Water Tribe
  • Shom(SHAHM) - the earthbending boy from the Earth Kingdom, brother of Ishi
  • Ishi(ISH ee) - the Earth Kingdom girl, sister of Shom
  • Yangto (YAHNG toe) - Akhang's sky bison
  • Dudom and Gugom (Doo DAHM) (Goo GAHM) - the two pygmy pumas of Team Avatar, owned by Ishi

Fire Nation

  • Sozai (SOH zai) - the son of the Fire Lord's sister, a firebender
  • Mozu (Moh ZOO) - Sozai's best friend, son of a general, a nonbender
  • Kibozhi (Key BOH zhii) - the daughter of a poor man, a firebender


  • Gaidan (Gai DAHN) - Mozukai's guardian and caretaker ever since he found Mozukai in the tree
  • Paimok (Pie MOCK) - the only earthbender in all of Kimanchi village


  • Saion (SIGH on) - a poor musician, husband to Poli, father to Shiun and Kyan
  • Poli (PAUL ee) - mother to Shiun and Kyan, wife of Saion
  • Shiun (She OON) - a banjo played, daughter of Saion and Poli, sister of Kyan
  • Kyan (Kie ON) - a flutist, son of Saion and Poli, brother of Shiun, an earthbender


  • Tokor (TOH core) - the butcher of Kimanchi
  • Rida (REE dah) - the leader of Kimanchi
  • Soshi (Soh SHE) - the maid to Rida
  • Goji (Go JEE) - a girl Mozukai's age, whom Mozukai has a crush on
  • General Tao (TOA) - the leader of the Kimanchi guards
  • Fire Lord Kasai (KAH sigh) - the current Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, Sozai's uncle
  • Uluza (Ooh LOSE uh) - Sozai's mother, sister of the Fire Lord


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