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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Wan's death
Avatar: The Second
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Second is an action-adventure fanon following the life of Avatar Wan's direct successor, the second Avatar. It depicts the struggle of a 17-year-old boy, carrying responsibilities no one ever did, as his quest to obtain balance eventually brings the separation of the world into four distinct nations.


The story starts 17 years after Avatar Wan's death, in a world at war.

The Great Bending War

Balance. So was deceased Avatar Wan's wish when he closed the portals leading to the spirits' realm. And so he thought he obtained. For quite some time, the humans, after leaving the protection of the lion turtles, settled peacefully into the wilds, recently freed from the spirits. Inhabitants of a former same lion turtle met people from other lion turtles, which eventually led to the foundation of villages and cities. Prosperity was everywhere and the usage of bending, all four bending, in everyday life brought a brand new way of living. Peace was obtained. But not for long. Soon, the question of leadership and superiority raised up. Groups were formed, and people with the same bending gathered. The fierce firebenders, the stubborn earthbenders and the elegant waterbenders clashed with each other, while the peaceful airbenders quietly retired into the high grounds of the mountains to avoid conflict. Despite all his efforts, Avatar Wan did not succeed to stop what would later be known as The Great Bending War (GBW), and eventually passed away, leaving the world in a state of chaos. However, his spirit reincarnated into a boy named Skaï, an Air Nomad, whose duty, after 17 years of training, is to bring an end to the war, and balance to the world.


Avatar Skaï: The first reincarnation of Avatar Wan and Raava's spirit. He was raised by the Air Nomad monks till the age of seven. For ten years, he travelled the world, learning to master the four elements and to understand his responsibilities. At the age of 17, he vowed to end the GBW.

Chaanakya: High monk, he is Skaï's mentor and fatherly figure. Being 90 years old, he is the oldest airbender alive, and was a friend of Avatar Wan before his death.

Cielle: A 16-year-old firebender. She is the only survivor of her village destroyed by a landslide caused by earthbenders. Consequently, she abhors them and vowed for vengeance. She is the first to join Skaï in his journey.

Kloud: A 19-year-old waterbender. He only cares for excitement and uses more his muscle than his brain. He wishes he was born an earthbender. He is the second one to join Skaï in his journey.

Molly: Skaï's oldest friend and animal guide. She is one of the very few lion eagle of the world. She is big and powerful enough to fly while carrying up to three people and supplies on her back.


Prologue - Homecoming

Chapter 1 - The Dragon Mask

Chapter 2 - The Cliff

Chapter 3 - Nomads and Warriors

Chapter 4 - The Spectral Forest

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