"The form does not differ from the void.
It's only desperately trying to exist."

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Avatar:The Resistance
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April 20, 2012 - August 14, 2012




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Set many years after The Legend of Korra and the Four Nations are at war. Not against each other but an alien race known as the Chimera. They attacked the Four Nations out of nowhere. Despite the surprise attack the Four Nations stood their ground and were able to withstand the initial attack. At first the Four Nations thought they could easily take on the Chimera, but they soon found out how wrong they were. Soon more Chimera ships came to Earth and they brought the Chimera Virus. The Chimera used the virus to convert people into Chimera and with their advanced weapons, were able conquer the Air Nomads and the Water Tribes.

It's been 5 years since the war started. The Fire Nation is barley standing and most of the Earth Kingdom is under Chimera control. With no cure for the Chimera virus and the Chimera gaining more ground, the people begin to lose hope and the Avatar is nowhere to be seen.


  • Nazo: The current Avatar. He failed to protect many people including his parents from the Chimera invasion. He went in self-exile, feeling that he can't do anything to help the world. He doesn't like talking about his past, because he wants to forget it.
  • Aria: Nazo's younger sister and a fire bender. She cares a lot for her brother and is sad to see him doing nothing to help the world. She tried everyday of get him out to help people, with no success. She believes one day he will help and save the world.
  • Ash: Nazo and Aria's friend and an earthbender. He lost his parents to the Chimera when they attacked their village. He also felt that he failed to protect his people from the Chimera, although unlike Nazo decided to keep fighting. He joined the Republic City Military and trained their for years.
  • Mia: Daughter of the Fire Lord and heir to the throne. She lost her mother during a Chimera attack on the Fire Nation Capital. She likes to have fun and allows runs away from her body guards.
  • Blaze: A dragon that the group uses to travel. The Republic City Military captured her and wanted to train her to fight the Chimera, but didn't because she didn't trust them. Ash was the only person she trusted, because he took care of her during her 'imprisonment'. She later grew to trust Nazo and Aria.
  • The Black Hood: A mysterious man who kidnaps kids to trains them to fight the Chimera. He himself was kidnapped as a child and was trained to fight the Chimera. He uses a group of chi-blockers to get his 'army'.
  • Diablo: Leader of the Chimera. He's a 'Pure Chimera' (The Original strain that doesn't need a virus to create) and the master mind of the invasion. The Earth was once controlled by the Chimera, but a war with another race caused them to leave. He will stop at nothing to have the Earth is back in Chimera control


1. Chapter 1 - Released April 20, 2012

Nazo, the current Avatar has a 'failure flashback' on his life. He was failed to protect the world from the Chimera and the Generals in Republic City are overwhelmed by the Chimera, who had already taken down Omashu. Can Nazo snap out of his depression?

2. Chapter 2 - Released April 28, 2012

Nazo decides to help save the world. He meets up with his friend Ash and go see his sister Aria. They decide to help Nazo, but how are they going to travel?

3. Chapter 3 - Released May 5, 2012

The group arrived at the village to help them fight off the Chimera. When the villagers realized that Nazo is the Avatar, they reject his help because he didn't help the world fight off the Chimera. Can Nazo change their minds?

4. Chapter 4 - Released May 12, 2012

The group visit a town and find out that children are being kidnapped. With help from a detective, they lay trap to find out who is kidnapping these kids. Will this trap work?

5. Chapter 5 - Released May 19, 2012

The group finds the lair of the Black Hood. They watch him give a speech and abuse the children he kidnaps. Who is the Black Hood and why is he doing this?

6. Chapter 6 - Released May 25, 2012

The Group is attacked by a group of Chimera called Grims. Blaze's wings get broken in the attack and have to hide in a house. Can they escape the Grims?

7. Chapter 7 - Released June 1, 2012

The group meets up with a group of resistance fighters lead by Nazo's airbending teacher. The Resistance Fighters plan on destroying a nearby Chimera Tower, which they believe the Chimera are using as a command center. The group decide to help, but can they destroy the heavily guard tower?

8. Chapter 8 - Released June 8, 2012

The group has entered the tower and begin their mission. During their mission, Nazo hears something and is capture by the Chimera. When Nazo wakes up he see a Chimera in front of him and sees no way to escape. Will Nazo escape?

9. Chapter 9 - Released June 15, 2012

During a storm, the group takes shelter at a place that Blaze was born and raised at. As Blaze sleeps, she dreams about her past before she met the group.

10. Chapter 10 -Released June 22, 2012

The group arrives at the Fire Nation Capital and go shopping. While shopping Nazo separates from the group and gets lost. He meets a girl named Mia, who agrees to help him. Will they find Ash and Aria?

11. Chapter 11 - Released June 28, 2012

Mia and Nazo are out on the town, when the Chimera attack. Will Nazo save the Capital or will it fall into Chimera hands? One thing is for sure. If the Chimera take the Fire Nation Capital, all hope will be lost.

12. Chapter 12 - Released July 4, 2012

After escaping the Fire Nation Capital, the group land in the City of Helghan. After sleeping for the night, Nazo and Mia walk around the city, while Ash and Aria go to see a friend of Ash. What they don't know is that someone from their past is back with a vengeance.

13. Chapter 13 - Released July 12, 2012

Mia has been captured by the Black Hood and the group has to find her. During their searched, Nazo comes by a garden and meets a man that can help him master the Avatar State. Nazo agrees to train with the man, while Ash and Aria loom for Mia. Can Nazo master the Avatar State?

14. Chapter 14 - Released July 19, 2012

The group has found the Black Hood's lair and hope to find Mia. Will they find Mia and will Nazo defeat the Black Hood once and for all?

15. Chapter 15 - Released July 26, 2012

The Chimera has began their attack on the city of Helghan. Eric gives the group the cure and tells them to leave. The group leaves and heads towards Ba Sing Se. Can Eric save the city of Helghan?

16. Chapter 16 - Released August 2, 2012

Rumors have been spreading around Ba Sing Se. The most shocking one being that the Earth King has made a deal with the Chimera. Has the Earth King made a deal with the Chimera and will Nazo answer Mia's question?

17. Chapter 17 - Released August 5, 2012

The group tries to convince the Earth King to support the plan and defeat the Chimera once and for all, but the Earth King doesn't want to break the deal. Will they be able to convince him to change his mind?

18. Chapter 18 - Released August 8, 2012

The final battle has begun. The Republic City Military is struggling to get to the tower, while Ba Sing Se is under attack by the Chimera. Can the Republic City Military reach the tower in time? Will Mia and Aria be able to stop the Chimera from conquering Ba Sing Se?

19. Chapter 19 - Released August 11, 2012

The final battle continues and things don't look good. Ba Sing Se is having a hard time fighting back the Chimera, the Republic City Military can't move towards the tower and Nazo's group can't find Diablo. Then the Water Tribes, Air Nomads and the Fire Nation join the fight, but would they be enough to change the tide?

20. Chapter 20 - Released August 14, 2012

Nazo teams up with unexpected ally to put an end to the Chimera. Everyone is giving everything they got and the Chimera aren't backing down. Can Nazo end the Chimera once and for all?

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