Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Legend of Torin in the last hundred years.

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Avatar: The Legend of Torin
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Avatar: The Legend of Torin takes place in about 50 years after Avatar Korra. The next Avatar is born into the next cycle- Earth. Torin, the next Avatar, makes it his mission to bring balance to the world. With the help of his friends, Liaang, Huo, and Yuki, they set a course for the Earth Kingdom. Will this new Team Avatar keep the balance and while they do a new enemy emerges, those loyal to Vaatu.

Avatar: The Legend of Torin

After the death of Avatar Korra the next Avatar is born: Torin. Born to a Lavabending mother and a Metalbenidng father. But just after he was born members of a group who worship the dark spirit Vaatu learn of the next Avatar. So they seek out the energy from Raava and attack, in doing so both parents die while they fled to the Southern Pole. Left in the cold, dark snow a spirit finds the young child. Unknown to this spirit is that who he is holding is the reincarnation of an old friend. So doing the only thing to keep him safe he is taken into the Spirit World, to live among the spirits like the first Avatar, Wan.

During the course of his life in the Spirit World he learns of his position a as the next Avatar. So he makes it his duty to learn all the elements starting with Earth. And by the age of 10 he has already mastered all four including Energybending and the Avatar State. Making him the youngest Fully-realized Avatar since Aang and Korra. (Aang was physically 12 but chronologically 112 and Korra was 18). But the world had no need for the Avatar yet after how Avatar Korra left it. So he remained in the Spirit World till he was twenty.

Then with the help of his dragon-bird spirit he sets off to the Physical World to learn each bending's special techniques. First he travels to the Metalbending capital; Zaofu, a city made of metal. There he meets a travelling Airbender named Liang, who is the great granddaughter of Master Jinora. There the two meet and quickly become friends, but Torin tells know one of his Avatar rank.


  • "Torin" (Tor-en) means "chief", "Liaang" (Lee-ang) means "peace, "Huo" means "fire", and "Yuki" means "snow".
  • Huo and Yuki are twins, Huo is a female firebender and Yuki is a male waterbender.
  • Aye-Aye is the spirit who finds baby Torin and also teaches the young Avatar his ability to teleport.
  • Shadowbending and Lightbending are introduced.
  • Avatar Korra had a son, father is unknown, but he is a Waterbender.
  • Liang has a pet sky bison and Yuki has a pet wolf.
  • All Team Avatar members are related to an Avatar: Liang- Avatar Aang, Huo and Yuki- Avatar Roku.

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