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Avatar The Legend of Teru
Avatar: The Legend of Teru
"This world needs a saviour, this world needs the Avatar."
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Avatar: The Legend of Teru follows the story of Teru, a sixteen-year-old earthbender who has just been revealed to be the Avatar. Set before Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Teru explores the challenges the Avatar and their friends must face.

The series is set to be released in serials, containing chapters in each. The first serial, Foundations of Stone began airing on the 20th of January, 2011.

Production History

Foundations of Stone promotional poster

Promotional material for the "Foundations of Stone" season finale.

Avatar: The Legend of Teru was inspired by many pieces of fan-fiction works on Avatar Wiki, in particular, Avatar: Wanted, the first Avatar fan-fiction read by creator Rassilon of Old. Taking inspiration from television series such as Doctor Who, it was decided that the Avatar origin series was to be released in serials.

Shortly after the first chapter (doubled as prologue and Christmas Special) was released on Christmas Day 2010. Due to the creator's complete lack of time management skills, the series was heavily affected. Each chapter's release date began to stretch from weeks, to months, and as a result, the series was cancelled and reduced to a mini-series of just five chapters. The final two chapters in Foundations of Stone were expected for release in September 2011.

After months of hiatus and no progress made on the serial finale, Rassilon of Old began work on the series again as a past time and form of "constructive procrastination". The final two chapters in Foundations of Stone are currently in writing stage, with a following serial, The Apparition Arch, currently in production. The Foundations of Stone finale will be released sometime in February 2012.


Death of the Avatar

Avatar Kumi holds a meeting to discuss the current disasters in the world, but there is an unknown person trying to stop, and kill him at all costs. Beware the Fires of Creation.

No. Episode Chapter Summary
0 000 "Death of the Avatar" Fire, air, water, earth. The four elements which balance our world and the other. The Spirit World and the Physical World precariously balance on one another. But when the temperatures of the Physical World begin to rise rapidly, and Avatar Kumi attempts to investigate, something tries to turn his path away from the mystery.

Foundations of Stone

Ba Sing Se has been shocked by the recent and mysterious killings happening at night, to a point where the public sees it unsafe to go outside once night falls. One old woman, Mrs Hakiru, decides to ignore the advice of her peers, and remains within her restaurant beyond the veil of night. The next day, her lifeless body is found in the foyer of her restaurant, with a note scratched into the wooden floors reading. "Ba Sing Se will fall."

No. Episode Chapter Summary
1 101 "An Earthly Child" The body of a waitress is found in Ba Sing Se, and the murder is believed to be linked to a series of nine killings. When the local investigative department is out of their depths, it is time to call in the Avatar.
2 102 "Bodies of Government" Teru is taken to the palace to discuss his future as the Avatar, and meets his earthbending master, Jiaoshi. Unfortunately for Teru, his first earthbending lesson doesn't go quite as planned, and he finds himself faced with his first challenge as the Avatar.
3 103 "Masquerade" When an old friend of Master Jiaoshi visits the City of Walls, Monk Yian, Teru requests that he be taught airbending from the nomad. However, when Teru fails to perform the art, an entire series of events unfold that puts Teru on his greatest trial, quite literally.
4 104 "The Fall of Ba Sing Se" Teru is on the run, with the entire Earth Kingdom Royal Guard in pursuit, and he is forced to put his trust in the only person he can, Lin, subsequently throwing her into the middle of the conspiracy too. But however hard he fights, the result is inevitable, Ba Sing Se will fall...

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