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"We must show them the power and endurance of the Earth Kingdom... and it all begins with retribution."

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Retribution is a conclusion to Book 4 of The Legend of Korra that mirrors the four-part finale of The Last Airbender, and features similar episode names with each episode released in two parts for easier reading. Rather than rewrite the plot, this fanon builds off of the finale and only changes some details, and features a battle in the Fire Nation led by Kuvira's partner in this war; the former Earth Queen Hou-Ting, supposedly still alive, and her quest to seek retribution against the Fire Nation for their crimes during the Hundred Year War.

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There had been much speculation as to how Kuvira could have financed and managed her entire Earth Empire herself, though soon after her capture in Republic City it was confirmed that she had never been working alone. Headed straight towards the Fire Nation, an army of Earth Empire soldiers and Dai Li agents approach their capitol city, and rumour has it that the former Earth Queen Hou-Ting is in fact behind it, though how she survived her encounter with Zaheer is unknown. With Prince Wu and Pema captured by Earth Empire soldiers fleeing Republic City and heading for the Fire Nation, Avatar Korra and the rest of the world gather along the Fire Nation shores to prepare for the impending war, though Korra knows that if she is to bring balance to the world then she must first find balance within herself, and it seems that the ghost of herself in the Avatar State that has been haunting her is not finished with her just yet...


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Mageddon725 has been a big help with beta-reading this fanon so far (and who better to pick for an editor than arguably the biggest Legend of Korra critic I know? XD). In particular, many of my original ideas were a little far-fetched (and some might still be lol) and Mage was really useful in helping me fix them and other plot holes in general.


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  • I've had this idea in my head almost immediately after the Book 4 finale, though it's taken me this long to actually publish it.
  • Something I'm big on as an author is taking care of characters, even minor ones, in terms of character development and screen-time, which is why there is quite a large cast of characters in this fanon. Hopefully it doesn't become too tedious though...
  • The Dai Li were pretty cool villains right? But given their performance in The Legend of Korra so far I figured they needed to redeem themselves in this story. :P


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