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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan
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King Bumis Heir


Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei


Set six hundred fifty years before Aang's awakening. The Earth Kingdom's Avatar Ku Tei's time has passed. There was an era of both war and peace during Ku Tei's time. The cycle continues on, and the Avatar Spirit reincarnates into a child within the Fire Nation.

The new Avatar Avatar Rong Yan, the Fire Nation Avatar prior Avatar Roku learns of his status at the age of sixteen, and starts his Avatar journey to master the other three elements in order Air, Water, and Earth.

Somewhere within the Earth Kingdom a former general of the Earth Kingdom military who betrayed his nation had escaped prison within the walls of Ba Sing Se, the media of the city believes that the general while spending his years in prison mastered a sub type of earthbending rumored to be rare and extremely unique called metalbending.

Rong Yan later learns that an escaped prisoner from Ba Sing Se has a personal vendetta on him and that he wants to eliminate him. The young Avatar has no idea why this man wants him dead, but later word gets out to the Avatar, about what his past life had done to the general.

The former general learns that the Avatar is looking for him as well, going in two completely different ways, at times they will encounter each other and sometimes not, but at their final confrontation will the Avatar have mustered all the power needed to defeat General Senlin, or will he perish and not fulfill what Avatar Ku Tei could not do?

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September 23, 2012 1st Review by Mageddon725; 6.7 rating. - See here.

November 26, 2012 2nd Review by Omashu Rocks; 8.3 rating. - See here.


- After two years of writer's block and lack of motivation to continue I have returned to complete the fanon once and for all and actually start on the prequel and maybe a fanon of Yangchen afterwards. 1/2/2017

Major Characters

Fire Nation Major Characters

Rong Yan (Featured Article of July 2013) (Wrong Yahn) - The Fire Nation Avatar, after Ilah, before Roku. Eighteen years old and sets off into the world to master the four elements. (He ages each book..)

Air Nomad Major Characters

Aloi (Ay Lo Ee) - Rong Yan's new friend, who practices airbending with him, and teaches him soundbending. The new airbender in the group replacing Monk Yong Ten.

Monk Yong Ten (Yong Ten) - Rong Yan's airbending teacher, highly respected and high ranked monk, old friend of Avatar Ku Tei and also airbending teacher of Ku Tei.

Water Tribe Major Characters

Admiral Palartok (Puh Lar Tok) - The head scout and/or leader of General Senlin's old Water Tribe squad.

Princess Tanaraq, of the Southern Water Tribe (Tahn Nuh Rack) - A twenty year old waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe. Daughter of Chief Unirak.

Prince Unaraq, of the Southern Water Tribe (Oo Nuh Rack) - A twenty-three year old fisherman and warrior from the Southern Water Tribe. Son of Chief Unirak.

Earth Kingdom Major Characters

General Senlin (Sen Lin) - Escaped convict from the prison within Ba Sing Se who wreaks havoc on small villages and searches for the Avatar in those places.

Jushi (Ju Shi) - Jushi, a master swordsman/master earthbender runs into the Avatar and gang in a bar, at first coming off as intimidating he grows to like Rong Yan little by little and agrees to help him learn Earthbending.

(More major characters will be introduced as the fanon goes on.)

Minor Characters

Water Tribe Minor Characters

Aiko (Eye Koh) - A Northern Water Tribe disguised maid thief that robs nobles within Jiangsu Village.

Aipaloovik † (E Puh Loo Vik) - Sakana's abusive father.

Amak † (Uh Mock) - Prince Tulok's cousin, who was assassinated by Senlin.

Anuun (Uh Noon) - Gifted tactician dubbed by most in Unirak's army, the tactician of the Southern Water Tribe army.

Aumanil (Oo Man Il) - The bloodbending witch who raised Sakana throughout his teen years.

Chief Cupun, of the Northern Water Tribe (Coo pun) - The chief of the Northern Water Tribe, a highly skilled warrior, wielding a two-handed large club with walrus teeth as the spikes of the weapon. Has a son, who is a warrior in training.

Gyomo (G Omo) - One of the fishermen within Unaraq's crew.

Injuquaq † (In Juck Oo Ack) - Kwan Chun's waterbending teacher.

Issumatar (Isoo Mah Tar) - Twin brother of Oomailiq; General of the Northern Water Tribe.

Kimaru (Key Mah Roo) - Wanted Northern Water Tribe murderer in Jiangsu Village.

Kuma † (Koo Mah) - One of the fishermen within Unaraq's crew.

Naartok (Nar Tok) - The Northern Water Tribe's ambassador.

Oomailiq (Oo Mail Ick) - Twin brother of Issumatar; New Admiral of the Northern Water Tribe.

Sakana † (Sah Kah Nah) - Second in command of Unaraq's crew. Grows mysterious, later begins to keep to himself.

Sakari † (Sah Car Ri) - Gyomo's late wife.

Sake (Sake) - One of the fishermen within Unaraq's crew.

Suluk (Soo Look) - Ambassador of the Southern Water Tribe; Prisoner of Sichuan village.

Tako (Tay Ko) - One of the fishermen within Unaraq's crew.

Tukkutok (To Koo Tok) † - Tukkutok was the son of Palartok before the war began, killed in the raids.

Prince Tulok, of the Northern Water Tribe (Too Lok) - The next chief in line, a warrior and chief in training.

Chief Unirak, of the Southern Water Tribe (Oo knee rack) - The chief of the Southern Water Tribe, a middle aged chief. A highly skilled warrior and huntsman, wielding a whale's tooth as a blade kept by the left side of his waist, on hunting trips he carries a quiver and bow on his back. Has two children, Tanaraq, a waterbender, and Unaraq, a young fisherman and warrior.

Earth Kingdom Minor Characters

38th Earth King Avanindra † (Ava Nin Druh) - The first ruling Earth King during Kwan Chun's life time.

39th Earth King Yao † (Yow) - The second ruling Earth King during Kwan Chun's life time/first ruler in Anana's lifetime.

40th Earth King Wang † (Wang) - The second ruler of the Earth Kingdom during Anana's lifetime.

41st Earth King Ta Po † (Tah Po) - The 41st Earth King ruling from the great city of Ba Sing Se. Known to be a really strong earthbender for his old age. Has elite earthbenders guarding his palace.

42nd Earth King Qiang Zhen (Q Aang Zen) - The 42nd Earth King, Ta Po's grandson who takes his place. Also an earthbender.

Baotong † (Bay Oh Tong) - The royal courier who Kimaru assassinated, who also happens to be Earth King Qiang Zhen's nephew.

Baotu the Crime Boss (Bay Oh Too) - Ba Sing Se's notorious crime boss, who assists Senlin in starting a new life, undercover.

Beiyin (Bay Yin) - The shady man the gang met who has connections with the Royal Guard.

Chi-Fu the Historian (Chi Foo) - The historian at Taku's annual Thirty Year War Day festival.

Chouqi (Chow Key) - Mother of the missing girl.

Cuzhang (Coo Zh Ang) - Avatar Anana's earthbending teacher.

First Mate Da Fu (Da Foo) - The first mate of the ship that Sao Feng owns.

Dufan the Fencer (Doo Fan) - The drug dealing fence of the Hei Shichang gang, and the Dixia gang.

Captain Duizhang (Do E Zh Ang) - The dockmaster and captain of an unknown ship within Han Tui; personal friend of Pigu and his grandfather.

Fuchou (Foo Chow) - A man that Jushi recognizes as the one who killed his parents.

Gao Zu, King of Omashu (Gao Zoo) - The ruler of the western Earth Kingdom ruling from the city of Omashu.

Geng Gao (Gen Gow) - The mayor of Sichuan village, also a noble of the Gao family.

Haoke † (Ha Oh Key) - The old woman who helps Senlin escape Ba Sing Se.

Huanle (Wan Lee) - The missing girl from the town of Nuo Ju.

Jaya † (Ja Ya) - Avatar Kwan Chun's earthbending teacher.

Jia Mei (The Kira-Bi) (Jee Uh Mai) - Muqin's daughter who had disappeared. Only to be identified as the Kira-Bi.

Lieutenant "Lucky" Laobing (Lao Bing) - "Lucky" Laobing is Captain Wei's grandfather, as mentioned by General Senlin.

Ling-Ling (Ling Ling) - Ling-Ling is the woman who brings Senlin in when he passes out on in front of the village he stays at.

Mafan De (Ma Fahn Dee) - The leader of the three pranksters. Also the earthbender.

Mu'ai † (Moo Eye) - Sunhuai's wife and mother of Qingbai.

Muqin (Moo Qin) - A middle-aged woman who's daughter had disappeared, when the sightings of the Kira-Bi began.

Naoren De (Nay Oh Ren Day) - Gao Zu's annoying adviser.

Nidhi † (Need Hi) - Jaya's older brother; Kwan Chun's sandbending teacher.

Pigu (P Goo) - Sichuan village's local bum.

Qian Zei (Q Ahn Zay) - The financial man within the Dixia gang, running numbers for the gang's finances, rescued by Senlin, and Haoke.

Qiji (Key Gee) - The small starving boy from Chao.

Qingbai (King Bye) - Sunhuai and Mu'ai's only son; heir of the Yapo.

General Qingbao (King Bow) - The first of the five generals in the Council of Five.

Qizi (Key Z) - The widow that lives on the outskirts of Nuo Ju.

Rari (Ra Ree) - The rallier that helped Anana create the protests to dethrone the 39th Earth King.

General Ren (Ren) - The second of the five generals in the Council of Five.

General Rongyu (Wrong U) - The third of the five generals in the Council of Five.

Captain Sao Feng (Sow Feng) - The Pirate Captain who's also on an expedition of the Golden Claw.

Shang Jin (Sh Ang Jin) - Shang Jin a bounty hunter on search of General Senlin; sent by Earth King Qiang Zhen.

Shenqi of the Zhu family (Shen Ki Shoo) - A elder noblewoman who's family heirloom was the Golden Claw.

Shudaizi (Shu Dah E Z)- The brains of the pranksters of Chao.

General Sudu (Soo Doo) - The fourth of the five generals in the Council of Five.

Sunhuai (Soon Who Eye) - The founder of the new gang triad called the Yapo, who rule the most of the territory that the Mousha Quan lost.

General Tsuyo-sa (Su Yo Sa) - The fifth of the five generals in the Council of Five.

Tuoba (To O Ba) - The pirate who overheard the conversation, also known as the ship's deck swabber.

Wei the Guard Captain (Way) - The guard captain who thinks General Senlin is a metalbender.

Xiaohua (Shy O Wuh) - One of the pranksters of the three.

Xinshi the Courier (Shin She) - The courier that General Senlin and Admiral Palartok spared.

Xuen (Shu En) - A black market fence, who sells illegal and stolen properties.

Yansu (Yawn Soo) - Lieutenant Colonel commanding the battalion in Chu Shi and overseeing the training of new recruits for the eastern Earth Kingdom armies.

"Shady" Ying Xiao (Shay Dee Ying Shy Oh) - The leader of the Hei Shichang gang.

Yule De (Yu Li Dee) - Mayor of Chao; she's the mother of one of the pranksters.

Zihao † (Zee How) - Lieutenant Zihao is also stationed at Chu Shi, commanding a company of eighty soldiers.

Zhang the Tax Collector - The tax collector who terrorizes the people of Nuo Ju.

Zhuyao, Mayor of Xi Tong Village (Shu Yow) - The mayor of Xi Tong Village.

Fire Nation Minor Characters

Aki † (A Key) - Avatar Kwan Chun's firebending teacher.

Fire Lord Osamu † (Oh Sa Moo) - The Fire Lord during Kwan Chun's life time.

Fire Lord Yeh Lu (Yeh Loo) - The current Fire Lord of the Fire Nation.

Fire Sage Li (Lee) - An old Fire Sage and cook within the Fire Temple.

Fire Sage Xiao (Shy oh) - A very old Fire Sage who tests Rong Yan, and notifies him of status.

Huan Zhu the Ring Master (Hu On Zhoo) - A circus ring master; Avatar Anana's firebending teacher.

Jiong (Gee Ong) - Wanted Fire Nation thief.

Kahn (Kahn) - Avatar Rong Yan's father and a coal miner at the mines by Tang Village.

Keani (Key on ee) - One of Avatar Rong Yan's aunts. She was there when Ming was giving birth to Rong Yan.

Loli (Loh Lee) - One of Avatar Rong Yan's aunts. She was there when Ming was giving birth to Rong Yan.

Ming (Ming) - Avatar Rong Yan's mother, and wife of Kahn. Stayed home to raise Rong Yan.

Nila (Nye Luh) - Avatar Rong Yan's firebending grandmother, teacher, and basic firebending teacher; Mother to Kahn, Keani, and Loli.

Captain Ra-Den (Ra Den) - A ship captain that imports and exports illegal cargo, or illegal immigrants/criminals.

Shan-Yu † (Shawn Yoo) - The leader of the Mousha Quan gang.

Shen the Dragon (Shen) - Rong Yan's red dragon is named Shen.

Sifu Takumi (Tah Koo Me) - Rong Yan's firebending master.

The Mayor † - The mayor of the village of Hi Sho within the forests of the southern Fire Nation. The mayor seems to be hiding something!

The Waiter - The waiter works at the local restaurant that Avatar Rong Yan and Monk Yong Ten eat at while their stay in Hi Sho Village, he knows something, and seen it too.

Utsah the Bandit King (Oot Sah) - One of villagers that disappeared at night from Hi Sho village. He's up against something, and Rong Yan wants in.

Xin (Shin) - Delivery Boy of the groceries merchant.

Air Nomad Minor Characters

Instructor Chuandan(Choo On Don) - The gliding instructor at the Southern Air Temple.

Giman (Gee Man) - One of the last remaining Vibrant Ones. Also a master in the Deception tree of Soundbending.

Jampo (Jam Po) - One of the monks, that Monk Senge introduces Avatar Rong Yan to. They both become friends.

Jangju (J Aang Joo) - The Air Nomad farmer, at the Jongmu Air Temple aka Southern Air Temple.

Jigme (Jig Me) - Wanted Air Nomad mugger, in Jiangsu Village.

Jippo (Jip Poh) - Monk Yong Ten's flying bison.

High Monk Geetsan (Geet San) - The high monk at the Southern Air Temple, good friends with Monk Yong Ten. Very old, and powerful airbender. Part of the older monks of the Southern Air Temple serving as the one of the leaders of their government.

High Monk Ji (Jee) - One of the older monks of the Southern Air Temple, who serves as one of the high monks of the Council of Elders.

High Monk Li Shen (Li Sh En) - One of the older monks of the Southern Air Temple, who serves as one of the high monks of the Council of Elders.

High Monk Shang Xi (Sh Aang She) - One of the older monks of the Southern Air Temple, who serves as one of the high monks of the Council of Elders.

High Monk Shaohao (Sh Ow How) - One of the older monks of the Southern Air Temple, who serves as one of the high monks of the Council of Elders.

High Sister Halmeoni (Hal Me On Ee) - The leader of the Eastern Council of Elders, one of the other high nuns mentions that Halmeoni, had a crush on Avatar Ku Tei.

High Sister Vakta (Vak Tuh) - The high nun at the Eastern Air Temple, along with Halmeoni, and Yuva. She is known for gossip.

High Sister Yuva (Yu Va) - The youngest high nun of the Eastern Council of Elders.

Hwa (Wa) - Hwa was Avatar Anana's airbending teacher in the Eastern Air Temple.

Mi Soo (Me Soo) - The girl that was hanging out with Jampo.

Senge (Sen Gee) - One of the monks that Rong Yan meets, Senge becomes his best friend while his stay in the Southern Air Temple.

Tenzin (Ten Zin) - The History professor at the Ba Sing Se university.

Yeoja (Yee Oh Ja) - The girl that was hanging around with Senge.

(More minor characters will be introduced as the fanon goes on.)


Council of Elders (Cown Sul of El Ders) - Five chosen monks or nuns to lead the Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Western Air Temples.

Council of Five (Cown Sul of Five) - The Council of Five, generals who are under the command of the Earth King.

Dixia gang (Die She Uh) - The Dixia gang, ran by Baotu, who call the Southeastern Lower Ring home, allied with the Hei Shichang gang.

Hei Shichang gang (High Sh Ick Aang) - The gang that deals with drugs, and fencing items, who call the heart of the Southern Lower Ring home, allied with the Dixia gang.

Mousha Quan gang (Mo Shuh Kwan) - The gang of assassins in Northern Lower Ring, Ba Sing Se. Enemies of the Dixia and the Hei Shichang gang.

Unaraq's crew (Oo Nuh Racks) - A group of Southern Water Tribe fishermen, warriors and boat crew.

Utsah's Bandits (Oot Suhs) - Utsah, the Bandit King's bandit gang.

Water Tribe rebels (Wah Ter Tr Eye Buh Re Bulls) - The Water Tribe rebels who want to plunge the Earth Kingdom back into war with them.

Yapo gang (Yah Po) - The Yapo gang was assembled after the Period of Silence had occurred after Qiang Zhen's coronation where he ruled his first six months with a swift hand to lower the crime rates. Greatly affecting the Lower Ring, as the guards there had treated the citizens there poorly.

Special Characters

Past Avatars

Avatar Ku Tei † (Koo Tay) - The Earth Kingdom Avatar before Avatar Rong Yan. (Ku Tei will be like the character giving wisdom to Rong Yan, like Roku did to Aang; Will have a chapter dedicated to his life story in Book 3.)

Avatar Anana † (Ah na na) - The Water Tribe Avatar before Avatar Ku Tei. (Will have a chapter dedicated to her life story in Book 2)

Avatar Kwan Chun † (Quan Chun) - The Air Nomad Avatar before Avatar Anana. (Will have a chapter dedicated to his life story in Book 1.)

Avatar Ilah † (Eye Luh) - The Avatar before Avatar Kwan Chun; and the Fire Nation Avatar before Avatar Rong Yan. (Will make several appearances in between mid Book 2 to Book 3, hopefully as planned. Totally understands where Rong Yan is coming from.)

Avatar Xi Tong † (Shi Tong) - The Avatar before Avatar Ilah; The Earth Kingdom Avatar before Avatar Ku Tei. Born into royalty of the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se. Has a town named after him, before it was renamed "Chin Village".

Avatar Arrluk † (Are Luck) - The Avatar before Avatar Xi Tong; The Water Tribe Avatar before Avatar Anana. Born into the Southern Water Tribe like Anana, in the social class of poverty. Famous for building the Southern Water Tribe palace, seemingly because the palace was actually just a hut. And creating the sport of surfing.


Atshen (At Shen) - The bloodbending spirit that blesses his followers with some strength and cleanses them of any insanity they have in return for a blood offering.

Jinsei (Jin Say) - The old Moon Spirit. (Article redirects to La.)

Kai-Shek (Kye Shek) - The spirit that the Mayor evokes with in the two chapters of Hi Sho Village.

La (La) - The new moon spirit during Rong Yan's lifetime.

Ling Hu (Ling Who) - The spirit tiger which lives around the areas of Chao Lake.

The Royal Lady (The Ro Yul Lay Dee) - The Royal Lady, a spirit that is seen around the village of Sichuan in the Earth Kingdom; Avatar Rong Yan meets The Royal Lady in one of his dreams.

Major Events in History

Retaking Hi Sho Village - The battle between Utsah's bandits, and the Mayor of Hi Sho Village.

General Senlin's Escape/The Assassination of Earth King Ta Po - The escape of General Senlin, and the assassination of the 41st Earth King.

The Assassination of Shan-Yu of the Mousha Quan - The assassination of the Mousha Quan gang leader, Shan-Yu.

Coronation of the 42nd Earth King - The coronation of Ta Po's grandson, Qiang Zhen.

Invasion on the Southern Air Temple - Invasion on the Southern Air Temple, by General Senlin and Palartok and their platoon of Water Tribe rebels.

The Blood Moon - The holiday which became forbidden to be celebrated in the Water Tribes almost two centuries ago.

The Respark of War - After Senlin, Kimaru, and Palartok, kill one random citizen of both the Northern Water Tribe and the Earth Kingdom. What they don't know is the importance of the person and what restarted the war.

The Battle of Chu Shi - The Battle of Chu Shi, Ba Sing Se vs. Northern Water Tribe.

The Destruction of Yumen - The destruction of the city of Yumen, Rong Yan in an uncontrollable rage within the Avatar State destroys two battalions of men and the city of Yumen when they try to execute Unaraq. Years later it is left and never rebuilt, as the earth is unstable in the area.


Airbending emblem Book One: Air Airbending emblem

Waterbending emblem Book 2: Water Waterbending emblem

Earthbending emblem Book 3: Earth Earthbending emblem

  • Chapter 9: Prisoner of War Part 1: Crowned Prince
  • Chapter 10: Prisoner of War Part 2: Execution
  • Chapter 11: The Deserter
  • Chapter 12: A Change of Destiny
  • Chapter 13: War Criminal
  • Chapter 14: Corruption
  • Chapter 15: Trial by Chiefs

Cover Photos

Book One: Air

Title Picture ATLORY

Book Two: Water

New ATLORY Cover Photo

Book Three: Earth

Book Three Earth Cover


  • Rong Yan was first made into a comic book. I still have the comic book I completed it but a lot of the written material changed from the comic material.
  • The Legacy of Rong Yan, in comic book form is named "Avatar: The Legend of Rong Yan".
  • After all 60 chapters of this series is released. You will also be able to see it on DeviantArt, and FanFiction.
  • After this series, the next series will be on the Avatar before him which happens to be Avatar Ku Tei, from then on the series of the Avatars will go backwards not forwards. However, it maybe possible that I may write a Yangchen fanon.
  • After this series more Avatars will be revealed with their stories, names and pictures.

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