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Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Four: Air
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Four: Air is the continuation and conclusion of Avatar Aang's story as told by FrodoTheHutt. Book Four is set ten years after the events of Sozin's Comet and takes Team Avatar through new adventures, from the secrets of an ancient underground city to a climatic battle at the South Pole.



  • Avatar Aang: The current Avatar, Aang is a man of great power and great reserve. At the beginning of the story he is the husband of Katara and the two are living together peacefully in the South Pole, expecting their first child.
  • Katara: Katara is the master waterbender of the South Pole and regarded as possibly the most powerful around anywhere. However, like her husband, Katara has chosen a life of peace and only resorts to violence when there are no other alternatives. At the beginning of the story she is the wife of Aang and an expecting mother.
  • Firelord Zuko: Zuko has made a name for himself, both positively and negatively, by ruling in sharp contrast from his father. Unlike Ozai, who sought the dominance and submission of others, Zuko seeks to unite the peoples of the remaining three elements in harmony and increase feelings of an intertwined peace. A figure marked by family tragedy, Zuko has at last found some happiness with his new wife, Mai, and son, Lu Ten.
  • Sokka: After the war, Sokka returned home to assist his father with the reconstruction of the South Pole village. During this time, Sokka rose considerably within the ranks of respect and dignity in the eyes of the Southern Water Tribe. However, it came at great cost with his relationship to Suki. As of the beginning of this story, Sokka has not spoken to her directly within the past five years.
  • Toph: Eager to reunite with her family, Toph rushed home almost immediately following the end of the war. Upon returning to Gaoling, Toph realized that through her heroic deeds and acts of selflessness, she had finally gained the respect she had craved for so long from her parents. Almost as if in payment to this gesture, Toph agreed to attend the university in Ba Sing Se and quickly became an expert in ancient history. However, the blind earthbender did not wish to forget her roots and kept up such a strong regiment of training that, after she graduated, she was asked to become a teacher: for both history and advanced earthbending.
  • Suki: The youngest person ever to join the Order of the White Lotus, Suki is also currently its solo female member. After the war ended, Suki remained very active in world affairs. She is still the current head of the Kyoshi Warriors and resides on Kyoshi Island.
  • Mai: The most distant member of Team Avatar, Mai initially had some trouble adjusting to the new lifestyle that being wife of the Firelord brought. A combination of time and family life has made the once depressingly dark woman into a very proud, if overprotective, mother.


  • Azula: The formerly psychotic Princess of the Fire Nation is now much more docile but still mentally ill. She is kept confined within the palace at all times under constant guard.


  • Oguanga: Oguanga is King of the Demons, a race dedicated to preserving balance and harmony in the era before the Avatar. He vanished along with the rest of his kin many thousands of years ago, the only evidence of his existence being in artifacts recently unearthed admist the catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se.
  • Quanfar: A man made by his surroundings: darkness. Monk Quanfar has lived a hundred years and never seen the sun. He is cold and blunt. A master of deception, Quanfar is very patient when he has to be and allows for others to be his weapons.
  • Emiko: A young and shy woman found to be living in the same area as Quanfar.
  • Hodder: A wild-looking, heavily-tattooed earthbender with an infamous past.
  • Matora: Firelord Zuko's most trusted general.
  • Lu Ten: Zuko and Mai's three-year-old son. An immensely talented firebender with an immature attitude that reflects his age. Trained by one of the greatest Firebenders in history.


  1. The Man in the Clouds
  2. The Tomb of Iroh
  3. What was Lost
  4. The Underground City Part One
  5. The Underground City Part Two
  6. Aang and Emiko
  7. The Avatar's Duty
  8. The Matter in Ba Sing Se
  9. The Legend of Ji Tian
  10. The Face Stealer
  11. Repercussions and Retribution
  12. The Fall
  13. Family Ties
  14. Toph's Temple
  15. Sokka of the Water Tribe
  16. The Yuam Suo
  17. Battle at Hokusai Point
  18. The Last Airbender Part One
  19. The Last Airbender Part Two
  20. The Last Airbender Part Three


In keeping with the show, this series is set to a comical tone that still allows for discussion and exploration of darker issues. In designing his Avatar world, FrodotheHutt sought to mature the characters while keeping them true to their roots, thus allowing the audience to believe that these were the same characters they had grown to care about and love while watching the show. Book Four deals with the hard moral choices and responsibilities that come with adulthood while at the same time continuing the themes of balance, nonviolence, and internal conflict that made the original series so addictive.

When turning to areas for inspiration, FrodotheHutt looked mainly to the works of Hayao Miyazaki as well as the works of Bioware entertainment. He endeavored to explore most of the same sources that the original show had drawn from in addition to looking at some new ones that would help to give a new vision to the series.


Upon its initial release on August 20, 2009 on, Avatar: the Last Airbender Book Four: Air immediately gained universal praise from its reviewers. The story sits now on over 50 "Favorite Stories" lists and has received 72 reviews, all of them positive.


Recently FrodoTheHutt has begun work on a new anthology of short tales entitled Avatar: Legends of Spirits and Demons. At the moment the work can only be found on However, once completed it will be appearing on the Avatar wiki website as well.

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