Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Evil Rises in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Evil Rises
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This is a follow-up to Avatar The Last Airbender. In this universe, The Legend of Korra doesn't exist and not because I hate it, but because I want it to be set in the "old" time, like ATLA, not the modern world that is in ALOK.


Will be added after the Prequel Episode (Cause it'd spoil the entire prequel)


Avatar - The Evil Rises characters
  • Saburo - Firebender
  • Akira - Earthbender
  • Haru - Waterbender


When the United Nation destroyed Ba La Sung,12 years ago, his parents told him to run away and find Fire Lord Zuko. Zuko eventually helped him find an adoptive family for him, but he is always treated second, as the family prefers their natural son, Nako. He is 16 now.


His dad was killed by the United Nation, while her mother disappeared. She had to become mature really fast and take care of herself alone. She became a great thief and steals people's food so she can eat. She lives in one house that wasn't destroyed by the United Nation in her home town, Uberu Town. There she is safe, as the United Nation won't come to destroy what they already destroyed. She is 16 and a half now.


He is from the Northern Water Tribe. He was protected from the United Nation, as The Water Army managed to keep them away. But he didn't have an easy life either. His bigger sister went crazy and wanted to kill everyone; he was her first target. She dared him to kill her first, so she couldn't kill him, but he couldn't do that to his sister. Just when his sister was about to kill him, their father came in and took the bullet for his son. His sister was held captive in the prison even since, but with all this happening when he was only 6, he was left marked for life, and he refused to trust anyone. He only started recovering 2 years ago. He is 15 now.


Number Name
00 Prequel
01 Three Beginnings
02 Welcome to Uberu Town

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