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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Dark Chronicle.

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The Legend of Korra

Avatar: The Dark Chronicle is a fan-created written script series set in the Avatar universe as a sequel series to The Legend of Korra. The series is currently being hosted by DeviantArt and Avatar Fanon Wiki, with the first two chapters being uploaded on September 21st, 2017. It is currently slated for three books, with an overarching narrative of thirteen chapters per book.

The series starts an undisclosed amount of time after the events of The Legend of Korra and follows a new Avatar, Indo, arising from the Earth Empire, attempting to piece together certain truths in an unhinged world. While the previous series dealt with personal sacrifice and self-growth, this material aims to deal with certain aspects of human psychology such as independence and masking anxieties, exploring themes much darker than the previous entries set in the universe.

The writing itself follows a script format dealing with hypothetical camera shots and character acting directions.

Plot overview

Book One: Passion

Even though the Earth Empire had been previously defeated by the United Republic, certain events had lead them to rendezvous and successfully repurpose the Earth Kingdom. Despite the fall of their leader, Kuvira, it appears that they have reassembled under a new government consisting of "Patriarchs" representing different sections of their nation.

In the present, Indo is a socially anxious fifteen-year-old boy, being held in the capital city of Shenbao. Currently, he has yet to master any element despite his natural earthbending, and is not allowed to practice metalbending. At the start of the series, Indo is attempting to convince the High Patriarch to give him permission to undergo metalbending training. He is doing so through Skai - his mentor, caretaker, and best friend. The current High Patriarch is named Echo, and he is a short-tempered leader dealing with political backlash from his fellow government members. Among this cast is Marcaida, a female captain of the Dai Li agents, that guard and protect both the Avatar and the High Patriarch from any threat.

Once Indo finds the strength to ask his nation's leader in person, he has certain truths put upon him, and cannot help to follow the trail to see what mysteries can be uncovered. All this happens while Skai is on-leave from his position in Shenbao, returning home to ask for his lover's hand in marriage. While he is gone, variables come to light, and problems start to surface.


Main Characters

  • Indo is the Avatar immediately succeeding Korra and the main protagonist of the series. He is a young man that has heavy issues with social anxiety and self-sufficiency, even prone to panic attacks. Impressionable, Indo is easily frightened by new experiences, and is fairly neutral towards his status as being the Avatar.
  • Skai is an adult non-bender who is Indo's caretaker, mentor, and best friend. Being the only one that Indo is comfortable in talking with, Skai often tries to teach the Avatar about the importance of becoming more proactive in his thinking, attempting to polish his friend's mindsets through more than just physical training.
  • Echo is the current High Patriarch, and leader of the Earth Empire. While he is caring and decently compassionate to those serving under him, his stubborn attitude and short fuse make him a terrifying presence. He is unwavering in his beliefs and will fight to the death to protect his homeland from threats either foreign or domestic.

Side Characters

  • Marcaida is the captain of the Imperial Dai Li agents. Her job, as well as the Dai Li's, is to protect the High Patriarch with their lives.
  • Yen is the Earth Patriarch representing the Northeastern region of the Earth Empire. He is entirely unyielding, and often challenges the High Patriarch.
  • Tsuyosa is the Earth Patriarch representing the Southwest region of the Earth Empire. A newer member compared to the other Earth Patriarchs, he is optimistic and hopes to protect the Empire with every resource possible.


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