Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Saga of Ayumi in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Saga of Ayumi
A new chapter of the Avatar legend begins.
General information

Crossover with the Godzilla Franchise (season 4)/Sequel to Legend of Korra












Ming-Na Wen

Johnny Yong Bosch

Brina Palencia

Dante Basco

Grey DeLisle

Dee Bradley Baker

Stephanie Sheh

Coleen Clinkenbeard

Eric Bauza

April Stewart

Jonathan Adams

Mark Hamill

Rinko Kikuchi

Freddie Prinze Jr.

Gillian Anderson

Greg Baldwin

Steve Blum

Kristy Wu


The Legend of Korra


Set 60 years after the events of Legend of Korra, a new young Avatar must unlock her inner destiny and protect the world.


Book 1: Destiny

Ayumi, the daughter of a Fire Nation woman and an Earth Kingdom farmer in Omashu sets off to uncover her destiny as the Avatar all the while battling the Red Lotus and their new leader.

Book 2: Shadows

Ayumi may have defeated the Red Lotus, but she will have to go up against a powerful new type of bender that has emerged from the shadows.

Book 3: Darkness

Following the battle with the Shadowbenders, Ayumi is faced with a far greater enemy in the form of a Dark Avatar and his army of dark spirits. However, the Dark Avatar believes he is truly doing what's right.

Book 4: Worlds

Four years have passed since Ayumi was forced to seal Sun and Vaatu in the Tree of Time and she is still affected emotionally distraught. However, her greatest challenge is about to begin when a portal is discovered and opened, leading her and the rest of Team Avatar to venture into a world without Benders and humanity battling for survival against giant monsters called Kaiju... while an old enemy of the first Avatar banished to this world is about to awaken and a battle for both worlds is about to begin.


Book 1

  1. Setting Off
  2. Encounter
  3. Republic City
  4. Welcoming Party
  5. The Red Lotus Strikes
  6. Battle in the Arena
  7. Face-to-Face
  8. Kidnapped
  9. Ayumi Alone
  10. Race to Omashu
  11. Battle for Omashu (Part 1)
  12. Battle for Omashu (Part 2)

Book 2

  1. From Out of the Darkness
  2. Aftermath
  3. Rise of the Shadow Benders
  4. Fight in the Dark
  5. Secrets
  6. Sins of the Past
  7. Close Encounter
  8. Fly and the Web
  9. Uprising
  10. Calm Before the Storm
  11. Civil War (part 1)
  12. Civil War (part 2)
  13. Civil War (part 3)

Book 3

  1. A Second Avatar
  2. Rogue Spirits
  3. Dark Avatar
  4. Into the Spirit World
  5. Questions and Answers
  6. Siege of Kyoshi Island
  7. Journey to Ba Sing Se
  8. Battle of Ba Sing Se
  9. Understanding
  10. Desperation
  11. Light and Dark
  12. Now or Never
  13. War of the Avatars
  14. Sacrifices

Book 4

1. The Portal

2. Another World

3. Enter the King

4. G-Force

5. Alliances Forged

6. Mothra's Warning

7. Captured

8. Kagejotei Rising

9. Under Siege

10. Beginning of the End

11. Gatherings

12. Battle for Two Worlds (part 1)

13. Battle for Two Worlds (part 2)

14. Battle for Two Worlds (part 3)

15. Battle for Two Worlds (part 4)

Voice cast

Ming-Na Wen: Avatar Ayumi

Johnny Yong Bosch: Akash

Brina Palencia: Jade

Dante Basco: Kohaku

Grey DeLisle: Buniq, Mei Ling Beifong

Tiffany Grant: Ekta

Kari Wahlberg: Jaya Beifong

Coleen Clinkenbeard: Udaya

Eric Bauza: Chaman

Dee Bradley Baker: Zhēnzhū, animal noises, President Branto, Wanikage additional voices

Jim Carrey: King Bumi III

Freddie Prinze Jr: Sun

Mark Hamill: Kakusareta and Bagan

Rinko Kikuchi: Xian Lea

Steve Blum: Komorikage, additional voices

Gillian Anderson: Kagejotei

Greg Baldwin: Iroh

April Stewart: Raava

Jonathan Adams: Vaatu

Kristy Wu: Orochikage

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