Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Rise of the Earth Kingdom in the last hundred years.

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Avatar: Rise of the Earth Kingdom
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The Legend of Korra

Many believed that Korra was to be the last Avatar, and that men and spirits would no longer have a link between their worlds. Others, however, knew the truth; Avatar Korra's death would not mean the last of the Avatars. In fact, with Korra's death, a new Avatar line would begin, and it would start in the Earth Kingdom!

Fire. Air. Water. Earth.

Long ago, the four nations and the Republic lived together in an era of peace and harmony. Then, everything changed when Avatar Korra died. The Earth States, angry that the Republic had been built on their land, and knowing full well that the next Avatar would be born an Earthbender, attacked, and sank Republic City to the depths below.

All of the Earth Kingdom children born after the death of Avatar Korra were placed into the Earth Army by the Earth President, Hasai. The United Forces failed to overthrow the monarch, and now the Avatar is destined to be a member of the villains of this story. A small rebel force has united with the one goal in mind; defeat the Earth President and save the world!

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The Characters

Avatar Fen*

Fen, initially introduced as a villain, is the Avatar. Being fairly new to the idea of Earthbending, Fen has a long way to go before he's ready to save anyone. It is believed, however, that Fen will save the world. (Couldn't help the ATLA reference)


Ruby is a rebel and is from the Fire Nation. She is a Firebender, but tries not to use her abilities too often. She is a very capable fighter without her bending abilities.


Aria is an Airbender who was raised by an Earth Kingdom family in secret. She taught herself all that she knows about Airbending, which is not much. She made a connection with the Flying Bison duo of Ellia and Kaiju. With the two of them, Aria joined the rebellion against the Earth Kingdom.


Kakara is a sword master who survived the attack and destruction of Republic City at a very young age. His parents died during the attack, and he has hated the Earth Kingdom ever since. He took Rashi as his student after developing his own sword fighting technique. Together, he and Rashi joined the rebellion.


Rashi is a Waterbender from the Foggy Swamp and a swordcraft student of Kakara's. He is goofy and undisciplined as a result of his upbringing, and is almost always annoying Kakara. Rashi was the one that convinced Kakara to join the rebellion.

* All characters were created on Doll Divine's "Avatar The Last Airbender Scene Maker".


  • Book One: Earth
  • Book Two: Fire
  • Book Three: Air
  • Book Four: Water
  • Book Five: Lightning
  • Book Six: Lava
  • Book Seven: Metal
  • Book Eight: Ice
  • Book Nine: Plant
  • Book Ten: Sand
  • Book Eleven: Glass
  • Book Twelve: Blood
  • Book Thirteen: Energy
  • Book Fourteen: Avatar


  • This series introduces Glassbending; a form of Earthbending that allows the user to bend sand after it has been turned into glass from the heat. Before one can learn Glassbending, they must be able to Sandbend and Earthbend with great skill.

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