Kind Yue
"How will Yue's return
affect the life of Team Avatar
and the whole world?"

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Neo Revolution in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: Neo Revolution
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Perplexed Panda

Avatar: Neo Revolution

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The world is not as it should be...

The body of the late Avatar, a young woman, in her late twenties perhaps, fell through the air, the silk kimono flailing, her hair suspended above her. Ju-dee gasped, struck with pain as she heard the Avatar's body hit the ground.

But, in this day and age, for every one dead, two are born...


With the latest airbending Avatar dead at the hands of the merciless Clandestines, Sedgley and Dover, two waterbenders abandoned by their parents, arrive at Mother Leliita's orphanage. Years later, when they discover that one of them is the next Avatar in line, a journey unlike no other spreads out before them.

The world, morally lost and spiritually inept, needs an Avatar to restore balance and return peace. The only place powerful enough to support a mighty task is Haven - an accordingly named paradise amidst the chaos of a world in turmoil.

Can the boys and their friends accomplish such a feat against a world that doesn't want them? Will Haven's support be enough to help them guide civilisation back on a path of peace? However, the question on everyone's minds is; just who is the Avatar?

Join Sedgley, Dover and Erik as they embark on a quest like no other in a world quite unlike the one we know and love, in Book One: Water of Avatar: Neo Revolution.


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~ Book One: Water ~

In an attempt to save their friends, the gang must infiltrate a ruthless Wasteland tribe's headquarters. Soon though, all hope is seemingly lost when an old enemy resurfaces. Will the Avatar, whoever it is, prevail?

Chapter Name Summary

~ Prologue ~

A brief history of the world following Avatar Korra and the story of Avatar Lyn's final confrontation with the Clandestines.

~ The Orphanange ~

As Dover and Sedgley, and their friend Erik, discover an unknown truth about the present Avatar, a new and dangerous journey spreads out before them. A run in with a pair of criminals however forces them to ask, 'Is it over before it's even begun?'

~ The Firebender ~

While Erik faces a disturbance at the Gao Lin Customs Centre, Dover and Sedgley receive an interesting proposition from a mysterious firebender. However, can this firebender be trusted?

~ The Tunnel ~

While attempting to leave Gao Lin once and for all, the secret tunnel and its inhabitants pose a new obstacle for the gang.

~ The Northern Healers ~

As some of the boys begin to lose trust in Anurna, she feels she has to somehow prove her alliance. The gang come across a group of waterbenders who are descendants from the Northern Water Tribe, and learn about their heritage.
05 ~ The Scars of Chan Dai ~ Eager to improve their waterbending, Sedgley and Dover attempt to steal some waterbending scrolls from a local gang. Meanwhile, Anurna tells the story of Chan Dai's social plummet, reflective of the rest of the world's state while Erik, feeling incapable as the only non-bender, invests in other ways to defend himself.
06 ~ Mother Nature ~

While on their way to Maderia, the green city, the forest proves a haunting experience; as each member of the gang get a visit from their greatest fears. Aran, the chief of Maderia, begins training Dover and Sedgley in plantbending but urges them to connect with Nature when they experience difficulties.

07 ~ Natural Selection ~

As Maderia comes under threat from a Clandestine attack, the gang must do all they can to defend the city, and escape safely.

08 ~ The Weeds of Wealth ~

Sedgley, feeling inadequate, wants to prove himself. The discovery of a drug-smuggling, Wasteland tribe proves the perfect opportunity, but he soon realises he bit off more than he could chew.

09 ~ Into the Wasteland ~

Having entered the Wasteland, the gang brave the elements to keep Sedgley alive. When things start to look grim, the arrival of a mysterious Wasteland Tribe poses yet another potential threat to the group.

10 ~ The Sunanochi Tribe (Part One) - Barbed Wire ~ In an attempt to save their friends, the gang must infiltrate a ruthless Wasteland tribe's headquarters. Soon though, all hope is seemingly lost when an old enemy resurfaces. Will the Avatar, whoever it is, prevail?


Main Characters

(In order of appearance)

  • Dover - One of the boys suspected of being the waterbending Avatar. He is calm and enjoys spending time surrounded by Nature, but can pull out some good moves on the battlefield when the time comes. He puts his friends in front of him and will likely sort out conflicts with words rather than actions. (20/21)
  • Sedgley - One of the boys suspected of being the waterbending Avatar. He is more outlandish and a more prodigious fighter than Dover, able to learn fast on the battlefield and act accordingly. He never gives up on anything and will set goals and not stop until they are achieved. (20/21)
  • Erik - Dover and Sedgley's closest friend, and the son of Mother Leliita. A non-bender, he doesn't enjoy fighting, mostly because he isn't that good at it, and prefers reading and expanding his knowledge. He may seem to nag too much, but he has the boys' best interest at heart. (20/21)
  • Anurna - A mysterious firebending girl who has travelled the world and joins the boys on their journey. Her prodigious firebending skills always come in handy when the gang gets into trouble, but she has been known to lose her temper. (19/21)
  • Miko  - a squirrel-glider (part squirrel, part sugar glider) who travelled with Anurna but now enjoys the company of the Nature-lover, Dover. The token fuzzball of the group, his skills include eating and sleeping, and he is a prodigy in his own right. (19/21)

Recurring Characters

For a complete list of characters, go here.

  • Mother Leliita - Erik's sick and elderly mother, and a mother-in-a-sense to Dover and Sedgley, who can occasionally commune with the spirits.
  • Avatar Lyn - The airbending Avatar that proceeded the next waterbender, who preferred performing opera on stage, but had to realise her duties.
  • Alphonse - The psychopathic crime lord, head of the Bloody Knuckles, who uses surveillance cameras to predict his foes next move. 
  • McKay and Diego - The main henchmen of Alphonse, the former a large firebender and the latter a small earthbender with a liking to bloodshed.
  • Miss Zaida - A ruthless earthbender of the Clandestines, assigned to the West to find the Avatar. She utilises waterbending movements to manipulate pebbles and gravel.

New Locations

NOTE: Over the many generations, the Earth's continental plates have shifted, and human impact has resulted in environmental change - so not all areas look the same. The use of maps in these articles are to show where they are in the new, changed environment.

Reception and whatnot

"If you ever want to check out a Fanon [that keeps] you guessing and with an intriguing journey... check out Jtwin1's amazing Fanon."
Snivystorm in an interview.
"Reading Avatar: Neo Revolution has reignited my passion for writing which was dormant... When writing inspires people, that's when you know it's good. "
Typhoonmaster in a review.
"Wow, this is incredibly well-written."
  • This fanon was considered for Outstanding New Series in the Fifth Fanon Awards (August 2013) but it was later realised by the awards council that it was created too early and was thus ineligible for such an award. Still, that's JUST a technicality; their thoughts still went to this fanon!
  • So was instead given an honourable mention.
"Oh my goodness, THANK YOU for being so visual about your attacks and actually showing me what element-bending looks like! jtwin1 covers everything... I have nothing but praise for how he captures the visual elements of battle."
Minnichi in a review.
"This fanon is extremely underrated and deserves more fans and response in the community... jtwin1 puts a large amount of effort into his writing, and with that devotion comes an awesome story."
ByBray in an interview.
"You are very eloquent in your writing."
Fruipit in an interview.

Related Material

This section is where I will post related one-shots, competition entries or pieces for activities.

  • In A Short Scrawl of Words, at an undisclosed time, Anurna reads a love letter from a character unknown to the audience.


Special Thanks

This fanon would not be what it is without the help and encouragement of others. I would like to thank:

  • Perplexed Panda for being my faithful editor and for giving all round advice on the inner workings of my story - without him my fanon would be teeming with dirty little grammatical errors and other critters.
  • My subscribers, for without your occasional comments I would be nothing.
  • Anyone one who has ever reviewed, interviewed, commented on or read my fanon - you're all rad.
  • And, of course, Team Avatar (from Bryke to the fandom) for without their work I would have no inspiration.