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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: Into the Light.

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Avatar: Into the Light
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November 20, 2012 - July 19, 2015


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Suki's Story

Avatar: Into the Light is a fanon created by Agent Slash. It is a part of the Slashverse and serves as the third and final installment in the Slash Trilogy.


It has been nine years since Tai Kun and the Zhiming Assassins were defeated, but now, Team Avatar's greatest threat yet has arrived. An evil, secret nation known as the Light Clan has been living hidden among the rest of the world for centuries, and has chosen now to unleash their master plan. It is up to Aang, Katara, Suki, and the rest of the gang to take them down and allow the remaining nations to remain in peace.


Team Avatar

  • Aang (D. B. Sweeney): The Avatar and the last Airbender. He is now living in Republic City and is married to Katara.
  • Katara (Erica Schroeder): The compassionate, caring Waterbender. She is now married to Aang and is living with him in Republic City.
  • Suki (Miranda Otto): The leader of the Kyoshi Warriors and savior of Ba Sing Se. She is still in a relationship with Sokka and lives in Republic City.
  • Sokka (Chris Hardwick): The sarcastic, meat-loving, boomerang wielding warrior. He is still in a relationship with Suki and is living in Republic City.
  • Toph (Kate Higgins): The blind Earthbender. She is the chief of Republic City's Metalbending Police Force and resides in the city as well.
  • Zuko (Ron Perlman): The ruler of the Fire Nation. He still resides in the Fire Nation, but often visits his friends in Republic City.
  • Ai (Laura Bailey): The kindly Waterbender from Omashu. She currently lives with her friends in Republic City.
  • Bo (Crispin Freeman): The good-hearted Waterbender. He currently lives in Republic City with his friends.
  • Ling (Agent Slash): The formerly-tranquil Earthbender. He is now a depressed recluse and lives in Republic City.
  • Rong (Lara Cody): The peaceful Firebender. She currently lives with her friends in Republic City.
  • Yukio (Ashley Eckstein): An ancient lightbender and Yazdalia's sister. She is wise and noble and despises Bai Lung's ideals.
  • Momo (Dee Bradley Baker): Aang's pet lemur. He lives with him and Katara in their home in Republic City.
  • Appa (Dee Bradley Baker): Aang's pet sky bison and oldest friend. He currently lives with Aang and Katara in Republic City.
  • Feng (Dee Bradley Baker): Suki's pet eel hound. He lives with Suki in her home in the city.


Light Clan

  • Bai Lung (John Cygan): The ruler of the Light Clan and the main antagonist of the series. He is nothing like Team Avatar has ever encountered, and has a savage personality.
  • Chong (Lance Henriksen): The second-in-command to Bai Lung. He is quite intelligent and is always several steps ahead of everyone else

Hong Shu's Forces

  • Hong Shu (Steve Blum): Hong Wu's spirit inside Shuang's body. He is now a major crime lord in the United Republic of Nations, and intends on making the world burn, including Suki.
  • Yakone (Clancy Brown): Hong Shu's second-in-command. He is ruthless and secretly a bloodbender. He hopes one day to inherit his boss' criminal empire.
  • Lin Hui (Cree Summer): A Waterbender who is the adopted daughter of Shun. She is aggressive towards those who she dislikes, including the ones who took her mother away.


  • Qian (Brian Cox): The mayor of Republic City. He considers the Avatar to be a menace and will do whatever it takes to get rid of him.
  • Mai (Peri Gilpin): Zuko's former love. She is now an assassin who is bent on killing Zuko for several different reasons and is the leader of the Daughters of Ozai.
  • Yazdalia (Grey DeLisle): Jun's lover and Yukio's sister. She has returned after many millennia to exact revenge on Aang for killing her beloved. She is as seductive as she is deadly.
  • Zhi Jing (Clancy Brown): A gargoyle-like shadow spirit who is the Spirit World's best hunter. He obsessed with proving he is the mightiest.
  • Kela the Screamer (Nika Futterman): A spirit who wields deadly fear gas that makes people's worst fears come to life.
  • Ving (Sam Witwer): The Dark Avatar and the first one in millennia to know of his identity. He is unstable and psychopathic.


  • Iroh (Greg Baldwin): The wise and noble former Fire Nation general. He currently lives in Ba Sing Se, receiving visits from his nephew every so often.
  • Jin (Courtenay Taylor): The former second-in-command of the Sons of Ozai. She is now Zuko's right-hand general and most trusted advisor.
  • Ning (Kim Mai Guest): A Kyoshi Warrior who is a bit timid, but fights with true bravery and honor. She is one of Suki's most trusted warriors.
  • Miki (Kari Wahlgren): One of the Kyoshi Warriors. She is a bit tomboyish and blunt. She is another of Suki's most trusted warriors.
  • Ho-Tun (Kevin Michael Richardson): The doom-mongering Metalbender. He serves with Toph as a Lieutenant on the Metalbending Police Force.
  • Penga (Tara Strong): The shoe-loving Metalbender. She also serves with Toph as a member of the Metalbending Police Force.
  • The Dark One (Carter Hayden): The Metalbender who hates everything. He now serves as an officer on the Metalbending Police Force.
  • Hakoda (André Sogliuzzo): The Chief of the Southern Water Tribe and the father of Katara and Sokka. He has grown weaker in his old age, but still leads his tribe effectively.
  • Wu Li (Jason Marsden): A drifter with a wild heart who has a romantic interest in Toph.
  • Huong (Jon Bernthal): A man who looks exactly like Aang. He was given the ability to airbend by the spirits.
  • Gahno (Billy Connolly): The former leader of the Si Guan Lian. He is now serving with his friends as a Commander in the United Forces.
  • Ren (Jennifer Hale): A former member of the Si Guan Lian. She is now serving as a Lieutenant in the United Forces.
  • Kuong (Michael Rosenbaum): Another former member of the Si Guan Lian. He and Otaka are in a relationship. He is now a Captain in the United Forces.
  • Otaka (Tara Strong): Yet another former Si Guan Lian member. She and Kuong are now in a relationship. She is serving as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United Forces.


  • Ju (Rose Leslie): A rebellious ninja-like girl who plays by her own rules and is bent on killing Hong Shu.
  • Raijin (Quinton Flynn): A ninja-like mercenary who is Ju's partner.
  • Zhu (Yuri Lowenthal): Qian's assistant who does not always agree with his boss' plans. He has no quarrel with the Avatar and does not see him as a threat.
  • Kong (David Morrissey): The General of the United Forces. He is a hard, no-nonsense man who strictly adheres to his own rules.


Book One

  1. Wedding Day
  2. Against the World
  3. The Rose's Thorns
  4. The Rise of a Crime Lord
  5. The Return of Hong Shu
  6. Ling's Scars
  7. Love and Secrets
  8. Warriors of the Night
  9. Gone in the Night
  10. The Assault, Part 1: The Warrior Cometh
  11. The Assault, Part 2: Enter Bai Lung

Book Two

  1. A Knife To the Heart
  2. The Field Trip, Part 1: Return of the Ringleader
  3. The Field Trip, Part 2: Wu Li
  4. A Plague O' Both Their Houses
  5. Joining the Big Leagues
  6. A Little Taste of Power
  7. The Avatar's Trial
  8. Our Ending, Part 1
  9. Our Ending, Part 2
  10. Targets, Part 1
  11. Targets, Part 2

Book Three

  1. Light Lessons
  2. Where My Wife Sleeps
  3. Nightmares, Part 1
  4. Nightmares, Part 2
  5. A Night in the City
  6. Framed
  7. United Vengeance
  8. The Wanderer
  9. Tales of Republic City
  10. The Election
  11. The Carnage of Qian

Book Four

  1. Backlash
  2. Tea Time
  3. The Republic City Players
  4. Dark Fury
  5. With a Little Help From My Friends
  6. Let it Shine
  7. Family Feud
  8. The Sting of the Past
  9. The Assassin's Epilogue
  10. The Great Enlightenment
  11. The Resurrection

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