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Mysteries of my Past
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Mysteries of My Past

Avatar: Guardian is a fanon series written by The Bos. It chronicles Team Avatar's attempts to guard their hard-earned peace after the War. The series is notable for its conclusions of the open plot lines left by the original series, along with its highly praised battle scenes. Among the new features in the series, are the new rebellious organizations, the Firefighters and Phoenix Warriors.

Production History

This story was conceived by The Bos during his history class. The discussion was on the many wars between the French and the British and a classmate brought up that because their loved ones had been killed by the other side, they carried a hatred towards them; the idea that many countries who fought each other, fought each other again. The Bos then carried this idea over to the Avatar Universe, thinking that "Not everyone would be willing to stop fighting immediately without revenge, especially if they had lost someone they loved." He also discussed this with friends, and they agreed with him. Thus, Avatar: Guardian was born.

The Bos began brainstorming ideas, mainly about names for the organizations who wanted to continue hostilities. He came up with the idea for the Phoenix Warriors first. He struggled with who would command the organization, until he re-watched The Southern Raiders, when it became clear to him. He then realized the need for a water organization. He began writing the ideas down and they eventually began forming chapters. The Bos had written a few chapters before he made an account, though he wasted no time once the account was made. Being new to the wiki system, he received help from many other users who took an interest in his project. He eventually learned, and began heavy production of the series. After the first book's season finale, The Bos' schedule again forced him to put delays on the series, taking a break from publishing chapters to make sure his chapters would be of a higher quality for the start of the second book.

After a significant break, The Bos resumed publication. As The Bos published more chapters, his production speed increased, as he continually had more ideas. After deciding to take another break, The Bos received an outcry for the release of Ursa's Story. The Bos then wrote several more chapters, writing the Book 2 finale first before deciding on the way to get there. After the completion of Book 2, The Bos began focusing on the Phoenix Warriors. He attempted to create a full book's arc, eventually deciding on the Book's eventual conclusion.


Avatar: Guardian was actually begun before The Bos joined Avatar Wiki. He had read the articles, and realized he could create them too. The Bos had many ideas, more than The Bos could remember. So he began writing them down, and eventually, he began forming them into a story. He began creating characters in later chapters, and also caused their actions to be able to fit into the back story he created. Other ideas he could not find a way to fit into the series will be recycled into his second project.


After numerous disputes featured on the comment section of the page, The Bos decided to clarify the views of the series. Avatar: Guardian only features 'Ships' featured in Avatar: The Last Airbender, as in 'Kataang', 'Maiko', and 'Sukka'. A list of characters in relationships follows:



Boreas, the most powerful of the New Nomads.

This story takes place almost a year after the final battle of the War. Since then, Aang has Energybent some of the people at the Northern Air Temple into becoming Airbenders, but has not done all of them since it is physically exhausting. Toph went to Omashu and helped Bumi clean up the city since the occupation and began to teach him Metalbending, with Bumi in turn teaching Toph to bend Jennamite. Sokka went back to train with Piandao and to make a new sword. Iroh has been seen as a hero in the Earth Kingdom and opened up a new tea shop in Omashu. Zuko married Mai and has begun to usher a new era of peace to the world. Unfortunately that peace would not go unchallenged. A faction in the Northern Water Tribe wishes to punish the Fire Nation, while there are some in the Fire Nation that believe that the War should continue since the Firebenders are so far superior to the other nations. These factions will resort to any means necessary to achieve their goals.


There are factions in all 3 of the surviving nations who want to further their interests in the world.

Water Tribes

In the Water Tribes, the faction is called the Firefighters. Led by Mitros, they are interested in punishing the Fire Nation for causing the war. They believe since it was the Fire Nation that instituted the war, they should be punished for it. Some benders from this faction infiltrated the Fire Nation and began flooding villages, like Jang Hui. They are skilled in stealth, managing to make their attacks appear like a natural disaster. After being driven out of the Fire Nation by a combination of Firebender resistance and Team Avatar's attacks, they decided to increase their numbers by recruiting from the Southern Water Tribe. After their leaders were killed during the battle that ensued after Hakoda refused their request, the Firefighters disbanded, with most of its leadership killed.

Earth Kingdom

The Earth Kingdom is in turmoil after its main administrators are not in command of the kingdom. The Earth King is still missing, so the Council of Five has taken temporary control of the kingdom, devoting the military to rebuilding the Kingdom and finding the King. The Dai Li continue to act, despite being banned by the Council. Long Feng was liberated from his prison by agents during the Liberation of Ba Sing Se by Dai Li agents who remained loyal to him. Wanting vengeance, he ordered attacks on the various members of Team Avatar. He ordered an attack on Zuko, and his agents caused a cave in of the crater of the capital city with Zuko nearby. This was also attributed to damage from his Agni Kai with Azula. After their second assassination attempt on Zuko failed, they returned to the Earth Kingdom where they devoted all of their time to find the Earth King to gain control of the kingdom and locating the Earth King to secure their power. To this end, they launched attacks on Omashu, as well as various other Earth Kingdom towns looking for information on his whereabouts. After a failed assault on Ba Sing Se, Avatar Kyoshi appeared and defeated Long Feng, disbanding the Dai Li due to their corruption.

Fire Nation

Yon Rha

Jiang Rha, the leader of the Phoenix Warriors.

In the Fire Nation, those who split from the new Fire Lord's policies are led by Admiral Jiang Rha and are known as the Phoenix Warriors. They are attempting to continue the war and refute Zuko's claim to being Fire Lord. They launched many strikes around the Earth Kingdom and recently liberated Ozai from his prison outside the capital. Their desires have copied the initial actions of Sozin, as they have attacked both the Air Nomads and begun attacking villages in the southwestern Earth Kingdom. After conquering the Fire Nation's capitol, Jiang Rha was overthrown by Zhian, an ambitious, young officer who believed that Jiang was too weak in his leadership. After Team Avatar's arrival in the Capitol, the Phoenix Warriors are captured, having all been defeated during the team's arrival.


Main article: Avatar: Guardian Chapters


Air Nomads


Mitros, the leader of the Firefighters, was a popular character.

Water Tribe


Earth Kingdom

Head of the Dai Li close-up

Jiren, a confused Dai Li agent.

Dai Li

Fire Nation


Zhian, a powerful Phoenix Warrior.

Phoenix Warriors


Guardian has been very well received among the users of Avatar Wiki. The series has gotten praise from many of the more seasoned fanon writers, such as The Avatar, and Vaznock, who have become regular readers. The avatar has noted that the chapters continue to get better, and Vaznock noted that the chapter Sokka's Training was better than the episode it was based on. Twilitlink liked that specific chapter so much that he nominated it to be the featured article for November, which it won. The Bos has received a high amount of praise on his portrayal of Sokka, mostly about staying true to the original character.

Stormfire also enjoyed the series, praising its maintaining the character's personalities from the original series and not being all action oriented. Stormfire also enjoyed the chapter Ever-Changing Plans, praising its likeness to an original episode. Themuffinrox has found the chapters to be "believable" and appreciates the explanation of the character's backstories. Waterkai also decided to guest write a chapter due to The Bos' writer's block, which allowed for The Bos to regain momentum for the series. The Bos had enough confidence in it to nominate the series for the featured fanon series for December. It won, and the recently returned user The avatar remarked on its massive growth during his absence. The Book 1 Finale was also praised, winning the Featured Article for February 2010. Both the series and its author were nominated and won the Fanon Award for best new series and author, respectively.

Ursa in disbelief

Ursa's Story was a popular and much anticipated chapter

The Bos continued with its momentum, finishing the first 5 chapters of Book 2 and resuming the weekly intervals of publishing them. Vaznock raved about the series, saying that Long Feng seemed like more of a villain in Guardian than in the original series. During an IRC discussion, Vaznock also said that he found the Bos' original inspiration for the series (his history class) to be interesting.

The Bos continued, releasing chapters 6-9 on a regular schedule. He then released Parts 1 and 2 of "Omashu Attacked" on the same day. After announcing that he would delay the release of the following chapter, The Bos received a small outcry wanting to read Ursa's Story, so The Bos published Ursa's Story on schedule, the following Friday. After receiving rave reviews for the chapter, The Bos nominated Ursa's Story for Featured Article for July 2010, and it won.

After taking almost a month off from publishing chapters, The Bos finally finished the last chapter of Book 2. He released a blog announcing that he was resuming publication of Guardian, starting with Roads and Pathways. Then, after a slight bout with an anonymous user creating pages for Guardian's new chapters, The Bos published Roads and Pathways, to much praise from Dragon of The West and Dudewaldo4.

As the rest of Book 2 continued, The Bos addressed more of the unresolved backstories left from Avatar: The Last Airbender, like Toph's relationship with her parents and Gyatso's death. The events of The Airbending Master were praised as new and creative, leaving Stormfire "bow[ing] before the wisdom of the Bos", as well as other reviews by users such as Dragon of The West, DudeWaldo4, Vaznock, and The avatar. When it came time for Toph to face her parents, the positive reviews poured in, with users such as Evatar114 and MightyBrit talking about the portrayal of the reunion between Toph and her parents, with Evatar "expecting them to reject her, but this was better", while also calling the chapter "Awesome". MightyBrit and Vaznock also expressed similar thoughts, Vaznock praising the portrayal of Toph's parents, saying that "it's nice to see Toph's parents painted in a more favorable light". When The Bos released A Master and A Traitor, reviews came in again as positive. Vaznock praised Aang's forgiveness and release of Jiren, and Stormfire enjoyed reading about the death of Gyatso.

Kyoshi in the Avatar State

Avatar Kyoshi's return was another praised chapter from Book 2.

On the one year anniversary of the first Guardian chapter, The Bos released both parts of the Book 2 finale, The Dai Li Part 1 - The King's Return and Part 2 - Kyoshi's Revenge on August 17. The reviews were incredibly favorable, with Dragon of The West comparing the chapter's battle scenes to an action movie and several other users raving about the 'epicness' of the chapter.

Book 3 experiences many delays, from writers block, to schoolwork and general procrastination. The prolonged wait period prompted The Bos to release a preview of the first chapter of Book 3 while he completed work on the first half of Book 3. Responses to Zifu have been favorable, with Vaznock saying that he is "pretty freaking awesome" and that "he is quickly becoming my new favorite Guardian villain," surpassing Mitros. Responses to the appearance of Mai and Ty Lee were also popular, as was the ambiguous appearance of an elderly Firebender. French Froglegs, among others, initially believed it to be Iroh, when it was later revealed to be Jeong Jeong. Upon the release of Ruins, Dragon of The West noted the "intense" atmosphere, while 501st avatar fan got "the feeling someone is going to die."

With the release of Denial, the series closed in on the middle of the Book. Millennia2 noted that the series "just keeps getting better and better." That prophecy was seemingly fulfilled, as both of the next chapters were nominated for Featured Article. In his nomination, Dragon of the West "praised his disciplined approach to writing" and called the chapter "an admirable example of the heights a structured, well thought-out approach can yield." After the conclusion of voting, the second part of the chapter was chosen to be the featured article, becoming the fifth featured article from the Guardian continuity.

Following the release of the Timeless Security chapters, The Bos released three chapters that shed light on events mentioned in the final part of the mid-book finale. In the chapters, The Bos had first the apparent death of Iroh, and event that shocked Kilo99, among others. A similar scenario played out on the following chapter, following the death of Azula, although Evatar114 seemed to be more sympathetic to Azula's dramatic exit. Millenia2 enjoyed the chapter, but was left speechless, with a single "Wow" as his comment. Ozai's death was noted as "Exceptional", finishing the chapters that eliminated the Fire Nation Royal Family.

The New Direction, while believed by The Bos to be largely filler, proved to be well received by fans. Dragon of The West simply quoted Boreas, believing "'nuff [was] said." PSUAvatar14 was impressed by Boreas' wisdom, saying that he "may put that quote on [his] page." When Team Avatar finally arrived on Kyoshi Island, their exploits were well praised. Part 1 was met with a question, which The Bos adequately answered. Part 2 was more positively received; it was hailed as "incredible" by Dragon Friend. Both PSUAvatar14 and Dragon of The West praised Aang's interactions with Kyoshi, as they both "liked the exchange between Kyoshi and Aang," since "the struggles in [Aang's] time are his to deal with."

Zuko blast

Zuko, as featured in The Capitol Part 4 - The True Heart.

Reviews for the Guardian finale, 'The Capitol' were all positive. French Froglegs, a prominent new user, gave The Bos a "thumbs up" for the finale, before lamenting Azula's death in a prior chapter. Evatar114 was left speechless, refusing to believe that the series was finally finished. Skybender101 agreed, praising the "great ending." Dragon of The West made a massive blog, praising the series and its accomplishments, and highlighted 'The True Heart' as monumental in Guardian's development as "a deep reflexive look into the monster that is human greed." Eventually, the series was voted into being the featured article in May of 2011, as Guardian's final featured article.


Avatar: Guardian has won more Featured Articles than any other series on the site, with 6 as of June 2011.

Non-Canon Events

Clash of Worlds 2

Main article: Clash of Worlds 2, Part 4: Guardian

Avatar: Guardian participated in Clash of Worlds 2, being assigned Part 4. Guardian is first mentioned in Part 2, with Jiang Rha spectating in the battle between Ray and Lian where he cheers for Lian, claiming that the villains never win. Jiang then accidentally kills Avatar Chen. Mitros appears at the Royal Palace in the Kyoshi Revolts Universe, apparently as a new lover for Kama. In Part 3, Mitros is fought over by Kama and Azula, also fighting for the title of Supreme Fire Lord. Jiang Rha has an awkward moment with Ozai, accidentally walking in on him while Ozai was in the shower, singing. Azula tries to talk dirty to Mitros, but he is no where to be found, prompting Azula to unleash a massive search for him across the many Fanon universes. In Part 4, Ozai brings his love of song to the forefront, by bringing together all of the residents of the Phoenix Islands and the Phoenix Warriors for a massive karaoke party for singing Disney songs (a location that apparently doesn't exist in the Fanon universes). Afterwards, Ozai fires Jiang Rha, citing that Hoshizu had better plans. Jiang decides that he will change universes to try and better his luck. Meanwhile, Mitros is in the Phoenix Chronicles Universe gathering support to keep him from having kids with Azula, who wants to make him pay child support. Avatar Chen appears out of no where, and the new Firefighters quickly kill him. In Part 5, Choy appeared in the middle of the Firefighter's meeting. He realizes the severity of his situation before cursing Twilitlink. Their fight continues, with Choy eventually killing all of the Firefighters except Mitros. They duel fiercely, before they begin wondering why they are using Japanese swords in a universe based on Chinese culture. They two prepare for a finishing blow, but are stopped by the appearance of Ryu, who warns Choy not to spoil their actual relationship from their canon series. Ozai's karaoke party is shown to have continued, becoming a large attraction, until it is crashed by Nero and Lee Koisho, who decide to put the universes back in order, ending the crossover.

Clash of Worlds 3

Avatar: Guardian was included in the third installment in the Clash of Worlds series, again given the fourth chapter.

Characters from Guardian are first mentioned in Part 1, where Mitros is skeptical about how horrible The Last Airbender was. After viewing it, he believes he was corrected.

Later, at the Fanon Villains meeting in Part 2, Mitros is again seen, calling Lu Ming "Grandpa", saying he is too old to be in charge of the meeting. His jokes are stopped when Lu Ming creates a massive gust of air that shuts up him, Azula, and Afiko. Jiang Rha is later seen in a room with Ozai, who begins singing Justin Beiber's "Baby." Jiang is tortured by this, eventually knocking Ozai out to shut him up. Katas was placed in a room with Zhao, who stared at each other from across their rooms, stating their hate for each other. The two get into a pillow fight, with Katas eventually piercing Zhao with an ice spike before Zhao dissolves into his black smoke to get a new body. Karno is seen arresting Kuwabara for "possession of marijuana" before getting him and his group of Firefighters beaten up by the elderly woman. Mitros later asks Slythrin why his nails are painted pink, to which he replies that Tam Mee says it looks good on him.


Karno in Clash of Worlds 3

In Part 3, Ozai and Jiang are seen at Ozai-mania, where the two are hardcore rockers giving a concert. Ozai says that after marriages didn't work out, the audience still rocked. Katas continues arguing with Zhao, who continue saying how much they hate each other. Guardian's Aang is seen in a chakras class given by Pathik, and is seen agreeing with Peter that Pathik is totally insane. Guardian's Bumi also appears, introducing Kama, and apparently flirting with her. Mitros is heard agreeing that the villains and heroes stop fighting long enough to kill Avatar Chen.

Many Guardian Characters participate in the chase of Chen in Part 4. None are able to catch him before Hai destroys the balance in the universe by Dividing by Zero. Katas is sent to Kyoshi Revolt's Royal Palace, where he, along with the other Firebenders in the room, kill Hai. He then points out his hatred of the Fire Nation, before the Firebenders in the room turn on him. He quickly requests a scene change, which The Bos grants. Bumi is seen talking in Cliches constantly, and Lao refers to him as 'King Cliche.' The two get into a fight, sending the entire group of characters rolling down the hill. Mitros is seen having to deal with a stoned Choy and a hormonal Lian, all who hate each other. He notes Choy's notion of eating enemies "seems more like Siwang or Gao." Ozai and Jiang have just finished Ozai-mania, and note why they hadn't been taken to another universe. That very event happens and the two are transported to another universe. Karno appears in Phoenix City, and begins noting on how almost all the characters in his group are new to Clashes, before Giu tells them to shut up.

As seen in Chapter 5, Katas somehow managed to survive being attacked by all of the Fire Nation characters, instead having the group enjoy some smores. Later on, Ozai and Jiang Rha are seen singing Justin Beiber's "Baby" back at Ozaimania.

Katas is seen again in Chapter 6 where he blocks a wave of spit from Shaoshang. On Ember Island, Mitros is seen overreacting to someone saying they would kill M. Night, believing that they said Shamu instead. Ozai and Jiang Rha's version of Baby is later seen as the ringtone on Tam Mee's cellphone when MightyBrit calls to let her know about why New Lee is suddenly British. Katas is assigned to be on a team with Afiko and Lu Ming, though he doesn't do much. Cheng is seen at Ihop, eating with Liang and saying that Freddy Krueger will stop cameoing soon. Jiang Rha is seen asking Ozai is he wants to do something other than sing Justin Beiber, and they instead go to sing the new Miley Cyrus song. Ozai agrees, and Jiang rips off his clothes, revealing a tight, bird-like costume. Mitros is seen walking through the Black Lotus base talking with Azula. They talk about how Hoshizu re-wrote the chapter so that Slythrin was deleted, before encountering the voice of M. Night Shymalan. Mitros is transformed into wearing Fire Nation clothes, something Azula notes to being "really douchey".

Mitros is in the fetal position after his transformation into Fire Nation clothes, rendering him unable to help Azula in her duel against M. Night's voice. After Jiang and Ozai finish their song, they are interrupted by Gao and Siwang, who suggest they sing a song that doesn't suck. They begin singing Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, much to the annoyance of the two insane killers. They decide to kill the two, and Gao kills Ozai by beating him to death with Ozai's own arms, while Siwang stuffs a rock down Jiang's throat, all the while confusing him with a dead hooker. Cheng remains in Ihop, ignoring Giu's dragging of Tengu to find hookers, instead focusing on his pancakes. Bumi is seen asking Hai if he was burnt to a crisp, referencing a scene from several chapters before. Cheng again refuses moving, this time to save the universes, while again eating his pancakes. Katas and Mitros are fairly useless during the fight with M. Night, leaving it to Chen and Mecha-Koisho.

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