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Fanon Award for Outstanding Fanon Series

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Avatar: Better World (2009) - Avatar: Better World (2010) - Avatar: Energy Saga (2011) - Heiress of the Nile (2012)
Silent Hero in Emerald (2013) - Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes (2015)

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Avatar: Energy Saga is a fanon series written by AvatarRokusGhost.


Exclusive interview with the author

Energy Saga takes place after the end of the television series. It's about Aang fulfilling his duties as Avatar and rebuilding the world which has been devastated by a hundred years of war. In order to help make the world he lives in now more like the one he grew up in, he starts learning energybending, one of the capabilities which the Avatar Spirit has; however very few incarnations of the Avatar have ever used it. Without the instruction of his past lives, he's essentially on his own. However, as he discovers what energybending is capable of, he learns that all of his actions have consequences. The series begins at the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but some darker themes become introduced as it goes along and it becomes more PG-13 than the canon show.


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Main Characters

Old Generation

  • Aang - The Avatar and the protagonist of Energy Saga, Aang, resides in the South Pole with his family and travels frequently to the Southern Air Temple. During the series, Aang gradually becomes more powerful and knowledgeable in energybending.
  • Katara - The waterbending wife of Aang, Katara lives at the South Pole and shares in Aang's adventures after the Hundred Year War.
  • Zuko - Fire Lord, Zuko does the best he can to get his country back on the right path, encountering trouble along the way. Some of his countrymen were not satisfied with the outcome of the War when Zuko took over.
  • Sokka - Sokka, Katara's brother and Aang's brother-in-law, is now Chief of the Southern Water Tribe. Ever-loyal to his friends and family, Sokka joins Aang and Zuko on their respective journeys.
  • Toph - Toph was named the Queen of Omashu after Bumi passed away and remains one of the greatest, if not the greatest, earthbenders in the world. With her in charge, Omashu remains a safe haven Team Avatar can count on no matter what happens.
  • Migo - Migo is a new addition to the gang. He is a talented earthbender, though not as talented as Toph. His laid-back, easy-going personality stands in sharp contrast to Toph's sharp, confrontational, tomboyish one. He is generally friendly to anyone he meets and tries to help out when someone is in trouble.
  • Trinley - Like Migo, Trinley is a new character in Energy Saga.

New Generation

  • Tenzin - The first son of Katara and Aang, Tenzin is an airbending prodigy who learns from his father at the Southern Air Temple.
  • Kaddo - The second son of Katara and Aang, Kaddo is a waterbender who learns from his mother at the South Pole.
  • Vameira - The youngest child and only daughter of Katara and Aang, Vameira is an airbender who learns from her father at the Southern Air Temple.
  • Neinei - The daughter of Mai and Zuko, Neinei is Princess of the Fire Nation and an aspiring firebender.
  • Hinko - The son of Suki and Sokka, Hinko is an aspiring warrior who lives at the South Pole.




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Fanon Awards

  • Outstanding Drama Series - 3rd Awards
  • Writing in a Comedy Series - 3rd Awards
  • Outstanding Author - 4th Awards


  • Outstanding Author - 3rd Awards
  • Writing in a Drama Series - 3rd Awards
  • Writing in a Drama Series - 4th Awards
  • Best Villain - 4th Awards


  • Single Fanonbender - April 2011
  • Double Fanonbender - September 2011
  • Triple Fanonbender - June 2012
  • Quadruple Fanonbender - August 2012
  • Fanonbending Master - September 2012

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Book 2 - Rise
The New Air Nomads - Changing Winds - The Calling Statue - Migo - Cave of the Ancients: Part 1, Part 2 - Mobilization - Reflections - Omashu - Fire Nation Pirates - The Phoenix Rises - Misfortune and Reproach - Gatherings and Struggles - Revelations - Battle at the Fire Nation Capital: Part 1, Part 2
Book 3 - Atonement
Hopes of Redemption - A New Journey - Shifting Gears - The Air Lord - Three Children, Three Journeys - Realignment - Infiltration - Friends and Traitors - The Lost Island - Legends - Reunion and Discovery - Ghost of an Avatar's Past - Fire Nation's Final Hope - The Avatar Legion - Battle of the Six Armies: Part 1, Part 2 - Shihang Shi - Return to the Cave of the Ancients: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
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