"Revenge has never
been this twisted."

Bolin realizes
Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

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Avatar: Cosmic Energy
"We will fight even against the Avatar and strive to stretch beyond the cosmos"
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Action, adventure and romance


PG (overall)




15 (book 1) 5 (book 2)




July 2013- Present






Avatar: The Last Airbender


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Avatar: Cosmic Energy is an upcoming - two book - Fanon being written by Snivystorm. This is his first Avatar Fanon and his very first Fanon as well.

It explores the idea of Energybending secretly being known to others besides Aang and the Lion Turtle and how these people develop hate for the Avatar leading to an all new enemy and a new epic adventure for the Gaang. So he hopes this will intrigue, inspire and make you, , beg for more.

Revealing Book: Cosmic Energy

Plot Overview

Two years have past since the return of Sozin's Comet, the fall of Ozai and the Avatar and the new Firelord began restoring balance.

But while peace may be restored, a dark evil lurks in the mist. People who want to end this era of peace and wreak havoc on the world.

The people who believe the Avatar didn't deserve to be the hero as he abandoned them a 100 years ago and resulted in the genocide of the Air Nomads. They feel a mongrel coward like him does not deserve such praise and plan to end him...permanently. They are.....The Energybenders!



Prologue: The Night Before - Chapter 1: Meeting with the Avatar - Chapter 2: The Lost Scrolls - Chapter 3: Time to Reunite - Chapter 4: The Duo Together Once More - Chapter 5: A Warning Part 1 - A Warning Part 2 - Chapter 7: The Lord In A Shack - Chapter 8: Lost - Chapter 9: The Unexpected Betrayal

Coming Soon:

Coming Soon
Chapter 10: Down We Fall - Chapter 11: The Secret - Chapter 12: Game Changer - Chapter 13: The Darkness Within - Chapter 14: The Last Frontier

Hidden Book: The Stories of Shao - The Dark Days

Note: This does not have to be read before book 1, it acts only as a companion piece to it.

This will be a series of One Shots from Shao's journal telling and showing you readers what led to the Energybenders forming in more detail and showing how Shao and his family lived and what caused him and his family to change when they found out they were descendants of the Energybenders.

It will not be developed any further until after the completion of Revealing.


Shao was always a sensible and polite boy. He looked after his brother and protected him from bullies. He assisted his mother in looking after his ill father and had high hopes despite the poor living conditions that were thrown upon him from living in the slums of the Earth Kingdom during the Hundred Year War.

But that all changes when his father gets better and it turns out that he and his father are Firebenders. They are all outcasts and have no where to go at least until the Energybenders told them of their true calling.



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All of these characters will be featured in Book 1, while only the Energybenders will appear in the hidden book.

Team Avatar

Aang - The current Avatar. Presently helping Zuko restore balance to the nations in the Earth Kingdom.

Appa - Aang's sky bison and friend.

Momo - Aang's pet lemur .

Katara - Girlfriend of Aang the Avatar. Currently living with Aang.

Toph - A master Earthbender and the creator of Metalbending. Currentky spreading her knowledge of metalbending to P.E.Gs (Professional Earthbending Girl). She has bonded with a student, Alex

Sokka - Brother of Katara. He is 17 years of age. Now works with his dad as second in command of the tribe's warriors. Resides in the Southern Water Tribe.

Zuko - 18 years old. He has been the Firelord for two years and is slowly restoring the damage that occurred over the war with the help of his uncle Iroh and the White Lotus.

The Energybenders

Lee Quinn - Like his family, for generations they have always gone against the Avatar since the event when Avatar Kurruk lost his love to Koh for not fulfilling his full duty as the Avatar.

Shao Quinn - Lee's older brother

Koba - A non-bender. He has served the Energybenders all his life. He is very close to Lee and Shao.

La Quinn - Mother of Shao and Lee.

Mar Quinn - Father of Shao and Lee.

The mysterious Mr. Quinn - Leader of the Energybenders.

Minor Characters

Hakoda - He is the father of Sokka and Katara and husband, of his late wife, Kya. He is the leader of the Southern Water Tribe's army.

Bato - A friend of Hakoda. He surprisingly goes through a change of loyalty.

Alexia - A Water Tribe fisherman who Toph and Sokka encounter.

Iroh - An old wise firebender.

Earthbending captain - Leader of an elite team of Earthbenders who guard Omashu and the king who seems to have a grudge against King Bumi.

Martin - Aang's neighbour

Lorraine - Martin's wife.

Bumi - The current king of Omashu and an old friend of Aang. He is a member of the Order of the White Lotus and an earthbending master.

Jostin - A new teacher, like Toph, but specialises in sandbending.

Master Fong - The head master at Tophs school.

Anna - Toph's star pupil.

Energybending Lion Turtle - (mentioned only).

Avatar Wan - (mentioned only).

Review and Interview

Here it is! It was reviewed by retired reviewer Mageddon725. The review is finally here for you all to read. This review is of my Fanon before October 20th 2013. I will improve on the weak points pointed out in this review so don't think my Fanon won't improve. I can't shame myself for not writing to the best of my ability and you lovely readers for not being able to read the story you deserve to read.

Here it is! Interviewed by Fruipit herself. Hope you guys enjoy the interview!

I would deeply appreciate it if you could write a comment at the end of every or just some of the chapters to tell me what you thought was good and bad about it (doesn't have to be long).

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