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Avatar: Brothers
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Civil war engulfs the entire continent of the Earth Kingdom. The powerful capital of Ba Sing Se wars against its seceded provinces of Omashu, Gaoling, and Taku. Omashu leads the fight with Gaoling and Taku at its side.

At the outset of the war, the Avatar joined the forces of Omashu in their fight against the oppressive King of Ba Sing Se. With his aid, the forces of Omashu win numerous skirmishes against Ba Sing Se and the secessionists' cause grows. However, the first major clash of armies sees the tide turn. It is at this battle that the Avatar dies in the frontlines.

Sixteen years later, the war is in a stalemate as the world awaits the announcement of the new Avatar. However, no Avatar is revealed. The Order of the White Lotus, whose purpose is to aid the Avatar, scours the Earth Kingdom looking for the most promising Avatar 'hopefuls.'

Enter in Jaro, the son of a blacksmith from a small village in the heart of 'The North'. Life was simple for him and his family until his sixteenth birthday. The White Lotus approach Jaro and reveal the possibility that he may be the Avatar. With a new adventure set in front of him, Jaro sets out to the Avatar Temple near Ba Sing Se to discover his destiny.




Jaro – At 16 years old at the beginning of Brothers, he has spent his life learning to become an earth bending blacksmith like his father. Someone who isn't afraid of the limelight, he loves to crack a joke or randomly speak whatever is on his mind. His earth bending is mediocre at best.

Kharum – The older brother of Jaro and an airbender. Kharum has spent his life becoming a very talented hunter and bowman rather than smithing like his little brother. He is a far quieter person than his brother and tends to get lost in thought. He learned his airbending from his grandfather, the Old Nomad.

Khiril - The father of Jaro and Kharum, he is the village blacksmith. He is weathered and beaten from many years of smithing and a life before that he tries to keep secret from his sons.

The Old Nomad - The grandfather of Jaro and Kharum. He came to The North in the prime of his adulthood. For most of his life, he studied the techniques of earth benders and fire benders and applied it to air bending to create a technique all his own. His new style of bending was deemed far too violent and stood against the Air Nomads' beliefs, and thus he was exiled. At the time of Brothers, the Old Nomad is seen as his village's leader.



The Marshals – The protectors of The North. This small band of a few hundred men defend the villages dotted throughout The North's mountains from bandits from the outside and monstrous beasts on the inside. They are all hardened warriors and extremely good at what they do. They also double as messengers between villages, and the Captain of the Marshals serves as an ambassador to other nations when the need arises.

The People of the North – For thousands of years, the mountains that make up The North were perfect for refugees, exiles, and outlaws alike from all across the world to run and hide. Overtime, these people would assimilate creating a diverse and strong people united under a single identity.

"Boff" Beifong (Chapter 7 and on) - An Avatar Hopeful like Jaro. He grew up in the slums of Gaoling in a dirt poor family. His father is fighting in the war leaving him and his family to scratch a living anyway they can. Boff, as he prefers to be called, is a simple boy of 16 and a gifted earth bender. While not dumb, he's certainly not the smartest stick in the bunch either.

New Locations

The North – Affectionately called Severnyy by its people, it is a small region located in the northern mountains of the Earth Kingdom continent and separate from the Earth Kingdom's influence for the area's history of lawlessness. Overtime, the people have united and are aspiring to become a country of their own. By the time of A:TLA, Severny's name and existence are long extinct. The mountains that make up this land are the most beautiful and deadliest in the whole world. Mountain passes are almost impossible to cross during the long winters leaving villages isolated from the world and each other for months at a time. Because of the harshness of its landscape, the people have adapted and are extremely self-reliant. Each village is democratically run and will send a few representatives to the Northern Air Temple where a 'Senate will take place to determine the laws of the land and how Severnyy will approach the world. The Marshals protect the country as a whole and help to maintain the laws.

During the war, Severnyy is a neutral region. Because of its location and landscape, Ba Sing Se and the other Earth Kingdoms agreed to leave Severnyy alone so long as they provide no aid to either side of the conflict.

Yedintzvo – The home village of Jaro and Kharum situated in the heart of the mountains.

Avatar Earth Temple – Located in the foothills outside of Ba Sing Se, this is the place where the Avatar hopefuls will gather and hopefully the next Avatar will be revealed.


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