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"Why live in a better world that's no better?"
— Tagline in Fanon:Avatar: Better World
Aang at Wulong Forest
Avatar: Better World
Why live in a better world that's no better?
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Avatar: Better World, also known as Better World and A Better World, is a fanon action-suspense serial drama written by SuperFlash101. It takes place after the events of Sozin's Comet, Part 4, and mostly stars Avatar Aang.


The story starts three weeks after the end of the series. It is divided into arcs, containing serial chapters.

The New World Chronicles

On a peace trip to the island of Haroon, Zuko and Aang are attacked by a Wind Killer-hired[1] bounty hunter. Zuko is injured in an attack, and Aang eventually takes him to a safe place. He then fights the assassin, and ends up victorious. He is injured, however.[2]

The Wind Killers hire another assassin, Lee Koisho, to attack Aang. Aang and Lee face off through Ba Sing Se, Lee constantly breaking down his self-esteem, Aang trying to ignore it. Lee's anger, however, causes him to slip and fail, Aang brutally injured. Lee is forced to death.[1]

Now heavily injured, Aang is bent on finding the identities of his assassins. His friends, however, insist that he not leave his room, so after much conversation, he does. The leader of the Wind Killers, Yino, arrives in his room to finish him off, and the two begin to engage in a battle.[3]

Yino and Aang's ensuing battle causes destruction throughout the entire ring, as well as serious injuries on both part. Sokka and Toph run through the ring, getting the citizens out of the danger zone as fast as they can. Aang is nearly killed, later, when Sokka surprisingly stabs Yino through the stomach, finally killing him and ending the assassinations.[4]

Production history

The story was conceived after the series finale, as a set of comics to be put on DeviantArt. But, after scratching that idea, it was decided to become a FanFiction story, and started to be shaped on what will happen.

After conceiving of having Aang be hunted by a bounty hunter, he chose a character used previously in the story Sokka's Days, and therefore made the two in the same canon.

It is hoped that eventually there will be a Manga adaption of the series put on DeviantArt. However, it is currently on hold due to technical reasons. In 2009, The 888th Avatar became an "editor" for the series, giving TurboTony advice on how the add and fix up the story.

On May 2, 2009, the third chapter was released. Reviews were fast, all positive and praising the action, character development, and fight sequences. Chapter four was released later, while chapter five, the finale for the first chronicle, was finished on July 16.


Team Avatar

  • Aang: Aang, now a fully-realized Avatar and saver of the world, lives in Ba Sing Se. He is dating Katara, and is recently dealing with heavy amounts of stress. Throughout the New World Chronicles, Aang lets his hair grow and gets several injuries.
  • Zuko: Zuko is the new Fire Lord. He is determined to make the world a better place.

Wind Killers and Assassins

  • Yino: The leader of the Wind Killers, Yino is stressed and a very good Firebender. He is cruel and malicious.
  • Hain: The first bounty hunter sent after Aang and Zuko. He wields flaming knives.
  • Lee Koisho: A ferocious bounty hunter, who holds a grudge on Toph, Sokka, and Aang. He was hired to finish Aang off, but failed to do so and was killed for it.

Themes and inspirations

TurboTony wanted to create an intense thriller, a follow-up to Avatar. The story lives up to that design, including intense fight sequences, death, and mysteries. Characters became more mature, deeply delving into their pure personalities and emotions.

The series is heavily inspired by elements found in the original series, and also by different aspects of several movies, animes, books, and even real-life events. Like the original series, the story is as well influenced by Asian-arts, including weaponry and culture.


Avatar: Better World is a story that promises to be an action thriller, much more intense than the at-times kooky and childish canonical series. Aang and the other characters have clearly grown up.
- The 888th Avatar src
I think Avatar: Better World is a great story. It is not the ordinary fan fiction story. It is accurately considered Book 4 Air. It is art that can't be replaced. It is the Book 4 Air inside us all.
- Bigman602

The series is still fairly undiscovered. The story has received only three official reviews so far, all of which praise it's drama, intensity, and characters. Lee Koisho has become a very positively viewed character on the Avatar Fanon Wiki, given a 5-star rating on his character page[5] and becoming a Featured Article in May, 2009.[6]

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