Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: A New Age in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: A New Age
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Book 1: 13, Book 2: 3 announced






The Legend of Korra






Long ago, my predecessor Avatar Korra stopped Amon and the Equalists. Amon may have died, but his cause did not. A group of high-ranking Equalists remained and sailed east and found a large land mass where they settled a city for their base of operations. From there, they started a huge rebellion in the 5 nations. Nonbenders demanded their own country. The 5 nations gave them this new land mass and the People's Democracy was founded. A large exodus of nonbenders fled to this new country. Eventually, the days where benders and nonbenders lived together was nothing but a memory.

The people's democracy thrived and isolated themselves from the bending world. Many citizens believe the old tales of bending and the Avatar to be just that, stories.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the original 5 nations. When Avatar Korra was fifty five, she still ruled with an iron fist. She saw two separate tribes of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes come together and formed the Water Empire. Soon the empire settled a colony in the Earth Kingdom and trouble broke out. Korra allowed the Water Empire to keep the colony but could not settle anymore, and all was resolved.

Soon, another problem arose, a group of benders who could bend lightning and only lightning formed in the Fire Nation. This group, known as The Lightning Clan, demanded their territories, which were in the northern Fire Nation, to be independent for them to rule. Korra soon made a compromise for them too, avoiding revolution.

Korra kept peace until she died at age 115. On that day, I, Avatar Suki, was born. Named after my great-great grandmother from a previous Team Avatar, I showed great promise as the new Avatar. I was a failure. I took the side of the Earth Kingdom and didn't remain balanced. Many Water Empire colonies were settled on the northern and southern tips of the Earth Kingdom. Due to my failure to find a compromise, a war broke out between the two nations.

Meanwhile, in the Fire Nation, the rebellion broke out once more because I wasn't paying attention to the problems outside of my home nation. The revolution began sweeping across the Fire Nation because the people were split on whether or not to free the Lightning Clan.

The Air Nomads struggled to survive because it had once relied in help form the other nations who now had more important things to worry about. The URN was falling apart due to the chaos in the other countries. Because of my failure as Avatar, the spirits made a huge decision that would change the Avatar forever.





Rokki- He is the son of two poor people who got into some debt trouble with a gang. When they couldn't pay their debt, his parents died and he became an orphan. When the gang attacked his house again, he discovered bis earthbending, and Avatar Suki trained him.

Suki- She is Avatar Korra's successor who let the world fall into chaos after favoring the Earth Kingdom over the other nations. She narrates the story from telling what she saw from the Spirit World. She also taught Rokki earthbending.

Hana- First seen as the Kyoshi Warrior who took Koda to prison.


Minor Characters

Book 1: Chaos

Priest Shang-A priest in Seishin-shi and the father of Orora. He hates talk of the Avatar and ultimately drives Orora to run away. He believes that Orora is cursed by the spirits and tries to kill her. (Deceased)

Chancellor Lin-She was elected as Chancellor of the People's Republic at age 27. She gave birth to Nori 3 years later. She is currently on her 3rd year of her 4th five-year term. (Deceased)


Book 1: Chaos

One Small Flame-After the death of Avatar Suki, Chancellor Lin gave birth to a girl named Magunoria, Nori for short. At age eight, Nori is contacted by Avatar Roku, who tells her she is a firebender, and starts to train her in the art of firebending.

Winds of Change-After the death of Avatar Suki, Priest Shang and his wife gave birth to a girl named Orora. At age ten, before her ceremony of moving up a school level, Orora is visited by Avatar Aang, who reveals she is an airbender. After mastering airbending and knowing her father will not like her airbending, she runs away to Amon City and eventually finds herself in prison.

A Drop in a Vast Ocean.-After the death of Avatar Suki, Matoaka gives birth to a boy named Koda. When Koda went to the Yue Day Festival when he was twelve bandits attack. Then he sees Yue who tells him he is a water bender and trains him. After three years he master waterbending and goes to Amon City.

A Move Toward Peace-After the death of Avatar Suki, a poor couple has a son named Rokki. Rokki's parents were killed by a gang and Rokki was orphaned. Soon the bandits come back and Rokki discovers he's an earthbender and is trained by Avatar Suki. Then he goes to Amon City.

Everyone Loves a Prison Break.-Avatar team breaks out of prison and finds Yue has crossed to the physical world. They then go and confront Chancellor Lin and Priest Shang.

A New Friend-After being sent to prison again the team is freed by a surprising new friend.

A Plan-The Avatar Team deals with the feelings they have for each other while they also think of a plan. Shang and Lin also develop and evil plan.

Raising a Rebellion-Koda and Yue free child prisoners and start a rebellion.

Order of the Flower?-Rokki and Orora meet a man from the Order of the White Lotus who promises the order's help.

All Locked Up-Hana and Nori go to a town where no one is allowed to leave their home.

He Shall Smite the Wicked-The day of the rebellion approaches and the Avatar team begins to fight.

Hail Shuryo-Nori and Hana confront Lin.

Beginnings and Ends-The team deals with their feelings and the nation after the rebellion.

Book 2: Unity

Road Trip- As the gang travels to the world benders things get heated between members of the group.

Ch 2- The gang lands in the old world but is captured by a group of benders.

Ch. 3- Coming Soon

Author's Note

Not really sure if anyone has read this but if you have I know I have not posted in a while. There was supposed to be a Book Two but I never got around to writing it. So I've decided that I'm going to try and write small pieces at a time when I can.

Also I will be alternating writing chapters for this and my other fanon.


Here is a timeline of how the story fits into the Avatar Universe.

0 AG Airbender genocide

100 AG End of the Hundred Year War

153 AG Korra is born

170 AG Amon is defeated by Korra and the remaining high-ranking Equalists flee to the new landmass and Amon City is founded.

171 AG Harmonic Convergence

183 AG The nonbenders take an exodus to the new land mass and debates on government arise

188 AG The debates finally end and the People's Democracy is founded and elected its first Chancellor, Ty lee.

196 AG Ty Lee dies at age 111 arter serving 1 full five-year term and 3 years of her second term.

208 AG The Northern and Southern Water Tribe unite to form the Water Empire.

218 AG The first Water Empire colony is founded in the northern Earth Kingdom.

228 AG The Lighting Clan is revealed and they revolt against the Fire Nation.

268 AG Korra dies peacefully in her sleep and Suki is born to a family on Kyoshi Island.

283 AG Suki is now a master of all elements and the hundred year anniversary is celebrated in the People's Democracy.

288 AG The Water Empire founded more colonies in the Earth Kingdom, causing tension.

290 AG Suki fails to keep peace between the Water Empire and the Earth Kingdom and war breaks out.

291 AG The Lightening Clan revolts against the Fire Nation, starting a long rebellion.

303 AG Chancellor Lin is born.

330 AG Chancellor Lin is elected.

333 AG Suki dies in battle and Nori is born to Chancellor Lin. Orora is born to Priest Shang and his wife. Koda is born to Matoaka. Rokki is also born.

337 AG Rokki's parents die.

339 AG Koda wakes up and sees Yue

341 AG Nori discovers her ability to firebend.

343 AG Orora discovers she's an aibrender. Rokki discovers his earthbending.

345 AG Koda discovers he's a waterbender.

348 AG Nori masters firebending and is locked up by her mother. Orora masters airbending and leaves her hometown of Seishin-shi to go to Amon City and is imprisoned. Koda masters waterbending and goes to Amon City where he is imprisoned. Rokki goes to Amon City and is imprisoned.


Here is where illl add any interesting facts of the story or of my writing process.

  • Magunora is Japanese for "Magnolia". This name meaning was chosen because the name Mulan means Magnolia in Chinese.
  • Orora is Japanese for "Aurora" which is yet another name inspired by a Disney character.
  • Priest Shang's name was inspired by the character Lee Shang from the Disney film "Mulan". Third character whose name is inspired by Disney the second to be inspired by "Mulan"
  • The name Rokki, though pronounced slightly different, was inspired by Sokka's guess for Bumi's name Rocky.
  • Though it is never directly mentioned, it is true that Avatar Suki is the great-great granddaughter of Sokka and Suki.
  • Seishin-shi, The spirit capital of the People's Democracy and home to Orora, is Japanese for "Spirit City"
  • Matoaka, Koda's mother's name, is Pocahontas' birth name.
  • Originally Yue and Korra were going to train Koda
  • Originally the Kyoshi Warriors were not going to be a part of the story.
  • In Chapter two Orora says, "Three flamin' hours!" implying that signs of the old world still remain even in the common slang of talking. Signs of the old world can also be found in chapter three as the people of Koda's village still worship Yue and tell her story (though some of it isn't completely accurate) and it is said this is because of the Water Tribe ancestry of Koda's village
  • Chancellor Lin is very loosely based on Hitler. She was a chancellor of her country and then took over her nation. She then went by the title of "Shuryo" which is Japanese for "leader". Hitler went by Fuhrer which also means leader. Both of them commit suicide when itas clear they lost.
  • Priest Shang is loosely based on Frollo from Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". He is a very religious man in a position of influence. Then one person he loves (for Frollo is Esmerelda for Shang its Orora) is believed to be a heretic and he turns against her. Both also attempt to kill the one the loved but was stopped by a protagonist.

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