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Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth
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Aftermath and Burning Earth is a fanon continuation of the Avatar: TLA story. It begins with a new character intro and chronicles his training while visiting very familiar locales within the Avatar Universe. It then moves to a point almost directly after the end of Sozin's Comet. Here Team Avatar and their friends must face a foe that was thought to be dead: Kuei's father, the 51st Earth King.


Peace has come to the four nations at last with Ozai's defeat and subsequent depowering by Avatar Aang. Now the gang has begun to relax, but new dangers lurk on the horizon. An enemy no one even knew existed wants to restore the Earth Kingdom, at the price of the Fire Nation! Meanwhile, Zuko has to deal with Fire Nation zealots that want the war to continue. In the midst of all this, a struggling Earthbender named Yun Zhen has been dropped in the middle of this oncoming clash, a clash only Team Avatar and friends can stop.

Dramatis Personae

Team Avatar

Complete Team Avatar group hug

Team Avatar.

  • Avatar Aang: 13 year old Avatar, Katara's love interest
  • Appa: Flying bison
  • Katara: Waterbending master, Aang's love interest
  • Momo: Flying lemur-bat
  • Sokka: Southern Water Tribe warrior, Suki's boyfriend
  • Suki: Kyoshi Warrior, Sokka's girlfriend
  • Toph: Earthbending master

Fire Nation

  • Azula: Fire Nation princess, currently institutionalized
  • Bujing: General who is unhappy with Zuko's rule
  • Li Teng: Captain of what remains of the Airship Fleet, including War Balloons
  • Mai: Fire Nation noblewoman/Fire Lady, Zuko's girlfriend/wife
  • Mung: General in charge of domestic defense
  • Ozai: Former Fire Lord
  • Shinu: General in charge of the Yu Yan Archers and the infamous 5th Regiment
  • Shu: General formerly in charge of operations in the Southern Earth Kingdom, now working on relief
  • Ty Lee: Fire Nation noblewoman, Kyoshi Warrior
  • Ursa: Zuko and Azula's mother
  • Zuko: Fire Lord, Mai's boyfriend/husband

Earth Kingdom

  • Fong: General replacing Sung on the Council of Five
  • Gow: Earth Kingdom mercenary
  • How: Earth Kingdom general, Head of the Council of Five
  • Jin: Kyoshi Warrior
  • Kuei: 52nd Earth King
  • Long Feng: Head of the Dai Li
Prince Sozin

Yun Zhen.

  • Fung Chu: Member, along with Ri Wu, of Yuan Chong' s War Council
  • Ri Wu: Yuan Chong's top general, Earthbending master
  • Sho: Kyoshi Warrior
  • Yuan Chong: 51st Earth King, Earthbending master, main antagonist
  • Yun Zhen: Earthbending warrior, name means "Flourishing Loyalty"
  • Zihark: Earth Kingdom swordmaster

Water Tribe

  • Arnook: Northern Water Tribe Chieftain
  • Hahn: Northern Water Tribe warrior
  • Hakoda: Southern Water Tribe Chieftain

The Order of the White Lotus

Liberation of Ba Sing Se

The order.

  • Bumi: King of Omashu, Earthbending master, Yun Zhen's teacher
  • Iroh: Grand Lotus, owner of the Jasmine Dragon
  • Jeong Jeong: Firebending master, Aang's current Firebending teacher
  • Pakku: Waterbending master, Katara and Sokka's grandfather
  • Pathik: Guru residing in the Eastern Air Temple
  • Piandao: Swordmaster, Sokka's trainer



So far, AaBE has received many good reviews, two of which come from official sources. In Rassilon of Old's Undiscovered Fanon section of the Ba Sing Se Times, it received a 9/10. And in Millenia2's fanon review blog, it received a 9.4/10. In addition, numerous other users have also given it a good review. It has also received a fanonbending award.

Sons and Daughters

My subsequent fanon project, Sons and Daughters, is complete. If you enjoyed AaBE, I suggest you check this one out as well.

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