Assassination Attempt
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November 27, 2012

Eating dinner, one firebender heated a bowl of soup with his hand, staring at the boiling water. He wasn't hungry. Hearing the all-too familiar crash of breaking glass, he rose slowly, turning to look at the intruder. "What business do you have here stranger."

The intruder, dressed in jet black clothing from neck to toe and a black mask over his face, said nothing, as the owner of the house expected.

Slowly putting his hand behind his back, the firebender said to the man, "You have made a big mistake coming here."

"I doubt it."

Suddenly, the firebender's entire hand was aflame, and he swung wildly at the intruder, who deftly dodged each blow.

"My turn."

The intruder leapt back, pulling three knives from his belt at the same time. He grabbed a sword from the firebender's collection hanging on the wall, and advanced on the firebender. "Time to die."

The firebender smiled, and performed his signature move, yelling, "FIRE!" Suddenly the entire room was ablaze, and a shock wave ripped through house, knocking down pictures and breaking furniture.

"What the..." The intruder stammered, his clothes aflame and half of his mask, and face, burnt off.

"Night night." The firebender smiled, and slammed his fist into the intruder's skull.

Three hours later

The firebender straightened the last picture, and sat down to eat. Third assassin today...Oh well. I'm hungry now.

He sat down at the table once more, and proceeded to eat the soup he had left boiling during the fight.


So I just made this in my spare time, a one-shot fanon of a battle between an assassin and a firebender.. Tell me how it is!

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