"Passion burns"
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One Shot







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500 approx



Original run

May, 2017





Antinomy is a short one shot which acts as a loose companion piece to Isabella. It provides a slightly deeper look in to the character Antinomy


Antinomy, a man shrouded in black, hovered on the top of his tower, beaming down at the world below. Even up where he was, the sounds of the populace below him could be heard, a faint smell of ash, the taste of salt in the air, but they couldn't be seen, they were all shrouded in the mist of the night, hidden from him like a bison hidden in the clouds.

Go on, you know you want to move, explore.

He looked at his face in the reflection of the moon, well he tried to but all he could register was the moon itself, the vain beauty it held. He knew who he should be: a prince of the entire Fire Nation, adored by all the girls and envied by all the men. Long ago, he had it all. Money. Power. Control. Yet, his life lacked something. As he burnt away his screaming tears with his own hands, he felt a helpless desire to be that prince from long ago, to leave behind the common man's harsh world. He saw the beggars in the street, people suffering as poverty crept over the war torn nation. Beneath the makeup, the masks, the facade that his world had been disguised in, deep down Antinomy knew it wasn't beautiful. He was pained and broken.

Just do it, come on do it.

He knew, within the mist, the world was a demon ruled by bigger demons, demons worse than him. He just wanted to run, let fire burn from his feet, blistering all they glide over as he just leaves it all in the dust. The sparks flying from his cheeks, melting on his skin. He didn't want to feel all this pain. He wanted to let it go. The Air Nomads had it best, living in peace while Antinomy's own people suffered because of his mistakes.

Stop wasting time on those fools. Focus on those down there

He wasn't worthy of such tranquility, he didn't deserve virtue, he was corrupt even if he pretended not to be. The things he had done, the people he'd hurt only to run away like the cowardly fire soldier he knew he was. He was a prince trapped in a dark tower of despair and misfortune. If only he could keep still. The noise kept making his mouth twitch, the aromas scorching his nose, the mist scalding his eyes like molten lead. Only one thing could relieve the fiery tension that was infecting his entire being.


Instinct had taken over. Antinomy leapt from his perch into the buzz of the crowded city. As he descended, the people walked and talked and stalked like a war wasn't going on. Antinomy wanted to scream but he didn't want to be noticed either. Only in solitude could he find the peace he so desired.



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