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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Based in The Legend of Korra canon, Abuse Cycle takes place over a course of years following the end of the first season. The premise primarily a deconstruction of the subtle abusive tendencies of Mako and the controlling nature he has show in the series thus far. Many Makorra shippers have decried the controversial fan fiction, stating that Mako would never abuse Korra and that Korra was too strong and independent to be abused, yet other readers have upheld it, citing the instances in the ninth episode "Out of the Past" where he threatened a nonbending Equalist with fire and yelled at his then girlfriend Asami for a non provocative question.

Abuse Cycle was originally written as a single stand alone fic on tumblr, but when its popularity took off, the writer decided to expand the fiction by fleshing out the concept. Abuse Cycle is now an expanding series of fics, each chronicling an arc of the spiral of abuse in which Korra and Mako are trapped. The new version also incorporates a possible plot for a second season of Korra involving a new character named Sakari and touching on the legacy of Amon. This is a mature fic, dealing with issues such as rape, domestic violence, murder, coercive sex, and general violence. Parts of the fic are based on the author's personal life, so survivors of abuse and those sensitive to it should be advised. It is for these same reasons that Abuse Cycle is unable to be hosted on Avatar Wiki, as it is very much M-rated. Abuse Cycle remains ongoing.

These are the currently completed chapters of Abuse Cycle:

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