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A Tale of Rebels
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10th January 2014 - 1st August 2015






Avatar: The War of the Worlds

A Tale of Rebels is Sep0815's second fanon story, revolving around a rebellion during Yangchen's predecessor's time.


It's been two centuries since the Earth Kingdom of old fell. Two centuries of warfare, betrayal and bloodshed. Two centuries in which realms and kings rose and fell, often just in the matter of a single battle. Two centuries in which the Avatar remained dormant. It's been one century since the Avatar let the greatest injustice of Earth Kingdom history happen to the Earth people. The century in which Yi Ming campaigned through the Earth Kingdom, pillaging, murdering, raping, taking prisoners at will. Sixty years since the Last King of Omashu's daughter was forced to marry this beast of a ruler. Sixty years since he founded his Earth Empire, sixty years in which he made states and nations his vassals, sixty years which he used to build the greatest army and navy the world has ever seen.

Sixty years since General Wei, the Last King's only son, had his greatest dream. It's upon time to fulfill this dream. It is time for the people of Earth to rise up against their unjust ruler, against their Emperor.

This is not a tale of heroes. This is a tale of rebels.



  • Senqok: Sixteen years of age, trained swordsman and waterbender, son of the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe, Gangtok. He lost his mother early in childbirth, before his elder sister vanished. To keep him save from growing tensions in the South and to let him see more of the world, his father sent him away from his home. He has a sense of humour and of comradeship, -almost - never letting his friends and family down, and refuses to give up, and thus carries on until the end.
  • Kabura: The sixteen year-old healer from the Northern Water Tribe who lost her family when she was eight years old, and therefore was forced to live on her own, until she joined the Liberation Alliance. Despite her traumatic experiences in her childhood, she is a more or less cheerful person, but one that always looks out for her friends, fearing she might loose them.
  • Ranju: The fifteen year-old airbender from the Eastern Air Temple, one of only two airbenders in the Liberation Alliance. Having seen the death of many of her friends at an early age when Master, later General, Anyang attempted to save as many Air Nomads from Dalit's influence as possible, she always sees the dark side of everything, and generally has little hope, but also the will to carry on until the end. She is serious and seems rather detached, but still can be joyful, although only around her friends.
  • Shizon: The seventeen year-old gifted firebender of, except for his Fire Nation ancestry, unknown descent. Having lived most of his life on the street and in the wilds, he is an expert of survival, and became a master of the way of the sword as well when he joined the Liberation Alliance. He is a sociable and understanding person, but also can easily be infuriated.
  • Noki: The seventeen year-old blind daughter of General Wei is, like him, a gifted earthbender. Although not depending on others at all, she often abuses her inborn disability in a humorous way. Having once been isolated from other people for being thought unfit for ordinary life, she has difficulties finding friends and has a need of proving herself and appearing tough, but deep down has a soft core and deeply cares for those she could make friends with.
  • Skado: At the age of eighteen years, the nonbender of unknown descent is one of the greatest engineer and inventor the world has seen, dedicated to the construction military machines. He is a practical man who would always find a way to overcome problems and disadvantages, as long as they are of technical or physical kind. He is a joyful person with a tendency of always seeing the bright side of things and a good companion.
  • General Anyang: A General of the Liberation Alliance in his forties hailing from the Southern Air Temple. Having witnessed Dalit's rise to power, he organised the fleeing of Air Nomads from the Temples, but only managed to get himself and Ranju out of Dalit's reach alive. Despite his profession as a soldier, and military leader, he honours his people's traditions as far as possible, and tries to prevent unnecessary violence in combat and in general. He is a very serious person, but, although only among his friends, to some extent humorous as well.
  • Crown Princess Zoruka: The nineteen year-old Crown Princess of the Fire Nation, the only child of the weak Fire Lord Tokai, forced to marry Yi Ming to seal an alliance between her father and the Earth Emperor. Being a Fire Nation royal, she is a firebending prodigy, one who forces her will upon others as long as possible if she believes her goals are rightful. The Crown Princess thinks of herself as somewhat superior over (almost) all others, but in fact, is - deep down - a friendly and serious person.
  • General Wei: The son of the Last King of Omashu, Chao, founder and leader of the Liberation Alliance, is a master earthbender nearing his seventieth birthday. After he escaped Yi Ming's claws in Omashu, he was offered high positions in Yi Ming's government by the Emperor personally, but turned the offers down every time, before he founded the Liberation Alliance from his father's and grandfather's follower's descendants. He is, alike Yi Ming, an excellent military leader, and someone who confronts issues head-on. But except for these, the General is nothing alike his enemy - he is a friendly, wise and honest person.


  • Earth Emperor Yi Ming: The one-hundred and twenty-four year-old Emperor of the Earth Continent is a brilliant and ruthless man and the mightiest earthbender to be alive. He will nothing let block his path towards his goal, whatever it may be, believes to achieve immortality through constant reproduction - which appears to have worked for the past century - and does not flinch from murdering and/or enslaving hundreds or even thousands to take vengeance, to repay whatever his enemies have done to hold him up. Due to his peasant ancestry, he feels the need of gaining nobility and to prove himself worthy.
  • Head Elder Dalit: The master airbender in his early fifties is the supreme ruler of all Air Nomads, or at least he believes so. His ruthless - pro-Yi Ming - rule has forced many traditionalist Air Nomads into non-violent resistance, which he and his fanatics meet with the Head Elder's airbending technique of asphyxiation. Although being a vassal of Yi Ming, Dalit is, due to his bending skills, relatively independent. He is, as his special bending technique proves, equally ruthless and brutal as Yi Ming, if not even exceeding the latter in those terms. He believes air is the supreme element, and is, because of his own rise to power, very paranoid, expecting treason at every corner.

Allegiance unclear (at the beginning)

  • Fire Lord Kanyzon: The thirty-two year-old unificator of the Fire Nation is the son of a Fire Sage, but was forced to live on the streets in his youth, before he rose to power in the Huang March, the territory surrounding the Fire Nation Capital, and rose armies to unify the Nation. He is a firebender of a level only royals are known to achieve, and a brilliant military leader. Other than his counterpart in the Earth Empire, he is a rather benevolent tyrant, also has - to some degree - a sense of humour.

States, Events, Organisations et cetera

The following few paragraphs provide information about, as the headline says, states, events and organisations, which could be necessary for understanding several parts of the story. However, it is thought to be simply a supplement to the story.


Note: Some of the chapters' titles are working titles and could change during the runtime.


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(Author's) Notes and Trivia

  • Originally, this story was to be named The Red Lotus Rebels, but then, I, the author, found it quite... unintriguing.
  • Just as any other fanon I, the author, (will) write, this one is written in British English and uses the "day-month-year" notation of dates.


  • The character Yi Ming was inspired by Wallenstein, Napoleon, Mao and by Ivan the Terrible.
  • The entire setting and storyline was mainly inspired by the Napoleonic Wars and the Thirty Years' War.
  • The name Senqok was created by changing Sokka, first into Sako (which, by the way, is a Finnish firearms manufacturer), and then, in some miracolous way, into Senqok.
  • Kabura is an ancient name of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.
  • The name Ranju was chosen after I, the author, read a National Geographic article about the Nepalese Civil War, in which the name was mentioned.
  • Skado was derived from Škoda, a Czech firm that's produced pieces of artillery, bicycles, battleship turrets, motorbikes, tanks, and, finally, cars. The name should mirror the inventor's creativity.
  • Anyang is a city - and ancient capital - in China. I - the author - am not very creative... When it comes to names.
  • Dalit is a term for untouchables, although, not necessarily a positive one, like I - the author - used it as a name for someone who thinks of himself as untouchable.
  • The cause for the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom Reunification Wars is basically the same as for the Zhou Dynasty's fall. As said, I - the author - am not very creative...
  • The Wedding of Omashu was inspired by the Sack of Magdeburg, a battle of the Thirty Years' War, which in German is named Magdeburger Hochzeit (Wedding of Magdeburg).
  • The Confederacy of Whaletail Island was heavily inspired by the Old Swiss Confederacy.

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