A Noble Choice
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A Noble Choice is the thirteenth chapter of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


But while Aang had been distracted, the truands had broken through the fire temple doors. They were about to enter, when they heard the sound of approaching hooves.

Captain Jet and the city's soldiers had come to put an end to the raid on the Fire Temple. They galloped into the square, brandishing their swords and spears.

The ill-equipped truands were no match for armed soldiers on bisonback. They fought bravely, but were deafeated. Even "King" Zuko was killed by fire.

Amid the confusion, one person entered the fire temple, it was Haru. He had another plan to rescue Katara. Here was his chance.

Katara was pleased to see Haru, but was suspicious of the mysterious cloaked figure with him. "Have no fear. It is I, Haru.", said Haru. "But who is your companion?", asked Katara.

Haru reassured her that they had both come to take her to safety. "Do not worry, it is a friend.", reassured Haru.

The three fugitives fled through a secret door at the back of the fire temple. There was a small boat waiting for them on the river.

Once aboard, the hooded companion rowed silently across the dark waters of the River Kya. They had escaped! Or had they?

On the far bank, they looked back at the cathedral, dark against the night sky. Suddenly they heard soldiers. Frightened, Haru dashed away without a word.

The stranger pulled back his hood, it was Fire Lord Ozai! Katara let out a gasp. They were alone in the Place of Grieving. "I knew it was you again.", gasped Katara.

Before Katara could flee, he begged her to run away with him. He said he had always lover her, that she had enchanted him. "I love you! It is true, I do!", said Ozai.

He tried to kiss her, but she could think of nothing worse than kissing that evil man who killed her beloved Jet. She struggled desperately to push him away. "It is Jet whom I love, murderer!", exclaimed Katara.

Suddenly a pair of hands shot out through the bars of a window behind them, seizing Katara. It was Yue, the old woman who hated all Gypsies. "I have you now!", exclaimed Yue.

Yue gripped Katara tightly. Fire Lord Ozai told her to hold the girl while he fetched soldiers to arrest her. If he couldnot have her, no one would. "Don't let her go.", ordered Ozai.

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