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A Look into the Past
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Unnamed Airbender, Wangfire94, DaEpicStorm

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Rizu- Ree-Zoo

Reika- Ray-Kuh

Aiyira- Eye-ear-uh

Cho- Choh

Chung- Chuhng

Daichi- Dye-Chee

Anka- Ahn-kuh


About Six generations ago, there was a male Air Nomad by the name of Rizu, who resided in the Northern Air Temple.

Despite his nomadic upbringing, he did not believe in the Air Nomad way of life, but he respected that the others did, and slowly began to master the thirty-six tiers of airbending.

When Rizu turned fifteen, he had finally mastered the thirty-sixth tier. He was arranged to have his tattoos done, but for him that was the last straw. Rizu respected that this was part of the Air Nomad's culture, but he didn't want to have tattoos and marks that indicated he was an airbender for the rest of his life. Nor did he want to travel from place to place, or only visit the places that the airbenders did. He then left the Northern Air Temple, and went to go live with some friends from the Earth Kingdom.

Just a few months later, Fire Lord Sozin harnessed the power of the Great Comet, later renamed Sozin's comet, and attempted to completely destroy the rest of the airbenders.

However, a few did survive the attacks. Rumors soon began to spread about Air Nomads hiding out in caves. Rizu, still not wanting to be involved in Air Nomad custom, did not venture into these caves. And it was a good thing that he didn't, because the rumors about Air Nomads being in caves was a shameless Fire Nation trick, where firebenders would be waiting in these caves to ambush and kill any airbender who entered.

Eventually Rizu grew up and married a beautiful non-bender named Reika. The two had one child, an airbender girl by the name of Aiyira. Aiyira married a strong, bold earthbender by the name of Chung, and they had two children. One earthbender, and an airbender. The earthbender was a kind girl named Cho, and the airbender was a courageous lad who took the name Rizu after his grandfather.

The earthbender's family line isn't important to this tale, but through her brother's family line, they had passed down the gene of airbending generation to generation. About 45 years before this tale, an airbender named Daichi was born from the airbender's family line. He grew up, and trained to become an airbending master.

He was as traditional as the original monks had been, but was wise and knew that lying low and not attracting unwanted attention, for it would be much easier for him and his family if nobody knew that there were other airbenders besides Avatar Aang and his son Tenzin. When he was 26, he married a quiet, but very clever earthbender named Anka. Anka was Akari and Isra's mother, and Daichi their father. Sadly, Daichi had a severe illness that caused him an early death; Akari was three and Isra was five. Their mother raised the two of them, but she had a dangerous job. She was an attorney who worked against the Triad crimes. Throughout the years, she made several enemies. But, just two years ago, it boiled to a close and her life was at stake. She left, but provided the young girls with the wisdom it would take to make it by themselves, and bid the two farewell.

They were still managing fine. Based on the wisdom of their mother, Isra had taken up a job working at a market, while Akari stayed home and took care of everything there, only rarely taking up jobs. The two were neither rich nor poor, but were content with what they had. They received occasional visits from their mother, but she was usually in disguise and her visits were short. She told the teenagers that if things ever get to be too rough, Akari should go to Air Temple Island and join the Acolytes, and because of a friendship between their mother and Chief Beifong, Isra would be welcomed at the Police Station, where she would train to become a cop.

The two thanked the spirits that things hadn't gotten bad, and that everything was fine. At least that was until the day of their encounter with the triads.


  • This is the only chapter taking place from a third-person POV.

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