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A Letter For My Good Friend
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To my dearest friend Lo,

I write to you in light of my past relationship with your sister Li. As I sit in my studio, sun coming through the panes, and melodies of summer jays tweeting past me and the caw of a distant hawk, I cannot help but wonder how Li is. I'm sure the two of you are enjoying your new job as advisors to Princess Azula. From what I've heard she has great potential. I suppose it was all from fate that Li and him should meet, it has worked out well for the both of you, yet opposite in my favour. I am still a botanist, but with the Fire Nation's campaign still mighty, I haven't had much the chance to extend my research to the Earth Kingdom, of which I heard hold many interesting specimens. I have not yet found another love to fill the gap Li made when she left me for him, but I remain optimistic.

I must say, I wonder how you are. From when I first met you on Ember Island you were timid, hiding under your fringe. You seemed hesitant to leave your home, and if memory serves me right you and Li left behind a brother that was close to you. I could see it pained you to discard him for luxury. And I think, if my prying and consideration is not too offensive, that it pains you still. I returned to Ember Island not long after Li's scandal to update my research from there, and spoke with your mother in her cottage. She told me Tosha was conscripted for the war, like your father. I'm sure he will be a great soldier, and make your family proud.

When I asked your mother about you two she seemed odd on the topic. She had tried to put words to it but her tongue stiffened and only some breathless croaks came out. I digressed from the subject and left, thanking her for my meal. You should return to see her. She is deteriorating and something inside is destroying her, I can see it. If plants don't have enough water, they wilt, and your mother is the same. Something essential is missing in her, and its taking its toll on her health – and perhaps her sanity. Her words are slurred and she utters things, saying a spectre is stalking her.

Anyway. How are you? I assume you must still be dealing with Li and her betrayal. I remember fondly how happy you appeared to be when you were with him – I'm sorry I've forgotten his name. He was a government official, wasn't he? He must have not known you were a twin, for it seemed when Li went and had her way with him he was certain it was with his original fancy. When I found out of Li's promiscuity I was crushed, as if by some incredible wave. When I think about her nowadays, it is difficult to put a word to the face - the only word that seems putting enough is 'edgy.' But, back to the topic: I can't begin to fathom the heartbreak you must have felt in knowing the person who held your affection could not recognise you against someone else, and that your sister would engage so casually in sexual intercourse with him. If you have forgiven her then you are a benign and kind lady, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

I send my condolences once more,


P.S Enclosed in the parcel is a wildflower that blooms upon summer on Ember Island. I assume you've seen it many times, but I want it to remind you not to forget where you come from.

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