A Jealous Rage
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The Avatar of the Fire Temple



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A Jealous Rage is the eighth chapter of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


It was several weeks since the truand "marriage" of Haru and Katara. Opposite the Fire Temple, on the balcony of a mansion, stood Captain Jet and his fiancee, Mai.

The captain was bored with Mai and her friends. Looking over the balcony, he saw Katara dancing below. What a sight!

He was not the only one watching her. From the walls of the Fire Temple, Ozai was staring at Katara with a strange look in his eyes.

Mai saw the girl too. She called for Katara to come to their rooms to perform for them. "Little one! Come gither," called Mai.

When Katara climbed the stairs and entered, Jet was struck once again by her enchanting beauty. He could hardly take his eyes from her.

Katara could see the desire in the captain's eyes. Believe it or not, dear reader, she fell in love with him at first sight. But she was ashamed to show her feelings in front of Jet's fiancee.

Katara turned and ran from the room. Mai was angry as she watched her fiance follow the beautiful Gypsy girl out into the street below.

When Jet caught up with Katara, he whispered that he would like to meet her later that evening. She agreed. "I must see you later!" whispered Jet.

Later that evening, Captain Jet waited for Katara as agreed. However, he was not alone, a sinister hooded figure watched from the shadows.

When the figure saw that the couple was about to go inside, he sneaked into the building ahead of them. He hid himself carefully in a cupboard and waited for them to enter. He would wait for them in there.

Jet lead Katara inside. They were about to kiss, when suddenly the cupboard burst open. It was Fire Lord Ozai, holding a knife.

He plunged the blade into the captain's back. Jet cried out in surprise and pain. Katara screamed.

The couple collapsed to the floor. Jet was unconscious, and the Gypsy girl had fainted. Suddenly, Ozai heard footsteps approaching, attracted by the screams and sounds of a struggle.

Seeing no other way to escape, Ozai quickly lept from the window into the cold waters of the River Kya below.

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